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The tragedy of David Arellano



The tragedy of David Arellano

David Arellano, born in Santiago, Chile in 1901, was a legendary Chilean football player. Now you can go to the website 1xBet – online betting site that also features wagers on Chilean football teams. He had a brief career between 1919 until his death in 1927.

The teams where he played during his career included:

  • Magallanes;
  • Colo Colo;
  • and the Chilean national team.

He was a fantastic winger that created lots of trouble for opposing defensive lines. At the online betting site 1xBet you will be able to wager on other highly talented wingers from the football world.

A footballer of many talents

Arellano played for Magallanes for most of his career, becoming a legendary player and captain of the team. In 1925 he joined Chilean giants Colo-Colo, where he would play until 1927. This brief period was enough for him to become a true legend of the club. Make now a live bet with 1xBet bookmaker on Chilean football teams too.

He was known for his exceptional dribbling, his incredible vision of the game, and his strong and accurate shot. In 1927, Colo-Colo went on a tour of Europe, playing exhibition matches in different countries. European football can also provide massive wagering chances, and you can always try a live bet with the 1xBet bookmaker on it.


During a match in Spain against Valladolid, Arellano was accidentally hit in the stomach by a player of the opposing squad. At first, this didn’t seem to be very serious. However, as Arellano’s symptoms worsened he was rushed to a hospital where he died because of peritonitis.

A huge legacy

The news of his death shocked the whole of Chile and South America. Thousands of people attended his funeral, and many Chilean and South American football teams paid tribute to him. At the platform you can also wager on South American football at any moment.

The tragedy of David Arellano deeply affected Chilean football, and it is considered one of the darkest moments in Chilean sports history.

Arellano’s legacy lives on in Chilean football, and he is remembered as one of the greatest Chilean football players of all time.


Colo Colo opened their brand new stadium in 1989. As it can already be guessed, the full name of this venue is Estadio Monumental David Arellano. This clearly shows how important he was for the Chilean squad. At the 1xBet platform you can also find chances to wager on Colo Colo and other Chilean football teams.


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