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Things every first time flyer must understand



Business class emirates boeing 7774

If you’re reading this, then I think you have never flown, or your first travel experience was not good. If you’ve never flown, then I highly suggest you gain knowledge by seeing people experience. 

Another best way is by doing an internet search or asks friends for advice. Or any of your family members who already travel, able to provide you with helpful information about the do’s and don’ts of your chosen mode of travel as well as destination advice. 

Also, booking your flight is another major factor that you need to understand. Usually, there are various mediums from which you can book your flight. Thanks to the modern era, now you can even book flights right on your smartphone. 

As a personal choice, I prefer Faremart for my flight booking. As I travel frequently they provide great deals. Normally, I prefer to book united airlines tickets as I enjoy the comfort these airlines provide to their flyer. But you can also go with other airlines as they provide flight booking service for Air Canada, Lufthansa, United Airlines, etc. Take a look and experience yourself.

Once you’ve booked your flight and hotel, you’re good to go on your adventure. So, as a first-time flyer, what are those things that you need to keep in mind:


Days Before Your Flight

Don’t delay your packing to the last minute. 

Create a list of things which you want to take with you, it helps you in packing your luggage; and do this day or two before your flight. If you follow this, you’ll feel relax and you have everything you need.

Put your name as a Label on your luggage, also add your email or phone number with your name. Just in case you get separated, you can be reached while on the road. 

Don’t Forget Your Travel(Or Important) Documents.


It happens with many first time flyers, in a hurry to reach the airport, sometimes they forgot to bring require documents to board their flight. If this happens, then this can be a nervy first trip to the airport. 

So, gather your important document which is your passport, make sure that it’s updated and if you are traveling abroad than it has at least three months to go before its expiry.

These days many airlines provide e-tickets that you easily get on your smartphone or tablet. 

In case you have booked online and waiting for a paper ticket to arrive in the post, then don’t panic. Usually, in your confirmation email, you will be issued with all the necessary information that you need to show to the staff at the airport. 

And this confirmation email comes from the airline you’re flying or from a third-party which you use to book your tickets and email is completely valid.


Keep Track Of Luggage Regulations While Packing Your Luggage

After booking your ticket, always check your airline’s sizing rules for luggage. It gives you an idea of what type of suitcase you can choose to start packing. Most of the time, you’ll see a size limit of 24 inches x 17 inches x 10 inches, with handles and wheels, is fairly typical. 

Make sure that you’re not packing anything that’s prohibited. Also, go through the liquids rules.

In case, you end up checking a suitcase, then a maximum size of 62 linear inches and a weight limit of 50 pounds/22kg is standard, and there are some airlines that allow passengers to carry 70-pound/32kg with a premium ticket.

Reach Airport On-time


Know your way around? 

If you are traveling on a domestic flight then it is good for you if you reach the airport 1 hour earlier and 3 hours earlier if you are traveling on an international flight. Platforms like delta flight tracker help you to keep up with your flight schedules at all times.

Book a cab for the airport: If you booked the cab for the airport, then make sure that you ask a cab driver to come a little earlier because you can’t risk your flight with traffic jams or a car breakdown. 

Once you are in your cab, verify the terminal on your ticket and inform the driver accordingly. Most of the time at this stage, confusion occurs, and it ends up being missing your flight. 

Reaching ahead of time is good for you because when boarding starts, you can easily get on your flights. If you reach earlier, you can explore the airport–nowadays airports are a fascinating place, with multiple shops and browsing opportunities. 


Various offer lounges are there, where you can relax before your flight.

Carry Your ID With You.

Keep your ID card, driver’s license, or passport handy it Saves your time as you step into the airport. 

Till the time of boarding, you’ll need your ID card while checking bags and going through security, and I think you don’t want to hold up the line while searching your ID in your wallet.

Camly Pass Security Checkpoint


While you check-in you need your ID, and later you require your ID card and boarding pass at a security checkpoint. 

After that, you need to put all your luggage, with your outerwear, footwear, and your pockets items in bins which later pass through an X-ray machine. 

When your luggage passes through X-ray screening, you too have to walk through a screening machine. Once you and your luggage screening get done, then collect your baggage from the other side of the screening machine. In case, X-ray screening detects anything suspicious. Then you and your luggage may have to pass through extra screening measures.

Time To Get Board

Once you successfully pass the security check, you’ll reach in the departure terminal. 


Now, check everything once again like you’ve your boarding pass, passport, or ID with you. Then check your boarding pass for the gate number from which your Plane will leave. 

Every airport has a large screen display where you can see flight departure times and gates. If there are any changes to your flight you track it by the screen. 

Almost every flight provides extra assistance while boarding, for example- in case you’re traveling with small children or on a wheelchair flight attendant will let you board early.

What To Do, Once You’re On The Plane!

Once you board the Plane, head towards seat number which is allotted to you, then, place your carry bag or hand baggage in the overhead bin above your seat. 


Even you can place your handbag under the seat in front of you. 

After you place your baggage, now it’s time for you to settle in, put your seat belt, turn off your cell phone or put it on airplane mode. 

Listen carefully to the instructions of the flight attendant. Now, enjoy the flight.

Get Read For Your Destination

So, you’ve finally reached your destination! 


As you enjoy being in a new city, you can also download apps that help you to make your life easier in the new city. And using these apps you can get every information from currency conversion to foreign language translations and directions around the city right on your smartphone. 

You will know which clothes to get off the Plane in – shorts and a t-shirt may prove grossly inadequate if you show up on a freezing winter night in a new land!

Quick Tips

  • As it is your first-time travel, I prefer you to take Noise Cancelling Earphones / Headphones with you. You never know who is sitting next to, if it is a family with small children, then you will understand why Noise-canceling earphones/headphones.
  • Keep Offline Music Available On Your Phone, sometimes the internet is not available, so offline music will help you out.
  • Flights not always have what you love to it. So, having some snacks with you keeps your taste buds happy.
  • Keep wet wipes and sanitizing hand gel with you; it will help you feel refreshed after sleeping or finishing your meal.
  • “The more you sleep, the faster time flies,” for a good sleep a comfortable Travel Pillow is the best option. 
  • It is best to take a sleep mask with you. Because the Plane’s lights are turned off for some duration, but you never know the person sitting next to you is in the mood of reading. In such situations, SleepMask works best.



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Hollard Life is the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana’s (CIMG) Marketing-Oriented Insurance Company of the Year



Hollard Ghna

Hollard Life, the youngest of the insurance group, Hollard Ghana, has snagged the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana’s (CIMG) Marketing-Oriented Insurance Company (Life Category) of the year, 2022 at the just ended 34th CIMG Annual National Marketing Performance Awards held at the Labadi Beach Hotel.

According to the citation, Hollard Life was recognised for its dedication to customer-centric strategies and marketing excellence.

“The year under review saw you introducing some wonderfully crafted and customer-resonating products that sat well with your target market. The introduction of the internal mechanism to ensure the building of a well-motivated staff, grilled to handle customer pain points seamlessly, together with your CSR initiatives, which remain peerless and matchless, and more are the strong pillars that identified you as the CIMG Marketing- Oriented Company of the Year”, the citation read.

Commenting on the win, the Managing Director of Hollard Life, Nashiru Iddrisu, expressed his gratitude to all stakeholders, particularly our customers and partners, for believing in us to insure everybody they love.

“Receiving the CIMG Marketing Oriented Insurance Company of the Year Award is a testament to our steadfast dedication to client satisfaction and our ongoing efforts to change the insurance landscape in Ghana. At Hollard, we are committed to enabling more people to create and secure a better future by treating everyone with care and dignity. Although we are barely five years old, we are glad to be making strides in the insurance industry while contributing to the increase of insurance penetration in the country”, he said.


“We are thrilled to have received this award from CIMG for our marketing-focused strategy. At Hollard, we are intentional about our purpose, which drives our actions. We ensure all our products and services reach the target audience using the best marketing practices. We are keen about putting customers first in everything we do and will keep aiming for excellence in customer satisfaction,” the Group Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Cynthia Ofori-Dwumfuo, added.

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EXIT 2024 brings an additional festival day and a new name for its Main Stage in honor of Nikola Tesla!



EXIT Starseeds

EXIT Festival has just announced the theme of its upcoming edition called STARSEEDS. Exit’s Star Children from over 120 countries around the globe will gather for a summer pilgrimage at Petrovaradin Fortress next year! The upcoming festival edition will be an invitation to awaken and unleash the potential of every individual, where each of us will have the opportunity to reach our unique purpose, under the motto – Let’s awaken our superpowers together!

Under this slogan, the 24th edition of EXIT festival will take place, during which, in honor of our and the world’s most famous inventor, futurist, and visionary, the main stage will be given a new name – Tesla Universe! The next edition of the EXIT festival will be held from July 11th to 14th, 2024, whist the day zero, July 10th, will celebrate Nikola Tesla’s birthday with a special Starseeds Takeover performance at the previously mentioned Tesla Universe stage – honoring the most significant inventor who has left an indelible mark on the world we live in today.


For centuries, human history has produced unique souls, visionaries, and revolutionaries with a mission to change the world for the better with the spark of their inner light. Figures like Leonardo Da Vinci, Martin Luther King, Frida Kahlo, Michelangelo, Clara Zetkin,  and many others embody the essence of creation, they carry the wisdom of ages within them and the seed of inspiration that ignites the imagination of dreamers who come after them. They remind us that we are all interconnected, part of a cosmic symphony resonating throughout the universe.

We live in a time when each of us has the potential and the opportunity to achieve greatness and, gathered with like-minded individuals, raise the consciousness of humanity as a whole, creating unity, peace, and love among people. With this goal in mind, we will once again gather at the Fortress to, through the power of unity, awaken our hidden strengths and our own superpowers.

Nikola Tesla has always stood far ahead of his time, a beacon of innovation whose brilliance transcends the boundaries of conventional thought. In the annals of history, he is revered not only as an inventor and scientist but also as a true child of the stars whose insights and creations illuminate the path toward a future woven with harmony among people. The high-frequency energy of unity at the upcoming EXIT festival edition will leave an indelible mark and make a leap towards positive change, unity, sincerity, and closeness, celebrating the Star Children and visionary figures, which is why the main festival stage will bear the name Tesla Universe Stage, in honor of the scientist who perhaps left the brightest mark in history.
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Zohra Opoku pioneering sustainability at the unveiling of a new exhibition in Ghana



Zohra Opoku pioneering sustainability at the unveiling of a new exhibition in Ghana

A major exhibition of work by German-Ghanaian artist Zohra Opoku, in collaboration with a Ghana based community-led sustainable design initiative, The Revival (founded by Kwamena Boison & Yayra Agbofah), has officially been unveiled at the Red Clay Studio in Tamale, Ghana.

The public exhibition known as TRANSFER(S) is organised by Osnabrück Kunsthalle and opened in Germany earlier in July 2023, with a monumental installation of Ibrahim Mahama’s montaged tapestry of strip-woven textiles, decommissioned jute sacks and batakaris (traditional garments cumulated from the northern region of Ghana). Now in its second phase, TRANSFER(S) will showcase the collaborative body of work led by renowned artists Zohra Opoku with The Revival (Founded by Kwamena Boison & Yayra Agbofah), For Zohra Opoku, this exhibition represents a continuation and an extension of her ‘WHO IS WEARING MY T-SHIRT’ series, which highlighted the interconnected work and intersection sustainability, trade and textile.

Kwamena Boison & Yayra Agbofah, founders and respectively Head of Design and Creative Director at The Revival, commented, “Through TRANSFER(S), we want to harness the arts and creativity to address all the difficulties that we noticed in our society, especially tackling the issues of climate change and climate action. We believe that it is crucial for artists and arts to further raise awareness. The installation goes beyond simple information sharing to deliberately using the aesthetic experience to empower the audience to imagine plural sustainable futures.” 

Identity and the sense of self in relation to different aspects of society, it is an important concept underpinning this exhibition. This is done by referencing the myriad ways individual styles and dress are closely linked to cultural displays of pride, social and economic status. The usage of secondhand garments and imported fabrics, such as table cloth and bed sheets, aim to address broader questions on the role of custom dress across communities, governance and commerce” added Opoku.

Yayra also added “collaborating with Zohra Opoku on TRANSFER(S) is a bold endeavour to use art and creativity as a powerful force for change. This exhibition goes beyond aesthetics, delving into societal challenges, climate action, and the interconnectedness of identity. This project transcends mere information sharing, inviting the audience to imagine a world where identity and self intertwine with cultural pride, social status, and the transformative power of upcycling”.


Zohra Opoku’ TRANSFER(S)’s exhibition explores the relation between the second-hand clothing industry and imports in Sub-Saharan Africa, the modern African textile industry and traditional African attire and creating awareness about the upcycled global textile waste. The project will bring together other artists, weavers, cultural icons to discuss the exhibition and it coincides with a jubilee year for Osnabrück: 2023 marks 375 years after the Westphalian Peace Treaty.

Ms. Opoku is a champion of creativity and her work examines the politics of personal identity, sustainability and climate action through historical, cultural, and socio-economic influences. She repeatedly integrates family heirlooms and her own self-image into her visual observations of Ghana’s cultural memory, embracing and celebrating the complexity, opacity, and tensions that characterise contemporary Ghana.

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From Controversy to Grace: Scott Evans Radiates Resilience Amidst Industry Backlash on Sammy Flex Show



358112460 823580015804554 7516566518697731661 n

In a recent edition of Sammy Flex’s renowned entertainment show, “Class Showbiz,” a segment took a regrettable turn as one of the pundits, Chairmo, made distasteful remarks regarding urban Gospel frontliner, Scott Evans.

The comments, coupled with affirming laughter from the host and other pundits, sparked an internet backlash, leading to a subsequent apology. Stream/Download Scott Evans’ Grace Is Luxury EP on preferred platform here.

This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the responsibility industry players bear in uplifting Ghanaian talents rather than undermining their hard work.

The crux of Chairmo’s disparaging comments centered on Scott Evans’ achievements and success in the music industry, implying that accolades and views don’t translate to genuine success.

Such remarks not only belittle the artist’s efforts but also reflect a concerning trend of tearing down fellow musicians instead of supporting and promoting their craft.


In response to the viral backlash, Sammy Flex and his team issued an apology, recognizing the inappropriateness of the comments made on the show.

While apologies are a step in the right direction, this incident underscores a broader issue within the industry—the need for a collective commitment to promoting unity, respect, and constructive criticism.

The Ghanaian music scene is a thriving hub of diverse talents, each contributing uniquely to the country’s cultural and artistic richness.

Instead of fostering an environment of healthy competition and collaboration, instances like these highlight a damaging tendency to diminish the efforts of fellow artists.

It is crucial for industry players, especially influential figures like Sammy Flex and his team, to use their platforms responsibly.


Their words carry weight and can significantly impact the perception of artists within and outside the industry. Disparaging comments not only tarnish the reputation of individual artists but also contribute to a divisive atmosphere that inhibits the industry’s growth.

As fans and stakeholders in the Ghanaian music scene, we must demand better from our industry leaders. Constructive criticism can pave the way for improvement, but demeaning language only serves to erode the foundations of unity and mutual respect that are essential for collective progress.

In view of this Scott Evans’ management has issued a press statement as seen below;


The world can only help but see the hardwork and dedication that the Gospel Amapiano genre creator has invested into his music and the level of excellence he has since introduced into the Ghanaian Gospel music scene as evidenced by his latest project Grace is Luxury EP.

Fans and naysayers alike can rightly judge via the quality of music videos, promotional strategies and Christian lyrical contents contained in his released songs such as Map3k3, 100 Percent, Best Side and his most recent Holy Father single which has earned him several deserving nominations across several awards schemes from the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards to the Praise Achievement Awards.


Let this incident serve as a cautionary tale for all industry players, urging them to prioritize collaboration, encouragement, and constructive dialogue.

As fans, let’s rally behind Scott Evans, celebrating his achievements and fostering an environment where he can flourish without fear of unwarranted criticism.

In conclusion, let us hold our industry players accountable, reminding them of the pivotal role they play in shaping the narrative of Ghanaian music.

Together, we can build a supportive and thriving ecosystem that propels our artists onto the global stage, showcasing the richness of our musical heritage. Stream/Download Scott Evans’ Grace Is Luxury EP on preferred platform here.


kindly insert this tiktok embed of the Sammy Flex show embed:

@ghanamusic #ghanatiktok🇬🇭 #Ghanamusic #fyp #scottevans #graceisluxury #sammyflextv ♬ original sound – Ghana Music



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GTA awards TOUGHA for contribution to tourism development in Ghana



IMG 20231130 WA0019
The Tour Operators Union of Ghana (TOUGHA) received an award for their contribution to the development of Tourism in Ghana at the National Tourism Awards held at the Accra International Conference Centre yesterday.
TOUGHA received the award for the Trade Association Contribution to the development of the sector.
Speaking to the media after the recognition, President of TOUGHA Alisa Osei Asamoah said “What a triumphant and glorious way to end the year! It was a surreal moment last night as the Tour Operators Union of Ghana.”
She said the latest and perhaps the most prestigious accolade is a culmination of their efforts in driving Ghana’s tourism agenda in the past few years, and the crowning moment couldn’t have come at a better time than at the country’s biggest tourism night.
“We deeply appreciate the Ghana Tourism Authority for the recognition, and to our executives, we say Ayekoo! for your continued exceptional leadership in driving our Union to enviable heights.
Sincere thanks also goes to the individual TOUGHA members who have shown grit and dedication to the course of transforming the Union into a formidable force in Ghana’s tourism industry,” she added.
According to her “This win is for us all. TOUGHA! Indeed, we are the professionals.”

In June, TOUGHA which is an association of experienced professionals in the tourism and travel industry in Ghana that offers both inbound and outbound tours was adjudged the “Best Association in Tour­ism” at the Busi­ness Executive Excellence Awards.

The association has over the years contributed im­mensely to tourism development ensuring high standards in the industry.

The National Tourism Awards was instituted by the Ghana Tourism Authority in 1997 to reward excellent performance in the tourism sector. It is one of the flagship events of the GTA and it sets the tone for high standards in service delivery among practitioners in the tourism sector.
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1xBet recommends: don’t miss 2023 CAF Women’s Champions League main intrigue




Who will challenge the favorite duo? Reliable bookmaker 1xBet is talking about the third CAF Women’s Champions League, which will occur from November 5 to 19 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Women’s football development

Women’s football is growing in popularity and winning new fans in Africa and worldwide. In the summer of 2022, the Women’s African Cup of Nations took place in Morocco which was broadcast by channels from more than 60 countries. The tournament attracted much attention, and the continent’s four best teams – South Africa (CAN winner), Morocco, Zambia and Nigeria – played in the 2023 World Cup.

At the World Cup, the only African team that failed to make it to the playoffs was Zambia. The South African national team lost 1/8 to the Netherlands (0-2), Morocco could not find arguments against France (0-4), and Nigeria only missed out on England, the future finalist of the tournament, in a penalty shootout.

The standard of women’s football on the continent grows yearly, and the prestigious CAF WCL tournament provides great opportunities for African footballers to progress and perform at the highest level.


Participants and format

Eight teams will take part in the CAF WCL finals. Athletico Abidjan received a quota as the tournament host, and Moroccan AS FAR – thanks to their victory in the last edition. SC Casablanca (Morocco), JKT Queens (Tanzania), Mamelodi Sundowns (South Africa), Ampem Darkoa (Ghana), Huracanes FC (Equatorial Guinea) and AS Mande (Mali) proved their strength in the qualifying round of the tournament, finishing top in their respective qualifying zones.

As a result of the draw, the participants were divided into two groups. Quartet A included Athletico Abidjan, SC Casablanca, JKT Queens and Mamelodi Sundowns, while Group B included AS FAR, Ampem Darkoa, Huracanes FC and AS Mande. In the group stage, each team will play one match with each of the opponents, and then the two best representatives of each quartet will play in the semi-finals. Africa’s top team will be crowned in the final match on November 19, with the losers battling it out for third place the day before.

CAF Women’s Champions League Favorites

AS FAR and Mamelodi Sundowns are considered the tournament favorites. Both teams have already won the CAF WCL and are the only ones among all participants playing in the final part of the tournament for the third time in a row.


Morocco has positioned itself as a leader in continental women’s football and is investing heavily in its development. AS FAR won its tenth domestic trophy in April and is now preparing to defend its African title.

Mamelodi Sundowns have reached the previous two tournament finals. In 2021, the team confidently beat Hasaacas Ladies 2-0 in the final, but last season, it lost to AS FAR 0-4 and is probably dreaming of revenge. South Africa’s women’s players easily qualified in their qualifying zone, scoring 21 goals in 5 matches and heading into the group stage in excellent form.

Will the main favorites be able to confirm their ambitions, or will new stars write a new page in Africa’s most prestigious club tournament? Follow the exciting women’s tournament and bet on your favorites with 1xBet!

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