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‘This is cruel! I’m fit to be called’- Ama Governor fires back at Chief Justice’s recent comments about her call to the bar



Ghanaian YouTuber, Elorm Ababio, popularly known as Ama Governor has responded to Chief Justice, Gertrude Torkornoo, and the General Legal Council’s decision to suspend her call to the Ghana Bar.

Chief Justice had in a new video stated that Ama’s alleged conduct is not proper for the legal sector, hence the council’s decision to withhold her from being called to the bar.

“When somebody has behaved in a certain way and we say we cannot call the person to the bar, I was surprised at the furore that rose up concerning the call to the bar of certain people and I thought, like seriously?


“This is proper conduct for the legal sector? That is interesting. So, for you to come into the space of the legal sector, your conduct cannot be obscene and offensive and you expect to be admitted, it doesn’t work like that. Your comments on social media, your ex parté communication for judge is extremely critical,” Chief Justice stated.

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However, responding to the decision, Ama Governor has stated that she’s yet to be made aware of her ‘crimes.’ She also called the decision ‘cruel.’

“Respectfully, I am still waiting to be told what my improper conduct was from 6th Nov, 2022 till date. I cannot handle this tarnishing of image and spread of false information about the true facts of the events that took place for much longer. This is cruel,” she tweeted in response to the video.


According to her, when the case by the unidentified petitioner was sent to court, she ‘won’ the car, however, her legal response to the petition was thrown out after the very first hearing.

“I won the ‘case’, if you will, against the till date unidentified petitioner. After my lawyer and I submitted our written legal response to the frivolous petition, it was thrown out in the very first hearing. The next three hearings till the decision was delivered was about 2 questions the committee had to ask me and us coming to a consensus. Nothing about any crime I have committed or any misconduct on my part whether in school or out of school, never a pronouncement of misconduct. Not one time. I could have been caught by the ‘Book of Shame,” she shared.


Ama Governor further expressed her disappointment at the manner in which her image has been tarnished both in and out of the law fraternity, while insisting that she never misconducted herself, neither did she engage in any immoral activities while studying law.

“I’m sorry but I do not recognize the person you are attempting to describe me as. Me? Immoral? Unfit? Misconducting myself how? There’s not a single content I have put out on this internet that I will not boldly account for, not one, & still I think I am very fit to be called,” she concluded.


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