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Top 10 Best Logistics Provider in the Philippines



the world. With the passage of time different countries like Span, America, and Japan have ruled over the Philippines that has given progress to different infrastructure in the country as well as making the shipping sector better.

Logistic Businesses within the Philippines exist since 1880. Different national as well as multinational companies exist that can ship any item within the Philippines as well as the outside world. Today we will also talk on the best logistic provider within the Philippines.

  • Zim
  • Philhua Shipping
  • 2Go Group
  • Wilhelmsen Smith Bell Shipping
  • Philippines Span Asia Carrier Corporation
  • Transportify
  • Montenegro Shipping Lines
  • Oceanic Container Lines
  • MCC Transport Philippines
  • Fed FX


Zim established in 1945 is the leading container shipping industry in Philippines connecting the Philippines with the rest of the world for years. The company deals in all types of cargo such as dry cargo, reefer cargo, project cargo as well as inland transport in the form of trucks.

Zim has its strong foundation in Asia, Africa, North America, South America as well as the rest of Europe establishing the trade routes of such countries with the Philippines. Zim’s online calculator allows you to calculate the shipping rates for any of the countries. You can request for quotation from ZIM before assigning them a consignment.

Philhua Shipping

Philhua Shipping is a Chinese based shipping company operating in the Philippines and is considered best for international shipping. The company started its operations in 2002 and is one of the leading companies in providing shipping services to companies and individuals in the Philippines.


Philhua Shipping deals in a wide range of shipping such as exports and imports, land, sea as well as air cargo. Their online shipping calculator lets you calculate the shipping rates for any of the country or city if you want to ship within the Philippines.

2Go Group

2Go Group is a shipping company in the Philippines established in 1949. They provide the cargo shipping services within the Philippines as well as all over the world connecting the Philippines with the rest of the world for years.

2Go Group is committed to excellence and is known for its quality all over the Philippines. The company is best for shipping, logistics, and cargo. Till now 2Go Group has assisted hundreds of companies in making their supply chain better all around the globe.

2Go Group has an excellent cargo system in the form of ships, containers, trucks, and airbuses. Besides the staff and workers of the company are also working day and night in order to provide 24/7 shipping services to their clients.


Wilhelmsen Smith Bell Shipping

Wilhelmsen Smith Bell Shipping is one of the oldest shipping companies in the Philippines established in 1880. The company provides a wide range of logistics services such as export and import, freight, customs brokering as well as plenty of other services.

Whilhelmsen guarantees to ship the cargo to any corner of the world without any damage. After shipping your consignment with them they will provide you a complete dashboard with the help of which you can track at which portion of the world your cargo is at the present moment.

Philippines Span Asia Carrier Corporation

Philippines Span Asia Carrier Corporation is known for its values all over the Philippines. In terms of containers and revenue, the company is the largest within the Philippines. Besides the cargo services, they provide also vary like a door to door cargo, port to port cargo, forwarding as well as the transport of cargo to the major ports and cities across the Philippines.

With the help of their online calculator, you will come to know the exact cost of your parcel to ship it within the Philippines or outside the Philippines. Besides, this logistic provider also provides storage space for your company to store a wide range of items. Thus with the help of this shipping company you can make your supply chain better.



Transportify is a forwarder logistic, cargo, as well as freight provider company that has its roots within the Philippines, Europe as well as all over the world emerged as a best logistic provider in the Philippines within a short period of time thus making it presence as the best cargo shipping companies within the Philippines.

Unlike the other logistics provider, Transportify provides a range of cargo services like domestic cargo provider, transport of goods and materials, merchandise, inventory management, cargo and freight forwarding, storage as well as inventory.

Montenegro Shipping Lines

Montenegro Shipping Lines provides the guaranteed shipping services within the Philippines meeting all the standards of quality. The company provides local as well as commercial transportation services to its clients through fast cressel vessels and roll on roll off (RORF).

Montenegro Shipping Lines is an environment-friendly logistic provider within the Philippines who are faithful in providing reliable, efficient, and fast services to their clients.


Montenegro Shipping Lines is also best in providing the storage space to the clients and many organizations have made their supply chain better with the help of this company.

Oceanic Container Lines

Oceanic Container Lines is one of the leading shipping companies within the Philippines operating since 1998. The company has 17 fully functional and reliable vessels apart of their operations. Besides, the company also provides the unequaled integrated services that none of the logistic providers within the Philippines provide.

MCC Transport Philippines

MCC Transport Philippines working under Sea land Company has been making shipping easier for its partners. They have their operating offices all over the Philippines with 5 existed within the Philippines. They are meeting the customer needs and are performing their best in order to provide the best shipping services to their customers.

MCC Transport Philippines will assist you in a wide range of shipping services such as exports and imports, local, as well as international cargo providers and others.


Fed FX

Fed FX is a multinational shipping company within the Philippines exist for years. The company will transport your cargo from one corner of the world to another just within 2 days. Besides, their rates are also affordable and widely depend on the distance of the shipment.


Domestic as well as international shipping companies within the Philippines have been part of this article. Such companies have been the best in the Philippines and provide the outrange cargo services to their clients as well as affiliated companies.

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