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The Seven ITIL Guiding Principles



ITIL Service Design

It’s time to level up your skills and gain high-paid jobs in top companies! Yes, we are talking about the ITIL® certification!

ITIL Certification Training provides individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge that help them acquire the certification with ease. Moreover, they get to learn how to efficiently resolve the real-time roadblocks in the IT section of the business.

Today, almost every business requires the ITIL® framework and this is the reason why ITIL professionals are valued everywhere. But do you know that the ITIL® framework is based on seven principles? We bet you didn’t!

These principles define the working of the ITIL® framework in the company. An ITIL professional is required to have complete knowledge of these principles so that he/ she can work efficiently in the organization.

So, without further ado, let us begin by knowing a bit about the ITIL® framework.


What is ITIL® Framework?

ITIL® framework is primarily designed to standardize the selection, planning, delivery, maintenance, and life cycle of the IT services within the business. The main aim of employing the ITIL framework in a company is to improve efficiency and achieve predictable service delivery.

An individual having an ITIL® certification is considered to have expertise in utilizing the process, terminologies, and methods of ITIL in a company. ITIL professionals are very high in demand, i.e., they possess the skills to grow and transform the business.

Coming back to the ITIL® framework, it is essential to note that it provides guidance to manage the five stages of the IT service lifecycle, i.e.,

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Transition
  • Service Design
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

The five stages of the IT life cycle help in the seamless running of business operations.

Let us now discuss the abiding principles on which the ITIL framework stands!


Principles of ITIL® Framework

The seven principles which we will be discussing now are considered to be the key messages of ITIL. They are specifically designed to guide the actions and decisions of professionals who are responsible for managing and operating the organization’s service portfolio. Here are the seven principles. Have a look!

  1. Focus on Value

The ITIL® framework’s first principle is to Focus on value. It means that everything that a company does must be linked back to its stakeholders as well as consumers. While paying attention to the value, the primary thing to know about thestakeholders and customers being served by the company. In order to make this principle come to being in the company, one must:

  • know how the consumers use the services
  • pay attention to the value of all staff members
  • focus on value during improvement initiatives
  • pay attention to value in every step of the improvement initiative


  1. Start From Where You Are!

While undertaking some corrective measures for improvement, it is not advised to change what has already been done!Building something new altogether can turn out to be a waste in terms of losing the opportunity to leverage what already exists. It is not advised to start all over again without considering what is available at present.

Various methods and services that are previously in place must be measured and observed directly in order to understand their present state. The decisions taken by the professionals must be based on the information available regarding products and services. To make use of this principle successfully, here’s what should be done.

  • Look at what pre-exists in the company
  • It is advised to use your risk management skills
  • Recognize the fact that sometimes the pre-existing services are products that cannot be used again.


  1. Progress Iteratively with Feedback

Do not intend on doing everything at once! By organizing and doing work into smaller sections, you can work efficiently in the company. However, re-evaluation must take place for initiatives and component iterations, thereby revising the changes that need to be made in products and services. Seeking and using the feedback ensures that the actions are primarily focused even in changing situations. Once received, the feedback can be used to analyze and identify the risks, issues, and improvement opportunities.

Here’s what one can do in order to employ this principle in the company.

  • The ecosystem of the company is ever-changing. Thus, feedback is important.
  • Work at a rapid pace but do not leave anything incomplete.


  1. Collaborate & Promote Visibility

The key to every successful initiative is collaboration and trust. Organizations must be transparent and share as much as possible regarding the work that they are doing.

In order to create the best output, organizations must make sure that the employees have the correct roles and responsibilities.

Another thing to note here is that when the stakeholders of the company have poor or minimal visibility, they create an impression that work isn’t important for them. Insufficient visibility leads to poor decision-making which impacts the ability of the company to improve the capabilities of internal systems. To avoid such situations, candidates need to perform some analysis activities to keep a track of work in progress, identify bottlenecks, and uncover waste. In order to collaborate effectively, here’s what you can do.

  • Communicate efficiently so that the audience can hear and understand.
  • Decisions must be made on data that is present visibly.


  1. Think & Work Holistically

There is no service or practice in the company that stands alone! It is important to take a holistic approach so that the company works together in a combined and integrated way. The holistic approach provides proper visibility of how demand is captured and translated into positive outcomes.

In complex systems, any changes in the element can affect others. These effects need to be analyzed and planned for. Here’s how you can apply this principle successfully.

  • Acknowledge the complexity of the system
  • Collaboration is the key to thinking and working holistically
  • Automation can help the candidates in working with the holistic approach


  1. Keep it Simple & Practical

It is advised to use fewer steps to fulfill the long-term and short-term objectives of the company. The main aim of guiding principles is to ensure that things are not over-complicated. To do this, certain exceptions need to be defined and rules need to be put in place.

By establishing a holistic view of the organization, the teams and groups will easily understand how the work is being influenced! To apply this principle, here’s what one can do.

  • Value assurance
  • Simplicity is the best way to have efficiency in the company.
  • Do fewer things, but do them better
  • Respect the investment of time of people involved
  • Simplicity is the best route to achieving quick wins.


  1. Optimize & Automate

This principle is important to make sure that there is a focus to amplify the value of work done by technical and human resources. Automation can help work on frequent tasks, thereby freeing human resources. These human resources can further be utilized for complex tasks. Here’s how you can apply this principle.

  • Simplify and optimize before automation
  • Define the metrics
  • Use the other guiding principles when you are applying this principle
  • Use automation to simplify complex tasks

So, these are the seven guiding principles that can help the company in working efficiently. These principles are not just connected to ITIL but are reflected in other frameworks, methods, standards, etc.



A candidate taking up the ITIL® certification course is expected to have a good knowledge of these principles. They should know the ways to apply these principles in the organization. The course will help you in acquiring the necessary skills that will help the candidates in the long run. So, don’t think much and apply for the ITIL course today!


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Orlando International Airport MCO is famous for being one of the busiest airports in the United States of America and even the whole globe. Being the tenth busiest airport in the world, it served 4,769,6627 passengers in 2018. Almost a thousand flights a day, the airport serves as the primary international gateway for the central Florida region. There is a connection to 135 different cities in the United States and beyond that are serviced by this airport. United Airlines, the largest airline in the United States and the globe, is maintained at MCO, which encompasses 5,383 hectares and is one of the largest commercial airports in the United States by area.

Brief terminal guide

The main terminal building at Orlando International Airport is part of the airport’s hub plan, which also includes four lateral aero sides with a total of more than a hundred gates and is connected to the main terminal building with elevated human-engine lines. Terminals maps Orlando Airport MCO ( are available in open access, and we do recommend using them, as the structure of the airport is quite complicated for the first-time user.

Shortly, on the two opposite sides, northern and southern, you can find respectively Terminal A and Terminal B. They form the whole structure of the airport and are the two main terminals of the Orlando International Airport

You can also find two security checkpoints in the Western (Terminals 1 and 3) and Eastern (Terminals 2 and 3) wings of the airport. Check-in and baggage check-in areas are located in both terminals. Passengers at MCO, unlike those at Tampa’s comparable airport system, must go through security checks before boarding man-powered transport to the aero sides.

To improve passengers’ experience, there is a hotel of Hyatt Regency company located just within the airport’s main terminal. The lobby is on the fourth floor, higher are guest rooms which are accessible from the terminal side of the East Atrium. Also, there is a restaurant on the upper level of the terminal building with views of the airport and runways, as well as conference rooms, many bars, and two restaurants for passengers waiting for their flights.

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Due to the fact, that the Orlando International Airport MCO is a huge establishment, the team has developed a special application for the passengers. It is called «Orlando MCO Airport» and you can easily find it among Android Apps on Google Play ( and download it for free. This app is a perfect way to benefit users’ experience not only with using the airport but also using an app.

No matter what struggles you face when arriving at the terminal — flight times and gates, delays, location of gates and terminals, an interactive map, which guides your path throughout your experience at the airport, shops and cafes, etc.

The app’s access to a wealth of web resources means that users may quickly find answers to their pressing travel questions and problems. The designers’ ultimate goal is to deliver lightning-fast assistance to every user in a time of need. Acquiring the Orlando MCO Airport app is all about providing superior support with an innovative digital infrastructure.

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KINTAMPO WATERFALLS: “The Ultimate Come Back Kid”



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Bad days are only temporary indeed. The Kintampo waterfalls have taught the world to trust in destiny and that nothing is permanent. Things change, and it’s never a bad thing. After going through fire, waterfalls sprouted green once again; reminding us that nature is resilient and can bounce back from anything.

Watching the Kintampo Waterfalls struggle with its own identity has been painful. In early 2017, the waterfall was declared unsafe for visitors, due to a major accident that led to the death of some students who were on tour. The message sent out was clear: no one should visit this place again until it is safe enough for people to return without any risk to their safety or well- being.

It was a chance to rekindle the flame of the once-burning Kintampo Waterfalls, so the site’s management created a canopy walkway as a companion attraction to the waterfalls, which were already popular. The location has been rebranded and is now the only waterfall in Ghana with a canopy walkway thanks to this fantastic innovation.
The Canopy Walkway offers a novel experience that includes giving visitors a bird’s-eye perspective of the surrounding area as well as an exhilarating sense of adventure.

The location is spacious enough for tourists /visitors or campers who want to spend the night there, and safety and security is guaranteed. One can visit Kintampo Waterfalls any day between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:30 pm as the park permits walk-up visitors. The tour guides at Kintampo Waterfalls feel that you are the perfect accompaniment, thus they provide extremely informative, calming, and educational interpretations. The majority of visitors have attested to this, giving them a reason to visit the location again.

How to get there?

The Kintampo Waterfalls is located in the Bono-East Region in Ghana, Along the Kintampo- Tamale highway, on the fringes of Kintampo, are the waterfalls, which are about 50 meters apart.
The closest airport is the newly opened Sunyani Airport, which is about a 120minute drive from the waterfalls. If you are coming from Accra, it will take about 3 hours. In case you are in a hurry and don’t want to take the scenic route, you can take the highway. The Kintampo waterfalls are easily accessible by road, and the road is in great shape.

Final words
The Kintampo Waterfalls have shown us that anything is possible. The waterfalls have bounced back and now they are bigger and better than ever before! The waterfalls are a must-see for anyone who visits the Bono-East region. The waterfalls are a beautiful sight to see, and they are also very important because they provide a source of clean water for the surrounding areas. For both plant and animal species, Kintampo Waterfalls offers a hospitable ecology. The site’s abundant vegetation is a significant factor in the ongoing effort to mitigate climate change. The Kintampo Waterfalls is an important tourist destination in Ghana that should be preserved and protected to allow people to enjoy the natural wonder for many years to come. These waterfalls are truly worthy of their title as “ultimate comeback kid”.

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How to Find a Reliable Car Mechanic



auto mechanic

It’s hard to know who to trust when it comes to a professional mechanic, especially if you don’t know much about cars. You’re often left wondering if you needed all those repairs the mechanic insisted on. That’s why it’s a good idea to start searching for a reliable car mechanic before you require anything done on your vehicle. You don’t usually have the time or luxury to make a calculated decision when your vehicle breaks down. The following article will provide helpful tips on finding a good mechanic, one you can entirely depend on.

Online Reviews

Please do your due diligence when it comes to researching online. Reviews by other people can help you make an informed decision. The best place to start your investigation into a reliable mechanic is at a search engine like Google. Remember, the first result may not be superior; it might be popular at that moment.

You will need to wade through good and bad reviews. Don’t be alarmed by less-than-stellar ones; you should avoid that mechanic and their shop if the negative reviews outweigh the positive ones. You can check out places like social media platforms, Better Business Bureau, and other review websites like Yelp if you still need more online opinions.

Word of Mouth

If you want an opinion on local mechanics, asking family members, co-workers, and friends for input can be beneficial. With any prosperous enterprise, mechanics rely on happy customers for repeat business. People in your life can give you recommendations based on their experience and at a place close to where you live (which is convenient). An outstanding reputation takes time. A new mechanic in the area doesn’t always have a strong presence yet, but it doesn’t mean they provide lousy service. Based on other criteria, it would be up to you if you wanted to try them out.

Have a Conversation with the Mechanic

Auto mechanics who genuinely care won’t mind taking the time to speak to you about your questions and concerns. You are a potential new customer; they will want your business, so make the trip out or place a simple phone call to alleviate your qualms. If you don’t get a good feeling about the shop or mechanic, that they don’t have the time for you, go elsewhere with your car. You want someone you can form a trust bond with over the long run.

It would be best if you started by asking them about their qualifications. Many mechanics aren’t always required to be licensed (depending on location). Still, it’s compulsory to (at least) have work experience, an apprenticeship, pass an examination, or have some education for the job. Make sure that they’re capable of working on your car. Some mechanics only deal with typical vehicles. A car with a European motor or a diesel one requires different parts and attention than the average car. If a mechanic deals with specialty vehicles regularly, they will have special knowledge, equipment, and credentials.

Pricing and Estimates

Verify the pricing for repairs and maintenance of your car with the mechanic you are interested in. They should be on par with other auto shops and mechanics. If they are overcharging, that doesn’t mean they will give you superior service. They are charging you outrageous prices, so you need to walk away. The same goes if their prices are too good to be true. It’s suspicious for a garage to have meager prices compared to other repair shops.

As a customer, it’s your prerogative to get an estimate of the repair or services involved in your vehicle before the mechanic moves ahead to work on it. You don’t have to accept the assessment. It’s a great idea to look up your rights regarding mechanics online. The more knowledge you have, the better equipped you will be to handle yourself. Getting the mechanic to give you an estimate also allows you to see how they work. Are they being truthful, communicating well, and being forthcoming? Are you getting along with the mechanic and staff? If dealing with this produces any “red flags,” you can reject the offer and move forward with a different shop or mechanic that is adequate for your wants and needs.

Exceptional Customer Service

Some auto shops might not be fancy or have a receptionist, but good customer service is more than that. A mechanic thrives on customer loyalty. They want their clients to trust them with their vehicles and come back again and again for maintenance and repairs. An impersonal mechanic and dealing with you like you are just something to check off on his list of things to do, doesn’t make you feel very appreciated. Yes, they provide an essential service, but you want to feel good about what you pay for.

In an overcrowded industry like automotive repair, you need to stick out from the masses. Some mechanics provide convenient early morning and late evening options for their clients because they have installed night key drop-off boxes outside their auto repair shop. They are secure, locking steel boxes where customers can drop off their car keys in an envelope before or after business hours. This service helps customers who work standard business hours and cannot drop off their car during that time. Night drop boxes and envelopes can be purchased from MBR Marketing at:

In the End 

The final words of advice would be to trust your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right about a mechanic or their shop, you aren’t forced to drop your car off there. A great business knows that providing fantastic customer service makes clients feel respected and valued. Not only will you trust your vehicle with your mechanic, but you’re also apt to recommend their business to others.

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All The Sports Betting You Can Do in OKBet



Picture 1

People bet on sports for decades now. The legalities can be up in the air but there are always people betting on which NBA team is going to clutch the championship title this year, and then next year, and so on. Plus, there are a ton of sports and events for people to bet on. That being said, OKBet has a section where people can place bets exclusively only on sports. If you don’t feel like playing casino games, then place your bets on the sporting events. Even if you’re not knowledgeable when it comes to sports, you can place bets not knowing if it’s right or now.

What are the sports that you can bet on OKBet?

They’ve provided a list of sports ranging from basketball to soccer, football (American), baseball, hockey, tennis, and golf. There are even racing events such as motorsports and even horse racing. Plus, MMA is also a part of their things that you can bet on when it comes to sports. The games you can bet on can be made available if you plan on betting. Popular sports organizations are always included like the NBA and more. Just browse through what they have to offer.

The specific bets for sports games

  1. Moneyline Bet

The Moneyline bet is simply which team or player wins the match if the latter isn’t a team-oriented sport. This one is very straightforward because you just have to choose which team or person wins the game. There are no complications and calculations to it. If your picks win, then you win as well.

  1. Spread Bet

This is a bit more complicated but to make it easy, you’re betting on the points of the team you are betting on. Let’s say you bet on Team A which is the favorite to win. This means that Team A has to win the game with a specific point advantage. To further the example, let’s say the spread is a plus and minus 7. Basically, Team A has to win the game with a point lead beyond 7 points. If they are unable to do so, regardless if they win, you still lose. If you bet on Team B which is the least favorite to win, they need to have a point gap of fewer than 7 points. Even if Team B loses, if they only lose by 5 points, you still win. If Team B wins the game, then that’s an automatic win for those that bet on them. A tie (in case there are no overtimes) means that all bettors will lose and not gain anything.

  1. Parlay Bet

Parlay bets are combining a multitude of bets. Let’s say you bet on three teams to win their games. If you combine all three of them, they all have to win their games. If one team loses, then, the entire parlay bet loses. It’s a riskier type of bet but the reward can be bigger.

  1. Totals Bet

This one is a bit trickier since it involves chances, odds, and a little math. Basically, you’re betting on the score of the teams if it is over or under the determined amount.

  1. Props Bet

A props bet revolves around a team or player that people can bet on. The performance will vary and the bets can change so just make sure to check more on this on OKBet.

Gamble on sports in OKBet now

If you love sports and gambling, then try betting on these events today. Armed with your knowledge of sports, you can go for any of the said methods of betting in OKBet and take advantage.

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