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The Year of Return according to Bolt



Ghana becomes a home for many people to return to this year. It is afterall, the home and year of return. The journey away from home started 400 years ago when the first Africans landed in a place forced on them by colonizers. With a resilient spirit they made this new land home. Their roots however remained unforgotten. We are not celebrating just this year. It is not just another anniversary but a way to honour the journeys of the victims turned heroes of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

Although a major effect of the trade was a displacement and scattering of many Africans away from their true home, Bolt has always been a catalyst for journeys and for ‘return’. We do this by providing a service that transports people in Ghana and the world from place to place safely, affordably and reliably.

Bolt analysed its data about all rides taken in Ghana within this year. The data shows that thousands of people from more than 40 different countries worldwide have taken Bolt rides in Ghana. The top 5 countries of origin were Nigeria, the United States, South Africa, Kenya and the United Kingdom. Interestingly, many European countries such as France, Ukraine, Malta and Portugal made it to top 15 countries of origin.  

The most popular pick-up point as well as the most popular destination in Ghana this year was the Accra Mall. Among the most popular destinations for Bolt rides in Ghana were also the AnC Shopping Mall, Kotoka International Airport and the University of Ghana student hostels compex.

Bolt has proudly been a part of those journeys with operations in Accra and Kumasi. What is more, people will be able to request Bolt rides in two more cities in the very near future  – Cape Coast and Takoradi.