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This Story About A Maid of Honor Will Make You Want To Get Married

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This Story About A Maid of Honor Will Make You Want To Get Married

One of the hardships of being a bride is trying to decide on the right person for the matron of honor duties. Who do you ask ‘Will you be my matron of honor?’ Sometimes the choice is hard. 

Like many other brides, I was torn between my two friends: my future sister-in-law, who’s already given me a bridal subscription box as a definite hint she wants to be my maid of honor, or I should choose my childhood friend (she’s been browsing for maid of honor speech 2019since the moment I announced I am getting married).

I knew a couple of maid of honor horror stories myself, but these stories were nothing compared to some of the wedding guest horror stories I read on Reddit about a maid of honor speech gone wrong. So I decided I would be extra careful choosing my maid of honor. 

It took me a while to decide, because I knew both of my friends so well, but I also knew my best friend is not very articulate. In the end, I decided, that I will make my friend my maid of honor, and my sister-in-law to be my matron-of-honor, and ask her younger sister to be my junior maid of honor. 

After everything was settled, my best friend embraced herself and set to write an amazing maid of honor speech, which would make all the guests swoon. She browsed the internet for any templates she could find: a maid of honor speech template for the best friend, got several funny maids of honor speeches for sister, funny maid of honor speech samples, funny maid of honor quotes, and even funny maid of honor one-liners. I felt she was prepared for everything. Well, turns out she wasn’t.

I could never imagine what happened –  I guess, my story will probably make your list of top wedding horror stories 2019.

On the day before the wedding, I suddenly realized I had no idea where my maid of honor was. She didn’t answer my calls, she hadn’t picked up her dress from the seamstress, and no one has seemed her. Before that, I was trying to find out the answer for the question of maid of honor and matron of honor who walks first during the ceremony, but now it looked like I didn’t have my maid of honor anymore!

I went to bed but was too nervous to sleep. I considered she decided to run away, after all, being scared of the crows. To my surprise the morning of the wedding she showed up. Turned out she went to get some nice tan for the wedding… forgot to put on her sunscreen after swimming and fell asleep at the beach! Her eyes were all puffed and swollen, so she couldn’t read the speech she has written.

They made it together – my friend and my future sisters-in-law. My maid of honor wrote the speech, my matron of honor read it out loud for everyone to hear, while my junior maid of honor helped to turn the pages. The memory of this day still warms my heart.

Looking back – what advice would I give to a future bride? Choose your friends wisely. Keep them close. Your memories of the big day depend on these people a lot.  

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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