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Tips and Tricks for Efficient Car Cleaning



Some people prioritize washing their cars and taking care of them, while others might only consider a car wash when it gets muddy or when it’s caked in dirt. What many don’t know is that keeping your car clean, especially from dirt, mud, and rain will help in preventing the devaluation of your car. Keeping the vehicle in tip top shape will increase its longevity, prevent the deterioration of the paint job, raise its value, and avoid impurity build-up. The usual frequency recommended for car washes is every week or every other week. But how can you ensure that your cleaning session is actually paying off? 

We have collected some tips and tricks for efficient car cleaning, check them out:

Start with the Right Type of Soap

Some people are under the wrong impression that dish detergent is the best “powerful” soap. This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. This is not due to the cleaning power the detergent offers, but it’s rather about the powerful chemicals that these types of soaps have. Dish soap usually has harsh chemicals to cut through grease and other stubborn food particles. That’s why using dish soap will not only strip the wax off, but it will also dull your paint job. It’s better to use a specific type of soap that is formulated especially for cars.

Pick the Best Car Polish

Using the right type of polish will not only give you a shimmering car, but it can also decrease the number of visible defects on your vehicle’s exterior. Polishing has the power to smoothen the car paint, make the car appear shiny and glossy, and even eliminate minor scratches. With that being said, choosing the right type of car cleaning products plays a powerful role in maintaining the exterior of the car, especially when it comes to choosing a reputable car polish brand. Polish can also help in evening out botched-up paint job marks. Remember to keep an eye out for reviews and testimonials from other car enthusiasts so you can be sure that you will be getting your money’s worth when buying a product.

Rethink Your Cleaning Kit

If you are using an old wash mitt or drying cloth, then you should definitely rethink these options. It’s even recommended that you thoroughly clean anything that you are using for drying and washing the car before your cleaning session. Even if you drop the towel mid-wash, it’s better to wash it before you use it again in the car. Or even better, you can keep a supply of some fresh towels within your reach. Using old and unclean products that have small particles of dirt and grime can cause minor scratches on the paint layer of your car.

Use a Microfiber Drying Towel

Even household towels that are either made of cotton or polyester can be too abrasive to car paint. That’s why using a microfiber towel is better. These towels are way softer and safer to be used on your car. Not only will a microfiber towel to protect your car finish, but it will also help in quickening up the drying process as they are more absorbent.

Rinse Carefully

Some people might be doing everything thoroughly, from picking the best type of soap and polish to paying close attention to the way they clean and handle their cars only to miss one important small detail. When you are rinsing your car, you shouldn’t use the same bucket of cleaning water to rinse your mitt between dips. This is because small particles of the dirt and everything you have just cleaned off the car is going to be attached to the towel. Instead, you can have two buckets at the ready; one for clean water to use, and the other to clean your towel in.

Go for A Pro Wash Every Once in a While

If you don’t have the time or tolerance to pay attention to details while washing your car, it’s better to leave it in the hands of professionals instead of doing more harm than good. However, if you have mastered this car-washing game, then your pro washes should be opted for less often. Getting your car cleaned by a professional has various benefits other than the fact that they know what they are doing. You can either advise them to focus on the things that you can’t or don’t do or you can go for a complete car wash and skip your weekly usual wash.

Washing your car will keep your car looking as good as new. It has a powerful effect on the car and increases its longevity, as well. A car is considered to be one of the largest investment people make, and so making sure that you pay attention to keeping it clean and polished saves you money in the long run.