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Tidal Rave Gives Back To Bortianor By Renovating A School Block



The chiefs and people of Bortianor joined staff and members of the Echo fraternity to commission the newly renovated Bortianor Methodist Basic School as part of EchoHouse’s promise to the town. For the last seven years, Tidal Rave has found a home at Bortianor, as the place for party lovers to come to unwind, destress and party the weekend away.

The event which has become a yearly fixture on Ghana’s calendar has also fostered a great relationship between EchoHouse Ghana Limited and the community. This cooperation has seen chiefs and elders of the community come together to make the event a success.

Hence, EchoHouse Ghana, a youth marketing agency, owners of the event promised to give back to the community after years of a fruitful relationship. This has resulted in the renovation of one of the local schools to show appreciation to the community. At the ceremony, the Chief Fisherman of Bortianor said “the renovation of the school ranks as one of the most important contributions any organization has done for the community. For years, people have come here to enjoy our beaches but none of them have been thoughtful enough to give back to us in this way.”

This school according to organizers is the first of many development initiatives they intend to embark on to give back to the community by touching the lives of the youth of Bortianor. Speaking at the handing over ceremony, Bright Ayaaba, the Chief Operating Officer of EchoHouse said, “as Tidal Rave continues to form a better relationship with the community, this will be the beginning of years of progress and development”. The headmistress of the school and the Circuit Supervisor from GES for the Bortianor thanked EchoHouse and plead that, like Oliver Twist, they want more so EchoHouse should do well to return with more goodies.

As the event continues to evolve, this will be one of the great ways to say THANK YOU to the community and help solidify the relationship between the two parties.