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Tips On Wearing Cocktail & Party Dresses



Everything that began as ‘an elitist’ clothing for the rich is now necessary in every closet today. Every girl & woman – both young & old, crave to wear the gorgeous cocktail & party dresses. However, not many know the different types of cocktail & party dresses available as a choice. Many also don’t know what kind of dresses will suit them according to their body shape.

Some occasions require one to wear semi-formal dresses, whereas others are strictly formal. Choosing an appropriate cocktail & party dress is essential for each one to look glamorous to their very core.

Today, we will look at some of the Do’s and Don’ts about wearing cocktail & party dress.

●     Don’t Choose Anything That’s Skimpy –

A cocktail party dress is not the same thing as a night out, a dress that you just put on to go to a party with your group of girlfriends. Quite often, the party dresses that you wear to your friends’ party or night outs – are shabby and too straightforward. These are aimed to get you the attention that you need easily. However, when it comes to cocktail party dresses, it’s important to note that you don’t wear anything that has a skimpy look. Doing so makes sure that the neckline is not too faltering or deep cut is key to having a simple yet gorgeous looking classy cocktail gown.

●     Do Watch The Hemline Of Your Dress –

Whether you choose to wear a midi cocktail dress, lace cocktail dress, summer cocktail dresses, long sleeve, evening wear, sequin, fit and flare, off the shoulder, designer, knee-length or floral ones, always choose something that has A-line dresses that have a streaming hemline. It’s also a great idea to wear good quality, elegant black gowns.

●     Don’t Opt For Anything with Long Trail –

It is a good idea to keep at bay all ball gown outfits that emulate the ‘Cinderella’ effect. Design experts ask people to stay clear of wearing any clothing item that has a long trail—keeping a clean, simple look better than creating a whole lot of drama. However, if you have a ball gown that is more fitted to one’s length, fit and flare, then go ahead and use it.

●     Do Wear Dress That Has a Midi Length –

Midi size dresses are one of the best kinds of dresses one can wear to a cocktail party. Midi cocktail dresses are extremely comfortable to wear. You don’t have to worry about tripping in those dresses as they don’t come anywhere near one’s feet. It’s a great alternative to any shorter or longer dresses. It’s the best of both worlds.

●     Don’t Wear Jeans At All –

Types of Denim are one of the most destructured yet structured clothing that gives the vibe of a lazy, easy-going clothing item that people usually just wear on an everyday basis. Jeans are worn when the wearer is looking for comfort in clothing without having to think too much about what to wear. If you turn up at a cocktail party wearing denim, it is simply considered rude. Of course, if you are going to the MET GALA, and their theme for the season is denim related, then one of the best items of wear in such a case is denim gowns.

●     Do Prefer To Wear Sleek Fit Trousers –

However, if you are looking for a clothing item that keeps you extremely comfortable and is apprehensive about showing your legs, then adorn yourself in amazing looking sleek trousers. Trousers that are sleek, well-tailored, and ironed out make the wearer look tall. No wonder it is considered a part of the power suit outfit.

Going ahead with these Do’s & Don’ts allows you the room and knowledge to pick the right kinds of cocktail & party dresses for your upcoming event.