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This is how Idris Elba and wife helped France to take bold action on Climate and Food Security



Photo credit: Philippe Servent / Présidence de la République

Nearly 50,000 of us signed onto a petition urging world leaders to step-up to support millions of the world’s poorest farmers. Then, today, we joined forces with Idris and Sabrina Elba to deliver our call directly to President Macron. He said he was “inspired” by our collective appeal and increased funding by 50 percent for farmers on the frontlines of the climate crisis.


But experts say climate change could cause millions more to go hungry.Will you help to keep the pressure on? Join our call and tell world leaders to follow France’s lead.

Climate change is causing a very real hunger crisis and COVID-19 makes the situation even worse. Droughts and unpredictable weather have made it harder for smallholder farmers and rural communities to grow food.


France’s funding will go to the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) — the organisation leading the charge against rural poverty. Now Global Citizen and President Macron are calling on other wealthy countries to increase support to those on the frontlines by at least 50%.


When we rally together, we can move mountains. Join us with a click and help supercharge our campaign to stop hunger and address climate change.


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