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Tips to Help You Launch Your Software Development Outsourcing Company



The demand for company websites and apps is on the rise. Most businesses are investing in custom delivery apps and e-commerce websites to compete with major global brands. However, most companies don’t have a robust IT team that can spearhead a software development project from start to finish.

This demand creates a lucrative opportunity for software development outsourcing businesses, whose primary role is to link companies to the best developers globally. However, setting up a software development outsourcing company requires careful planning.

Below are tips to consider if you plan to set up a company like Empeek offering software development services.

Find and Define Your Niche


Software development is a wide field. Creating a company that offers all of the services related to building software products is next to impossible. The best option is to research and find the niche you understand best. For example, you can focus on building web app solutions or venture into emerging AI trends.

Once you have identified your niche, it is time to build your company’s value proposition. Why should clients outsource software development services from your company? Build a service catalog that speaks to your target audience.

Assemble Your Team

Finding and assembling the best professionals for your software outsourcing company will be challenging. Invest your time and resources to recruit the best developers for your company. Look for developers who take pride in solving problems, learning new technologies, and collaborating with their peers.


While you’re at it, don’t neglect their soft skills. Can they articulate themselves well? This will help them pass technical ideas to non-tech people in an easy-to-understand way. Effective communication is what makes customers stay and refer their friends to your business.

Invest in the Best Tools

Building quality software requires the best tools. Ensure that your team has the best hardware and software to write and test code. Provide high-speed internet, premium version control tools, and learning materials and documentation.

Most developers prefer working remotely. However, investing in a decent working space is crucial for team meetings or pair programming. This space can be used to build camaraderie and brainstorm ideas.


Ensure that you have the best information security tools to protect your data and information. Invest in a firewall and data encryption services to safeguard your clients’ intellectual property.

Bring in a Customer Support Team

Corporate communication is crucial in running a successful software development outsourcing company. Work with experts to develop a transparent communication plan. The purpose of this is to update the customers when they raise tickets or report issues to the development team.

Listen to your customer concerns and act on them swiftly. Proactive communication builds trust and fosters a collaborative environment. Customers are likelier to trust your company if you are honest and keep your word.


Market Your Business

You have to get the word out there to attract potential customers. Invest in a solid marketing team to run your social media pages. Create a website that highlights your services, team, and success stories.

Also, build a portfolio showcasing some of the best projects you have built. Ask your customers to leave a review on your website. These will help you build brand authority and get more clients.

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