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Tips to help you get attention to your YouTube video



Have your videos stopped getting a lot of views? Of course, it can’t help but upset you as a channel owner. How to make the video interest your subscribers and casual viewers? That’s right – listen to our advice and follow it exactly. In this article we will tell you what you need to do to make your audience become millions of Internet users.

There are many ways by which views on YouTube steadily increase. We’ll go into all the subtleties with you, thanks to which you’ll leave your competitors far behind, and attract a large number of subscribers to your channel.


The effect of views on the development of your YouTube channel


Whether the Internet channel will be successful, whether it will bring profit to its owner, worries everyone who has decided to earn on the placement of video content on the web. First of all, you need to understand how the algorithms of YouTube are built, and what they are guided by in order to put this or that video at the top of the rating. So, carefully analyzed lends itself to such indicators:
– How long the audience’s attention was held.
– The number of users who viewed the video.

The top positions of the top you are guaranteed if these two parameters were in order. If your goal is to strive for perfection, try to achieve an increase in views of your videos on YouTube. Let’s consider in detail what you need to do to do this.

First, you need to regularly “pour” relevant and interesting video material onto your channel. But even such activities can lead to regression, because there is a limit to the popularity of any content. Simply put, the users will stop considering the video as entertaining and worthy of their attention.

Some promotion tools can help to promote your channel on YouTube to the top of ratings. Their competent use will allow you to seriously pump your channel by increasing the number of views.


How to create first-class video content

High-quality material is the basis for the successful promotion of your YouTube channel on the Internet. You need to put yourself out there to get ahead of the competition. There are a lot of not very honest methods which help to collect millions audience, but nevertheless one main rule is qualitative and interesting for the spectator video material.

If you’re taking your first steps in content marketing, remember that you need to get people’s attention and understand what they really value. The effort will be futile, and you will be in for a fiasco if the video material proves to be useless to the audience.

The business of YouTube hosting, which is owned by Google, is built on the efficiency of search algorithms. The system aims to show users quality material relevant to their queries. This is why Google advises site owners to make sure their sites have access to truly interesting content that is of value to their target audience. The same rule applies to YouTube. Find out what group of people you’re working for, and show them the videos that excite their minds.


How to use playlists and post videos

The method in question is known to almost every video blogger, but not everyone uses it to their advantage. And in vain! You should pay attention to the creation of thematic playlists as soon as possible, because then the videos will be united by a common storyline.

To intrigue the user, place videos in the following order: standard, best, popular. Viewing videos, most often, occurs in this order, and you have a great chance to hold the user’s attention for a long time.

The benefit of using this mechanism is obvious, because you will soon notice:


– An increase in the number of views, and not only for cool and relevant videos, but for all others.

– The channel will rise in prominence, as the audience will stay longer, studying the playlist and watching all the clips it contains.

Having adopted this method, do not forget that:

– Clips that are a continuation of previous videos don’t need splash pages and standard intros. Proceed immediately to the design of the content.


– Videos with a single storyline need to place links to previous and subsequent videos. Place links in the final part of each video.

How to properly compose previews and titles to increase views

A casual YouTube viewer will notice a catchy title or description of a video. Your task is to attract the audience to your channel by intriguing the viewer with a catchy preview. Recommendations in the use of this mechanism is not difficult to implement:

– Carefully select the main picture. Its role is to prompt the viewer to watch the video, to give preliminary information about the topic of your channel. There should be no discrepancies between the image on the picture and the content of the content, otherwise very soon the deception will be revealed. And this will lead to the fact that people will lose interest in your activities and will switch to a competitor.


– Determine how harmonious previews will look on different devices. It may be that on the smartphone screen headline looks longer than it should, and on the desktop – perfect. Don’t forget the golden mean rule.

– Assess the results of the action, it will set you up to make a plan for further work. You can find out how effective the tool is using YouTube Analytics.

Whether to interact with your colleagues

Don’t confront the other youtubers just because you have the same target audience. It’s better to think about the terms on which you’ll be able to establish a mutually beneficial partnership with them. If you remember, creating valuable content is the foundation of marketing on YouTube. The more competitors you have on the Internet, the more likely your video content will be of high quality.


To build up views, try to negotiate with another youtuber to have you appear as a guest in his video. That way, his viewers, who have not yet had time to get acquainted with your work, will reveal a desire to watch your video as well. You, for your part, will promote the activity of your new business partner on your channel. The result of cooperation is obvious: you both receive an increased number of views.

Conclusion suggests itself: partnerships are better than dislikes and conflicts.

Endings in your video play an important role.

In the end of the video, be sure to leave links to your previous materials. Remind people what interesting they might have missed. Be sure to say goodbye to viewers, prolong the audio, insert the final splash screen. This is where you should leave links to the thematic videos, or to other YouTube channels, if such you have.


The final splash screen will attract the attention of the audience, will not leave the channel prematurely and form an army of fans of your work. Such a development leads to the promotion of the channel and the prosperity of your business on the Internet.

Key queries in the title

Topical headline queries should have one basis with a variety of offshoots. When creating unique headline extensions, you must build on this foundation. Let’s take an example: you want to upload a video on a certain topic to your channel and, to evaluate the queries, enter the approximate text of the title into the search engine. The information obtained will be useful for generating a catchy title for the video. Do not forget about the true content of the video, so as not to get an untrue title. Subsequent analysis of your competitors’ activities will add ideas, and new copies will appear in your piggy bank of videos.

The balance of all methods to promote your YouTube channel


To make your videos appear in search results more often, it’s important to pay attention to all the promotion mechanisms described above. It is impossible to say for sure which of them is more effective and when they “shoot”, so use them simultaneously. Each of the tools will attract traffic to your channel in one way or another, make it recognizable among your competitors and promote your content. By following a simple guide, you’ll easily accomplish what you set out to do and become more successful.

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