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Tips for Running a Food Blog



Food blogs are one of the most popular online blogs available for people to browse. When people are tired of eating the same meals at home, they look to food blogs to assist them with finding recipes. Essentially, food blogs have replaced the traditional recipe books that sit on your shelf at home as most people are looking to the Internet for answers rather than books.

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Post One New Recipe Per Week

People are looking for new and exciting recipes to revolutionize the usual foods that they eat. Experiment with combining different foods, trying different ethnic influences, and finding unique cooking methods.



Post at least one new recipe per week on a recurring day that you choose. It will build anticipation amongst your viewers.


Make the recipes thematic for some months to embrace various cultures to show that your food blog embraces diversity. In February for Black History Month, churn out the best soul food recipes you know! For Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15th to October 15th, feature various Spanish recipes. In November, feature popular Native American dishes for Native American Heritage Month. And so on!

Put a Spin on Traditional Recipes

While people love the traditional recipes, find a way to put a spin on them to make them yours! Think of a special ingredient or a specific element to the dish that makes it unique.



If you are making spaghetti and meatballs, show in a video how you make homemade tomato sauce. Do homemade pasta noodles for increased authenticity for your food blog brand.


Support your written recipes with YouTube videos that show the process. Some people can read a recipe and envision how to do it themselves without a video. However, others need a visual representation of how to make a new recipe.


Research Health Concepts

Running a food blog is not just about putting up new recipes. You will want your readers to understand how healthy eating affects your body. Talk about how different diets


Here are some health topics that you can write about as a food blogger:

  • “The Health Benefits Of” series where you talk about different popular foods and how they help your body. Like how oranges have Vitamin C and support healthy immunity.
  • The healthiest diet for a diabetic.
  • The benefits of a keto diet and foods to eat when on it.
  • Daily food plan to support the balanced intake of basic five food groups.
  • Write about food allergies, their signs of them, and alternatives to eating instead of that food if someone has that allergy.

Interact With Your Readers

If anyone comments on your blog posts, respond to them within at least 24 hours to show that you care about their questions. If you see that you are not getting many comments on your blog posts, take to social media.



Update your social media followers when you release a new food blog post. Check the social media updates often and your direct messages in case someone has a question about one of your recipes. Interacting with your readers and followers is the number one to maintain transparency and credibility as a blogger and social media influencer.


Running a food blog will bring out your creative side while helping readers to learn new recipes that help them achieve a healthy life. Don’t forget to throw in a few dessert ideas from time to time. While you are on a mission to help readers be healthy, the occasional dessert here and there won’t hurt!

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