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There will never be development without peace – Industrial equipment company calls for peaceful election



Angelo Ouikotan, Managing Director of CTA Investment

CTA Investments which deals in the sales of industrial equipment for coding, labelling and packaging is calling on Ghanaians to ensure December 7 election is held in a peaceful atmosphere.

Angelo Ouikotan, Managing Director of the company said, “CTA Investment, we believe in progress and development, but there will never be a development where there is no peace, may the best candidates win and long live Ghana.”

According to the company which also deals in the sales of industrial hot melt glue and flavours, “Ghana is touted as the beacon of democracy in Africa and all eyes will be on you as you cast your ballot.

“We entreat you to follow the Electoral Commission’s directives to ensure a peaceful and transparent election, whilst observing all the Covid-19 protocols.”

CTA Investment wants Ghanaians to have a peaceful election so they can come back to trade with them.



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