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Tips on how to clean your fridge



Cleaning the fridge may sometimes be nauseating! In this article, we’re not going to just show you how to properly clean your fridge, but we’re also going to give you a few tips and hacks to remember. We all know how hard it is to clean your fridge – you whole house if we’re to be honest. And this is sometimes the reason why you will just leave it as it is and no nothing about it. And soon you’ll be waking up with a mountain of food in your fridge and it will be even harder to clean it all. However, before we tell you the best methods to clean a fridge, here are a few things that will help you make your cleaning-time easier. Don’t procrastinate Stop lying to yourself. You will not do it next week. You will not do it after the next meal. Procrastination is not good, stop avoiding your life and get the thing done already! You may have a way to escape when it comes to chores, especially to ironing. But keeping your fridge messy is not a thing to avoid – it will get messier. And it’s not a healthy thing to do. Start a routine You totally need to make a routine out of cleaning your fridge. We’re not doing our chores on time because we’re not doing them frequently. It may sound boring, but routine helps establish a structure. According to – New York City, it’s the best thing to do when it comes to cleaning – you will not procrastinate it and you’ll even do it faster. So pick a day every 2 weeks and clean your fridge. Know when the time came This is a very important thing. Do not wait for too much to get rid of the food. Leftovers are the ones who need to be thrown to trash – they’re usually the ones who stick longer. Again said, it’s not healthy, it may contain lots of bacteria. So, keep track of time and food to see when you need to throw them out. Here’s how to clean your fridge properly: Don’t forget to unplug Remember to always take your time. And be careful at your fridge, you know that if you keep the doors open for more than a few seconds, a sound will appear (and it’s an annoying one!) telling you that warmth has started to get in the cold area and that you need to close the doors. Also, you don’t need the lights to be on all the time you’re cleaning. So, what you should do first is unplug the fridge. This is the best thing to do especially if the shelves are not removable. Get all the food out It may sound stupid, but there are people in the world who only clean the food. You need to empty your fridge. And not just the food, but shelves and produce drawers if you can. Cleaning them outside the fridge gives you the perfect time to pay more attention to them. Wash the removable parts separately Use a soft piece of fabric to wash the fridge and the removable parts. If not, you can use a sponge, too. Wash the drip pan, too. This can be easily done with a solution made of vinegar and water. The best way to do it is to fill your bathtub with bubbly water. After washing them, let them dry by themselves, do not proceed to dry them with a cloth. As for the rest of the fridge, spray it with a cleaner and after some minutes, wipe down. The exterior For the exterior, you will need a damp cloth soaked in clean water. After cleaning it, make sure you dry it immediately with a bare piece of fabric.]]>

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