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Top 11 African YouTubers



Top 11 african Youtubers

Popular video hosting website, YouTube continues to play an important role in defining current pop culture on a global scale.  It lies at the intersection of media creation and social networking, providing people a participatory culture to create and share their content with their communities and indeed the rest of the world.

Africa has not been left out of the YouTube culture as many content creators have emerged, almost from obscurity, to become local and international icons with what they do.


African YouTube content varies from programs from top mainstream media outlets, music videos, funny skits to many more.


In this feature, Ameyaw TV counts down the top YouTubers in Africa based on metrics such as the nature of the content, subscribers, views, etc.  Our list of Top 11 African YouTubers aims to show a lot of diversity and so you may not find, for example, two comedians doing the same format of content on the list.


So who is a YouTuber?


A YouTuber, also known as a YouTube personality or YouTube content creator, is a person who produces videos on the platform, often with the objective of growing a community.


Any person can publish a video on YouTube but only the ones who are able to build a community interested in their content and work can be considered as successful YouTubers.  They create and share original content, they create personalized content and they are close to their followers.

Now check out our list

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