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Top 10 Portugal Golden Visa benefits



This program has been an unprecedented success. In particular, the described country now has the opportunity to reinvest money in culture and the economy. But these are not all the advantages. Here are the other important benefits of the Portugal Golden Visa:

  • excellent investment in real estate, which is put up for rent;
  • visa free entry into the EU and Schengen area;
  • the right to become a citizen and to have official proof of that – a passport;
  • tax benefits.

It should also be emphasized that families and businessmen are given a chance to take advantage of all the “pluses” of the program. For example, the owner and his relatives can live in peace, be officially employed, travel to different regions to see the local attractions and be a student of secondary or higher education in the country.

This program is specially designed for those people who are citizens of countries that are not members of the EU. Portugal Golden Visa has a large number of investment options, it is designed to attract money from foreign investors in the local economy. In addition, it is one of the most common and relevant programs, many believe that it is an affordable option for immigration and obtaining EU citizenship, which does not require much time.

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With it, you and family members can live, be an official employee and student in the country in question. It offers a low investment threshold in Europe. A wide range of possible investments are available to the investor.


It is worth noting that there is no requirement for a person and his family to reside there permanently. It is possible to stay in a particular city for no more than seven days a year. What are the other important pros of the Portugal golden visa – tax benefits and a special tax status for new residents. In turn, they get rid of tax on many types of personal income for a period of 10 years. We should also elaborate on the following points.


It is possible to travel without any obstacles in the Schengen area for 90 days every 180 days. The owner has the option to add a spouse or other family member when applying for Portugal residency by investment. It is possible to work freely throughout the zone without a travel limit.

After the visa holder has become a full citizen or permanent resident, he gets a passport and access to travel to more than 100 countries. He can even travel to the United States and Canada, and there is no need for a visa for that.



Several exemptions are offered that can attract those who wish to work in or near this country. In addition, there are nearby countries with favorable conditions for doing business. It is much easier to get there than if you lived on another continent or anywhere else in the world.

The country boasts the following:

  • a rapidly growing area of the economy;
  • openness to innovation in technology;
  • diversity of investment.

It should be noted and the constant development of the real estate sector. More than 50% of the houses on the market are on sale within 6 months, 20% are bought up for a shorter period.




Among the key “perks” that are included in the program, we should highlight the exemption from paying personal taxes for 10 years, no inheritance taxes, and the fact that almost all income that was received outside of the state border is not taxed. This issue is covered in more detail at You can visit it to familiarize yourself with all the subtleties of this issue.


The advantages of residency in Portugal should also include the fact that if you have a certificate of residence, the main owner and his family member, as mentioned earlier, have the right to live, be a worker or a student. As the expert of the agency Immigrant Invest Victoria Atanasova, this is a big plus for those who want to spend a lot of time here.


The education system there is excellent and offers families a huge number of schools and universities. State and local schools are available for enrollment free of charge. The young generation is growing up to be competitive individuals who can realize their potential in the future.


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