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Throwing Your First Garden Party? Here’s How!



Throwing Your First Garden Party? Here’s How!

One of the best things about summer is the fact you can sit outside as much as you want, and enjoy the sun in your outdoor space. Throwing a garden party can be the perfect way to take advantage of your garden or terrace, make the most of the warm weather, and see family and friends. 

The size of your outdoor space is unimportant – it’s what you do with it that matters. Take advantage of what you have: if you live in the country, you might have beautiful flowers and scents at your disposal, which you should maximise as much as you can. That’s not to say that a garden party on an urban terrace is any less appealing – watching the sunset and lights of the city, with a drink and some food, is a perfect end to a summer’s day.   With a bit of time and care, it’s easy to create a beautiful garden event. “Rule number one is to keep it simple!”, says Keira O’Neill, event manager at OriginWritings and 1Day2Write. “

The beauty of a garden party is that you can keep it stripped back, so use what you have, such as an old hessian sack as a table runner or choose from burlap table runner bulk selection so you can save but still create a lovely, rustic look.  Summer is the time of year where you can use as many bright colours as you want, so go wild! Use lots of bold colours so accentuate the summery vibe, from your decorations to your food. On the subject of food, plan a thoughtful menu that will cater to everyone. Are you doing a barbeque, or finger sandwiches and cakes? Whatever you decide, you should have enough options so that no one goes home feeling hungry!

Mood lighting is very important at any party, but if your garden soiree is going to be carrying on into the night, it needs to be well lit. Candles add a lovely decorative quality in the day time, and light up the garden during the night. You can recycle old jam jars and wine bottles to use as candle holders and vases for flowers – both budget friendly and attractive! Some battery powered string fairy lights also go a long way in creating the perfect summer night atmosphere. Not forgetting some balloons decorations to give the venue a pop of colors and excitement.

Curating the ideal playlist should really be done a few weeks in advance, so there isn’t a last minute panic to put some music together that will leave your guests wondering what on earth it going on! What type of atmosphere are you going for? Chilled out, or will there be dancing? By giving yourself time to plan, you can add songs when they come to you! To be a great host, you could ask your guests ahead of time what music they would like to play, and if they have any special requests.   There are some great tips from those who throw regular garden parties, that will add a little bit extra to your event. “Try using cupcake cases to cover the tops of your guests’ drinks”, says Alexander Conwy, blogger at Writemyx. “

They’ll thank you when their drinks are bug-fee!” Another great tip is to fill up water balloons and freeze them, so that you can add them to a bucket and keep drinks cold outside – this will save your guests from having to keep going inside for a drink! Some people like to create decorative ice cubes, using rose petals or rosemary, to make drinks look extra appealing (and also add a lovely taste!)   It’s not hard to throw the perfect garden party – with a few of these tips, your guests will be talking about your party for weeks!

Adelina Benson is an email marketer and writer at Her main role is the development of marketing strategies, and proofreading company correspondence. She enjoys discovering new ways of connecting with people across the world, loves to travel and experience new cultures, and share these experiences online. Adelina loves spending time with her friends and family, and hosting events to bring everyone together!