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There are good Dancehall Songs but I am coming like Rapture – Shiney Bwoy



In recent times a lot of artistes have fused afrobeats with dancehall to be able to fit in the system but for young Shiney bwoy who is popularly called The Mighty he is staying true to the culture.


The dancehall culture in Ghana is growing among young people, and a lot of them are very good at it.

For Shiney bwoy aka Suave, he finds solace in the genre and can express himself more.


“My music reflects my reality, and I am able to relate than any other genre even though I can do all other genres – Shineybwoy aka suave mentioned that this Ep comes with all genres like Dancehall, afrobeat mix with other type of genre which he named it fusion. 

He also contended that dancehall music allows him to connect with his inner most self and gives him the ability to connect to people’s feelings and emotions through his lyrics.

According to Shiney Bwoy it is his time to own his space in the music industry because for a young act, he is ready with an EP titled THE RAPTURE.

In talking about his yet to be released EP, Shiney bowy commented:


“I know there are good dancehall artistes out there, but I am coming like rapture hence my EP title. Everyone knows how rapture is described and that is exactly what is going to happen with me”

Shiney Bowy’s seven track EP will be launched, Friday 11th of March inside Blueprint lounge also known as Wembley.

“I will outdoor my music with my friends at the launch of the EP and after that all songs will be available on all streaming platforms for my fans”.

Shiney bowy on the launch of his EP said,


““I have many artistes supporting me at the launch of this EP hence if you want to see how I will be taking over the industry like rapture make sure to be at Blueprint lounge inside Kotobabi”


In his ending words Shiney bwoy contended that he wants to see all his fans at the launch, but he is always available to connect with his fans on all social media platforms such as, on facebook as Shiney Bwoy fan page,

Instagram is Shiney Bwoy and Snapchat is Shineybwoy.

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