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Tim Westwood accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women



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DJ Tim Westwood is facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct by women who say he abused his position in the music industry to exploit them.

The 64-year-old is accused of predatory and unwanted sexual behaviour and touching, in incidents between 1992 and 2017.

The BBC and the Guardian have heard detailed accounts from seven women in a joint investigation into the former BBC Radio 1 DJ.

He strenuously denies the allegations.

The DJ was an early champion of hip-hop in the UK and hosted the first nationally-broadcast rap show on UK radio from 1994


The seven women who spoke to the BBC are all black, and say they met Westwood through his work. Some of them accuse the DJ of abusing his power within the music industry.

The women tell their stories in a BBC Three documentary, Tim Westwood: Abuse of Power, which airs on BBC Three at 21:00 on Tuesday.

Two of them, who were aspiring to work in the industry, say they agreed to come to London to meet him to discuss music. They accuse the DJ of driving them to a flat and initiating unwanted and unexpected sex. One was 19 at the time, while Westwood was 53.

Another woman told the BBC she met Westwood, then in his mid-30s, when she was 17 and a member of a R&B group. She says she was subjected to unwanted oral sex after agreeing to meet him.


Four further young women accuse the DJ of either touching their bottoms or breasts as they posed for photographs with him at different events where he was performing.

The women, whose names have been changed to protect their identities, do not know each other. Some work in the music industry and fear repercussions – with the DJ continuing to have a prominent role in an industry long-criticised for its treatment of darker-skinned black women.

Allegations about Westwood’s behaviour toward young black women have circulated on social media for some time. In 2020, Westwood issued a statement to the Mail Online hitting out at the “fabricated allegations” and said they were false and without foundation.

Now, for the first time, following our investigation, women detail their experiences.

When Isabel discovered Tim Westwood was DJing at her local nightclub, she spotted a chance to have her music heard by someone influential. She was 19, and had already been getting studio time – featuring on rappers’ tracks as a vocalist.


Isabel was young when she realised she could sing. During her strict religious upbringing in the Midlands in the early 2000s, contemporary music was banned at home, but she spent Sundays singing gospel in church. Secretly, however, she would write her own music and dream of a future as a recording artist.

By 2010, when she was a university student, she was continuing to pursue a career in music. She knew a national platform like BBC Radio 1 could take her to the next level. “[Tim Westwood] was the main gatekeeper to get to the level of exposure I needed,” she says.

Isabel put together a mixtape of unreleased work and included her contact details inside the CD case. Her best friend together with her stepmum went to the club night with her.

They managed to hand the CD to Westwood, and Isabel says the DJ – then aged 53 – called her the next day. The two arranged to meet in London.

Her family and friends shared her excitement. “We were thinking that this is a really good lead at this point,” she says. “He wants to act on this quickly.”


Within days, she was on a train to London for an afternoon meeting. Isabel says the plan was to meet at Nike Town on Oxford Street, near BBC Radio 1’s studios.

She says Westwood was there waiting in a huge American-style car. Isabel assumed they were going to talk about her music over coffee or a drink – a point she wishes she had clarified.

“I don’t ask where we’re going. And then at this point, we start driving,” she recalls.

But she says her discomfort grew as she realised they were heading out of central London. “This is where I’m now like ‘Oh God, where are we going, what’s happening?’”

She says the conversation dried up – to the point where it was almost “menacingly silent”.


She alleges at one point on the journey, the DJ tapped her arm to get her to turn and see that he had undone his trousers and had exposed his genitals. “I’ve looked and I’ve seen and I’m like, ‘Oh, no, oh no, like, oh my God. Just don’t say anything. Don’t look. Don’t say anything.’ And I’m hoping that’s enough for him to just… not.”

Isabel says she felt “completely powerless” and “very, very scared”.

She says they eventually arrived at what she believes was Westwood’s flat. She remembers it being filled with lots of records. She says she was led to a room, where she refused an offer of a drink.

“He leaves the room and then he comes back completely naked,” she alleges. “That’s when I noticed that he has got a condom and he has removed it [from the wrapper] and started putting it on.”

Isabel says she recognised the condom packet. It had the DJ’s face on one side – part of a campaign Westwood did with Durex. “I remember that very vividly because I remember that was kind of when my brain also started to shut down.”


Isabel describes sitting on a chair “frozen with fear”. She says Westwood held her shoulders and turned her around.

“I knew what was going to happen at this point. So, I’m just like ‘Oh my God,’ And I remember being like, hunched up and like holding on to the back of the chair, like, scared.

“He almost, like, tapped me on the back of my leg as if he wanted me to move my leg, which I didn’t do. And then he sort of did.”

Westwood then penetrated her.

She says after he finished, she quickly got dressed and sat waiting to leave. She says the DJ seemed annoyed when she asked for a lift to the station.


Isabel recalls going over and over the experience on what felt like a really long journey back north. “I just remember feeling so deflated. So sad. Feeling really ashamed of myself and bad.”

She says the encounter led her to drop out from her studies and music career.

Isabel’s stepmum told the BBC the whole family had been excited about Isabel’s chance at a breakthrough. But she knew instinctively that something had happened when Isabel got home and wouldn’t talk about the meeting.

But she says that after she heard Isabel’s account, she felt guilty for not chaperoning her – and says she cried when Isabel disclosed that her silence was, in part, over worries her family would be disappointed with her.

Like others the BBC spoke to, Isabel became aware in 2020 of allegations being made by women on social media alleging misconduct by Westwood.


Pamela’s story echoes Isabel’s. She was just 20 when she met Westwood through friends. It was 2000 and she was working with young people who wanted to break into the music industry. She says the DJ invited her to do work experience with him at BBC Radio 1.

He had joined the BBC in 1994, after making a name for himself on pirate and then commercial radio. But his show mostly focused on US artists, and Pamela says the DJ told her he wanted to understand more about the UK scene and “get a younger audience”.

She says the DJ, in his 40s at the time, reassured her “stern Jamaican” mother on the phone that her daughter would be OK heading to London. Pamela travelled by train from the Midlands and says Westwood picked her up in a huge American-style car.

She says, as they drove, he kept stroking her leg and touching her face. She kept batting his hand away. She says he wasn’t concentrating on the road and was swerving so much that a police officer on a motorbike pulled up beside them and knocked on the passenger window. Pamela says Westwood apologised – and was told to keep his eyes on the road.

Pamela assumed she would be staying in a hotel as part of the work experience, but says the DJ instead drove her to an apartment where she remembers “records and trainers and oversized clothes everywhere”.


She says that at one point, he began trying to kiss her neck and remove her clothing. “I didn’t give him any kind of come on. There was no flirtation,” she says.

“If you are trying to actively touch me and I am pushing your hand away, that means I don’t want to do anything with you. If you are trying to remove [an] item of my clothing, and I put it back on, that means I don’t want it to be gone. If I’m showing you I’m uncomfortable, why would you just not stop doing it?”

She says she remembers thinking she couldn’t get out of the situation. “I’m in London alone with this man. Now, if I try and get out of this, who’s to say how he’s going to react. So I just submit to it.”

Pamela says she went home as soon as she could. She describes the encounter as “traumatic” and “disgusting”.

The work experience Westwood offered didn’t take place. We asked the BBC whether any monitoring of any work experience scheme took place but they did not provide an answer to this question.


Pamela later spoke to a friend who works in the music industry about her experience.

Pamela is critical of the BBC and other organisations for the “celebrity status” Westwood’s position afforded him over the years – a position she believes he abused.

“I would describe it as an abuse of power because… who they’re going to believe? This little girl from the Midlands, or this big, shiny star from London? He’s on national radio, international.”

Westwood fronted the UK version of the hit MTV show Pimp my Ride in 2005, and was also given a drive-time show on BBC Radio 1’s sister station 1Xtra, which focused on contemporary black music.

He is known for giving a platform to new artists, as well as getting some of the biggest rappers in the world onto his programmes – from Eminem to Cardi B.


He eventually left the BBC in 2013 as part of scheduled changes. In a Freedom of Information request, BBC News asked the BBC whether it had received any complaints against Westwood during his time in its employment. The corporation said it could “neither confirm nor deny whether the BBC holds the requested information”.

In a statement regarding our investigation, the BBC said “it does not comment on individuals”, but added that presenters would be expected to comply with strict codes of conduct.

One woman’s story we heard goes back three decades. It was the early 1990s and Tamara had been talent-spotted by producers trying to put together a British R&B group. At that time, songs from American R&B girl groups like TLC and SWV were getting radio play and finding chart success.

image 39Tamara spent her time in and out of studios recording music – as well as enjoying London’s nightlife meeting other artists. One time when she’d seen him around, Westwood, who was then in his mid-30s, suggested they should meet up. She was 17 at the time and believed the meeting was to talk about her career.

She says that, at the time, the DJ had “absolute power”.

He picked her up, and after stopping briefly at a radio station, he took her to a flat.


According to her, he started to take down her trousers and underwear. “Then he began instantaneously to give me oral sex. There was no talking. There was no kind of no communication about that. It was just before I knew it – that’s what was happening.”

Tamara says that at first she tried to push his head or his shoulders away but he just continued.

“And then I just realised that I’m in a position where it’s already gone too far. I’m in a place, I’m already far from home. I wouldn’t know how to get home from here. I was manipulated into that situation – I was led to believe one thing, when he had something else in mind.”

Working in the same industry, she says their paths continued to cross. She says Westwood had sex with her several times over the next few years before she cut off the encounters.

“I think it was almost implied by him that OK, because we’d had the first encounter, I would be up for the next encounter and being young and not having the strength and courage to just say ‘Look, no, I don’t feel right about this because I don’t feel right about it.’ It just happened.”


In 2021, Tamara watched the BBC’s Music’s Dirty Secrets documentary in 2021 and contacted the producers asking them to investigate the DJ.

Now 64, Westwood continues to perform at nightclubs around the UK and internationally, hosts freestyle sessions and interviews on his popular YouTube channel and has a Saturday night show on Global’s Capital Xtra.

Four further women have told the BBC about their experiences with the DJ as they posed for photos at events with him.

Farah says she was introduced to Westwood in 2000 at an afterparty at Bristol Carnival. She says he put his hand down her top and “grabbed” her breast while they were gathered for a group photograph.

“I felt cold and I felt dirty. I felt humiliated – embarrassed that I’d done something wrong,” she says.


The BBC spoke to her friend who recalled Farah telling her years ago about the incident.

Another woman, Claire, described meeting Westwood at a club in Ayia Napa, Cyprus in 2009. She recalls that he said “lemme grab some ass” as she and a friend posed for a photograph with him, before the DJ put his hand down the back of her denim shorts. She says she “froze” and felt “very intimidated” by the experience.

A third told the BBC she was a huge fan of Westwood’s BBC Radio 1Xtra show when she went to an event he was DJing at in Essex – also in 2009. Then aged 19, Loretta also describes feeling his hand snake down her back before he grabbed her bottom while they posed for a picture.

“I felt his hand go back up. And stopped at my neck. And do you know, in that moment I was kind of frozen.”

Nyla was in university when she met Westwood at a New Year’s Day event in 2017, she told the BBC. She says he described her as the “pengest girl in the rave” during his DJ set and then later, while she and her friend recorded a Snapchat video with him, she says he put his hand up inside the back of her skirt. She says she was “shocked” and felt “objectified”.


She says the DJ managed to find her Snapchat contact and called her the next day to ask her to “hang out”. She didn’t meet up with him.

The BBC has seen the Snapchat footage and the images the women say were taken during their encounters.

None of the women the BBC spoke to have reported their interactions to the police. Some say they are speaking about their experiences in the hope it encourages others to come forward and leads to the DJ being “held accountable” for his behaviour.

“It makes it feel like that wasn’t completely for nothing,” Isabel says about coming forward.

“Like, I don’t just have this trauma scar for no reason. There’s a purpose for other people to not have to experience it.”


Source: BBC





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The Boca Raton Museum of Art Presents Three Breakthrough Artists: Matthew Schreiber, Sari Dienes & Sri Prabha 



The Boca Raton Museum of Art Presents Three Breakthrough Artists: Matthew Schreiber, Sari Dienes & Sri Prabha 

“Spirit lives in everything” ‒ This iconic quote by the late artist Sari Dienes serves as the entryway to the standout new exhibition by the Boca Raton Museum of Art of three breakthrough artists: Sari Dienes (1898-1992), Matthew Schreiber (b. 1967), and Sri Prabha (b. 1969). The work of each artist is showcased within its own gallery in this winning trifecta, across a panorama of art that encompasses the Museum’s first floor. All three spaces are curated by Kelli Bodle, the Associate Curator of the Museum (on view June 14 – October 22).

An inspiration to Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, Sari Dienes was an important figure during the seminal decades of the Mid-Century art world in New York. Her exhibition, Incidental Nature, features three core elements of her six decades of artmaking: her 1950s street rubbings, works inspired by her time in Japan, and portraits of her famous circle of artists. Matthew Schreiber is one of the world’s foremost hologram and laser artists. Exploring Schreiber’s process more deeply than any previous showing of his work, his drawings and holograms in his exhibition, Orders of Light, include ephemeral images of spiritualist medium communities in Lily Dale, New York, and Cassadaga, Florida. His works on paper feature blind contour studies, peripheral view drawing, and lens-less photography. Sri Prabha masterminds a site-specific installation titled Resonator-Reanimator, fusing ideas from Vedic eastern philosophy and western science to explore our connection to the natural world. Melded together, they land the viewer within a psychedelic multiverse of saturated colors. 

Sari Dienes: Incidental Nature

The complete quote by Sari Dienes, in its entirety – “Spirit lives in everything. It has no age, no color,
no sex” – welcomes museumgoers as they enter the first-floor galleries. Celebrated as “the doyenne of the American avant-garde,” Dienes is finally receiving the national acclaim she deserves. Her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and The Whitney Museum of American Art, and is included in the permanent collections of many of the country’s leading museums (see more about her sixty years of artmaking at Most of the works in this show are from the Sari Dienes Foundation, led by Barbara Pollitt who created the educational film about the artist: One of the signature works in this exhibition is from the collection of Beth Rudin DeWoody. Dienes (1898-1992) was a descendant of Eastern European royalty, and her stature in the art world stretches back to the 1930s in Paris and London. She was born in Debrecen, Austria-Hungary and emigrated to the U.S. in 1939 at the age of 41. Dienes was an original member of the Neo-Dada movement of the 50s and 60s, and her impact upon Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns is undeniable. 

MEDIA CONTACTS: For interviews and more editorial information, please contact Jose Lima & Bill Spring,, 305-910-7762. Download photos at: 


In the early 1950s, her pioneering works prophesied what would later become the Pop Art movement. Her visionary use of found objects was years ahead of the curve. Dienes worked in a wide range of media, including painting, drawing, textile design, sculpture and ceramics. In her large-scale “Sidewalk Rubbings” of the 1950s and 1960s she created bold, graphic, geometrical compositions, via impressions of manhole covers, subway gratings and other elements of the urban streetscape. This she did often in the middle of the night to avoid pedestrians, accompanied by some of Manhattan’s most famous artist friends who helped her stretch her 30-foot-long fabric on the sidewalk. Dienes lived and worked alongside a stellar circle, including: Yoko Ono, the composer John Cage, the choreographer Merce Cunningham, experimental filmmaker Stan VanDerBeek, as well as Johns and Rauschenberg. A portion of this exhibition features her portraits and rubbings of some of her famous artist friends, including a large portrait of John Cage and bodily rubbings
of Ray Johnson’s arm. 

Dienes was known for making the exterior world her canvas, taking her materials out of the studio and into the streets. This central idea to her work, of making the exterior world her canvas, stemmed from Zen Buddhist philosophy, which she absorbed during her sojourn to Japan. A selection of works created in Japan will be on view in this new exhibition. She also created rubbings from ancient rock carvings known as petroglyphs. This exhibition features more than 50 works by Dienes, plus a singular collection of ephemera including a Polaroid portrait of the artist photographed by Andy Warhol, and photographs of iconic Bonwit Teller department store window displays from the 1950s that showcased some of America’s leading artists of the era. Learn more at 

Matthew Schreiber: Orders of Light

The Brooklyn-based artist Matthew Schreiber was born in 1967, in Cleveland. He is recognized as one of the world’s foremost hologram artists, and is celebrated for his laser light sculptures. His Lab produces fine art holography on a curated and invited basis, and some of the Lab’s current artists include Paul McCarthy, Ed Ruscha, and Deana Lawson. Since childhood, Matthew Schreiber has had a dual interest in art and science. For this exhibition, the Museum selected more than 50 works, most never shown before, including works on paper, holograms, and photographs. Watch video of his holograms at  

His interest in basic principles of nature has led to a deep and continued investigation of light. By maintaining an actual laboratory –the Schreiber Holography and Optical Laboratory, located in Brooklyn – he continues to feed and inspire his art. He worked as the chief lighting expert for the artist James Turrell (from 2000-2013), known for his work in the light and space movement. Schreiber first attempted to build his own laser as a child at the age of seven, inspired by science fiction, fantasy and novelty shops. At the age of fifteen, he made his first laser installation. Recurring themes in his work include a fascination with the occult, spiritualist traditions, and hauntings. In this show in Boca Raton, two of Schreiber’s holograms depict the realm of seances and psychic phenomena at the famous spiritualist communities of Lily Dale in New York, and Cassadaga in Florida. The results are fascinating, multi-dimensional imagery that expands our definition of what can be seen by the naked eye. See a video of his Cassadaga hologram series at


Hailed as “The Master of Light” by VICE’s Hayley Morgan, in her interview she quoted Schreiber about his other-worldly interests: “As humans, we can barely understand or perceive most of what surrounds us, so this belief in not knowing may be considered supernatural or metaphysical. I really wanted to clearly understand how my eyes work, how we see, so I studied some physics and it led to holography.” 

Many of the drawings in this show were created by Schreiber while he was in a trance-like state, altering the way he sees. This includes peripheral view drawing (holding his head to the side to use only the edges of his vision); adjusting his eyes to draw in near darkness; and blind-contour studies (without actually looking at the paper, fixing his view only on the outline and shapes of his subject while slowly drawing the contours in a continuous line). “My body becomes a filter for the resulting art that I make while altering my perception,” says Schreiber. Schreiber has exhibited at major museums and galleries, including: the Johnson Museum of Art (Cornell University); MIT Museum (Cambridge); Johannes Vogt Gallery (NY); Swiss Hall, the permanent installation at Herzog & de Meuron Residence in Basel, Switzerland; and a site-specific installation in the Miami Design District, curated by Ambra Medda, the co-founder and director of Design Miami. Schreiber’s holographic expertise was tapped by Deana Lawson for her exhibition at the Guggenheim in New York, where she was honored with the Hugo Boss Prize in 2020.

He received his MFA in Art and Technology and Experimental Film from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, with a specialization in holography from the Royal College of Art in 1994. He is one of the few artists in the world working in the field of real (wavefront-recording) holography, which he began as early as 1985 under the tutelage of WWII radar specialist Dr. S.S. Ballard at the University of Florida. Schreiber is known for co-founding C-Project in Miami from 1995-2000, one of the art world’s first-ever holographic production studios where he spearheaded collaborations with internationally renowned contemporary artists, including Richard Artschwager, John Baldessari, Louise Bourgeois, Roy Lichtenstein, Dorothea Rockburne, Robert Ryman and James Turrell. He also worked with John Perry of Holographics North, producing some of the largest holograms ever made. After relocating to Brooklyn, Schreiber created the C-Project Holography Archive, permanently acquired by the Getty Museum and the Getty Research Institute in 2018. Schreiber developed a working method to use laser light as a sculptural/architectural medium. His light experiments and projects with leading architects and designers include the London Mithraeum, within Bloomberg’s European Headquarters in London (winner of top international design and architectural lighting awards, including the Lumen Award of Excellence). Learn more at

Sri Prabha: Resonator – Reanimator

Sri Prabha is a multi-disciplinary artist based in South Florida. He was born in Hyderabad, India in 1969. His work emphasizes the artist’s keen interest in contemporary environmental issues, and how humans interact with the natural world. His installations aim for a co-mingling of Vedic eastern philosophies with western science, to tell a richer story. Prabha was recently selected as one of the winners of the 2022 Art Basel Miami Beach public art showcase by the City of Miami Beach, for a monumental installation Cosmic Occupancy
(see the video of his spectacular light projection orb for Art Basel at

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Doe Boy Presents much-anticipated full length album, ‘BEEZY’



Doe Boy Presents much-anticipated full length album, 'BEEZY'

Making a statement as loudly as possible, critically acclaimed Cleveland hip-hop phenomenon Doe Boy proudly presents his anxiously awaited new project, BEEZY, today via Freebandz/Epic Records. Listen to BEEZY HERE.

The 16-track project unfolds as a rap blockbuster of the highest order. He attracted an A-list cohort of guests, including Future, G Herbo, and Roddy Ricch on the irresistible “TRY & SEE, Lily Yachty and Luh Tyler during the hilarious “KARDASHIANS, Lola Brooke on the punchy “DUMB,” EST GEE for the street anthem “PICK A SIDE, and Cleveland legends Krayzie Bone and Bizzy Bone on the haunting and hypnotic finale “GRIM REAPER.

Check out the full tracklisting below.

About the project, Doe Boy commented, “It tells my story, everything I’ve been through, all of the trials and tribulations I overcame, and where I’m at now. It’s all based on true stories. Nothing is fabricated. I’m going to give you everything. I’m elevated as a grown man now. I’m not a kid anymore. The way I move is bossed all the way up. I’ve come a long way from East Cleveland. BEEZY is my nickname, so this album is self-titled. It’s who I am today and all of the things that brought me here. This is all of my different moods all rolled up into one as BEEZY.

It also boasts the single “DEEP END” [feat. Don Toliver]. He just uncovered a cinematic music video for this melodic banger. Watch it HERE.


He initially teased BEEZY with “WAY I WALK.It has just begun to gain steam at DSPs. HipHopDX plugged it, and Rap Radar proclaimed, “The Freebandz rapper does his killer step to Hendrix Smoke, John Luther, and Nick Mira’s groove while delivering his cutthroat lyrics.

“WAY I WALK” hinges on a head-nodding and nostalgic Jennifer Lopez sample as Doe Boylocks into a bouncy flow. His cadence instantly captivates as he struts towards one of his catchiest choruses to date, “This just the way I walk. The accompanying visual showcases just that as he and a group of friends groove, smoke, and turn up outside in their neighborhood.

Last year, Doe Boy continued his rapid rise with the CATCH ME IF YOU CAN EP. It tallied over 10 million streams and earned critical plugs from the likes of Complex and RapRadar who noted, Doe Boy is hard to kill.” Perhaps REVOLT put it best by proclaiming, “If you not hip to Doe Boy by now, shame on you.

It’s time to get to know BEEZY….






















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Sam Smith & Madonna out with “VULGAR,”



Sam Smith & Madonna out with “VULGAR,”

In February 2023, Madonna introduced an arresting GRAMMY® Awards show performance by Sam Smith ft. Kim Petras. “Are you ready for some controversy?” she asked, before making a heartfelt speech. “If they call you shocking, scandalous, troublesome, problematic, provocative or dangerous,” she said, “You are definitely onto something.” The day after, with their fifth GRAMMY Award in hand, Sam headed into a Los Angeles studio with Madonna to record a fierce, unapologetic duet: “VULGAR.” Listen HERE. View the lyric video HERE.


A fearless, bold anthem, “VULGAR” honors every word of Madonna’s speech. It’s the celebratory sound of two artists conjoining in abandon, a meeting of wild minds, hooks and aesthetics, punctuated by an Eastern string break and bolstered by earth-shattering bass. It is a two-and-a-half minute slap-back to repression and a demand for respect. Released today by Capitol Records, the single was produced by ILYA for MXM Productions, Cirkut, Omer Fedi, Ryan Tedder, Jimmy Napes, Sam and Lauren D’elia, Madonna’s vocal producer and engineer.


Sam Smith is a multi-award-winning, multi-platinum-selling singer, songwriter and lightning rod for provocation. Their third studio album, Gloria, has sold over 40 million albums sold worldwide and been praised by Rolling Stone as “their deepest album yet.” Sam will launch the North American leg of GLORIA The Tour on July 25.



Madonna, the best-selling female artist of all time, continues to push boundaries and transform culture. She will kick off her highly anticipated global Celebration Tour in July.

Together, they are S&M. Together, they are “VULGAR.”

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Niall Horan’s latest album, ‘The Show’ out now!



Niall Horan's latest album, 'The Show' out now!

Chart-topping global superstar Niall Horan released The Show, his third studio album, via Capitol Records today. Revealing the immense growth and life experience he’s gained since 2020’s Heartbreak Weather – an album made in his early 20s – the result is a deeply felt and endlessly spellbinding statement on following your heart to its absolute truth. Download / stream The Show HERE.

Today, Horan shared the official video for the album’s title track. Directed by Connor Brashier(Kygo, Shawn Mendes), the video was shot at the Downtown Palace, a downtown Los Angeles theatre that dates back to the vaudeville era. As a crew rushes around preparing for the evening’s concert, Horan performs “The Show,” accompanying himself on piano. View the video HERE.

Set against a hypnotic backdrop of swooning strings and poignant piano work, “The Show” was the first song Horan worked on for the new album. The track reflects on the undeniably human desire to control the uncontrollable—then gently urges the listener to fully embrace life for all its messiness. He wrote it late one summer night in 2020, after his tour in support of Heartbreak Weather had been cancelled due to the pandemic. With most of his guitars stowed with his touring gear, he sat down at the piano and spontaneously composed a song that would come to define a whole new era of his career.

To celebrate the album’s release, Horan will perform today in New York City as part of the Citi Summer Concert Series on “TODAY.” After making his festival debut at Boston Calling last month, he will be playing festivals around the globe this summer. He’ll embark on a global headline tour next February. Due to the high demand for tickets – over half a million sold to date, resulting in numerous sold-out shows around the world – additional dates have been added to “THE SHOW” LIVE ON TOUR 2024, including a July 28, 2024 show at The Kia Forum in Inglewood, CA. See below for itinerary. Tickets are available at

Horan – who joined NBC’s The Voice” this season and logged his first win as a coach with contestant Gina Miles’ victory – recently performed “Meltdown,” another song from the album, on the show. View his performance HERE. Rolling Stone observed, “Unlike the optimistic pop songs that bury devastating lyrics beneath the sound of sunshine, ‘Meltdown’ keeps up an unrelenting pace that more so echos the heightened anxiety and panic Horan sings about.”


In the making of The Show, Horan worked with a close-knit circle of collaborators, including Julian Bunetta (Thomas Rhett, SG Lewis), Amy Allen (Halsey, Sam Smith), Jamie Scott (Jessie Ware, Rag’n’Bone Man) and acclaimed producers John Ryan and Joel Little. Built on a lush and radiant form of alt-pop, the album draws much of its mesmerizing power from Horan’s ingenious use of harmonies—an element inspired by Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jackson Browne, and other members of the ’60s/’70s music scene in Laurel Canyon – the very same Los Angeles neighborhood in which he’s lived part-time for the past seven years.

A near-lifelong songwriter who taught himself to play guitar as a kid in Ireland – and who names attending an Eagles concert at age four as a pivotal moment in shaping his sensibilities – Horanhas sold over 80 million records and toured the globe multiple times as part of the iconic One Direction. In 2017, he made his full-length solo debut with Flicker, a Platinum-certified and chart-topping album featuring the triple-Platinum single “Slow Hands.” Heartbreak Weather followed in 2020 and topped the U.K.’s Official Albums chart and Billboard’s Top Album Sales tally.

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DJ Khaled Presents The First-Ever We The Best Foundation Golf Classic on Thursday July 20 in Miami Beach



Does DJ Khaled use Autotune for bad singers

Hitting the fairway for a very good cause, GRAMMY® Award-winning, global megastar DJ Khaled excitedly presents the inaugural WE THE BEST FOUNDATION GOLF CLASSIC on Thursday July 20 in Miami, FL sponsored by Jordan brand. The perennial hitmaker will be joined by an A-list cohort of players, teeing off to support various charitable initiatives for a great cause. The proceeds will benefit the We The Best Foundation and their various endeavors in education, the arts, and so much more. This inaugural tournament will be an experience like no one other.

About the event, Khaled commented, “Just to be out on the golf course with close friends and family of mine is a blessing. Giving back makes it even better. I can’t wait to see you all at the first-ever WE THE BEST FOUNDATION GOLF CLASSIC. We’re starting something very special here while introducing the sport of golf to a wider community.”

The festivities commence on Wednesday July 19 when Khaled welcomes sponsors and guests.  Bright and early on the following morning July 20, registration and breakfast commence at 8am with celebrity intros at 9am. The tournament kicks off at 9:30am sharp followed by awards at 2:30pm.


For over two decades, the very mention of DJ Khaled has implied an elevated level of musical greatness, entrepreneurial excellence, and cultural impact. You’ve heard him across a GRAMMY® Award-winning multiplatinum catalog, seen him in blockbusters such as Bad Boys For Life, caught him on the cover of Rolling Stone, watched him on numerous television programs, and felt his presence from the streets all the way up to the Barack Obama White House. He has achieved dozens of multiplatinum and gold certifications, including the 9x multi-platinum Billboard Hot 100 #1 “I’m The One” [feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, & Lil Wayne], 6x multi-platinum “Wild Thoughts” [feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller], double platinum “No Brainer” [feat. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, & Quavo]. His 2019 album, Father of Asahd [We The Best Music Group/Epic Records], to the top of the charts. Not only did it garner a platinum certification, but it also became his third consecutive Top 2 debut on the Billboard Top 200 and emerged as the “#1 Most-Streamed Record” upon release. To date, he has moved over 20 million singles and 6 million albums in addition to gathering 4 billion-plus streams. The latter propelled his 2021 album, Khaled Khaled which boasts the 3x multi-platinum anthem “Every Chance That I Get” [feat. Lil Baby & Lil Durk].


Not to mention, he launched We The Best Music Group—a record label, management, publishing, and production company and in-demand studio. As a committed philanthropist, he founded his 501(c)3 organization The We The Best Foundation. It uplifts individuals throughout underserved communities across the United States and supports various non-profits. He has supported the fight against COVID-19., U2 frontman Bono recruited him as the first social media ambassador for Project Red, and he serves as the national spokesperson for Get Schooled. Now, the power of this legacy defines his thirteenth full-length album—which bears the name—God Did, making it his fourth number #1 album to debut on the Billboard Top 200 chart. With a newly minted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, DJ Khaled continues to soar and inspire. GOD DID!

We The Best Foundation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to enriching the lives of the next generation – from childhood to adulthood. We support non-profit organizations and individuals in underserved communities in efforts that aid them towards becoming the best version of themselves. To learn more or donate, visit

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