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Today is the #DayoftheGirl! Meet these inspiring Humans of Ghana



When girls and young women have the knowledge and skills needed for the world of work, they are in a better position to enrich their lives, their families and communities. A mother’s level of education has a direct impact on the welfare of her children and her family. Some major barriers that hinder the empowerment of girls are teenage pregnancy and early marriage usually lead to girl dropping out of school, making it difficult for them to acquire the skills they need for the future. This year’s, we’re supporting girls to be focused and determined to have a better life for themselves and their families. Meet three of them: “I learn hard and I do very well in my exams. My favorite teacher is Mr. Paul Nudowu who teaches Integrated Science and so it’s one of my favorite subjects. I want to be a doctor because I want to look after the patients for them to become well and go back to their work. In Ghana, there are a lot of patients and I want to be one of the doctors here to care for them.”

  • Esther Nyonyanim (14), a student
        “I graduated Senior High School in 2017. I’m planning to be a professional designer of shoes and slippers. I’m still learning. I’m not a professional yet, but I plan to work before I go back to school. If I’m famous, it will be because of my hard work. You can’t reach that stage without being a hard worker.”
  • Josephine Abuyaa (20), a slipper and sandal maker
      Fashion is interesting and practical and you get to do it yourself so it comes with your own ideas. And I want to have my own company at the end of the day. I want to be my own boss. In Ghana, today, I see most of the youth want to be entrepreneurs – that’s how I see it. Everyone is striving to do well and so am I. I can definitely be one of the best designers in Ghana one day.
  • Lucy Nkrumah, (21) a third-year Fashion and Design and Technology student.
Every girl deserves to have a fair chance at success in life.We wish all girls in Ghana and in the rest of the world a memorable #DayoftheGirl.  ]]>