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Top 20 Sites to buy YouTube views and likes



With the ongoing growth of social media platforms people tend to find proper ways to become more recognizable. In this case the services of SMM panels can help them to achieve desirable results. In this article we’ve come up with 20 best web pages to buy Youtube promotion.

The first SMM panel that we’re focusing on is Views.Biz. On this panel you’re able to buy Youtube subscribers and to choose services between the most effective ones. You’ll find 3 options to do that. Pay attention to the fact that only 2 of them are with an automatic refill guarantee. With Views.Biz the maximum number of subscribers you can have equals 2 000 and the price varies between $25 – $50 per 1000 followers. Services’ start time also varies: some of the options have instant start time and others within  24 hours. For now the panel doesn’t offer discounts.

The next trustworthy panel where you can purchase promotion services is On this SMM panel you’re able to buy Youtube views and receive desirable results right away. Viewsta offers 4 options to buy views. In fact, there is one service that is with a discount now. Three out of four options are with an automatic refill guarantee. The biggest number of views one can get using Viewsta’s services is 5 000 000. The price for the services varies and its range is between $0.75 – $3.48 per 1000 views you receive. The start time for some of the services is instant and within 24 hours.


SMO.Agency is the next trustworthy resource where users buy promotion services. On this panel you get a chance to buy Youtube views and comments. If you opt for buying views you’ll see the menu where you can choose between 2 options where one is with a discount of 20%. Both offers are with refill guarantee. The maximum number of views you may get with SMO.Agency equals 1 500 000. However, if you decide to buy Youtube comments you will see 3 options pop up. Here 2 offers out of 3 presented are with an automatic refill. Note that the maximum number of comments you can receive is 10 000.

The next panel we\re examining is SMO.Plus. Using the services of this panel a user can buy Youtube comments and become more noticeable among users on the platform. Once the relevant filters are set you’ll see the only one option available to buy comments. The service will cost $38.40 per 1000 comments, note that thai offer goes with a discount of 20%. The maximum number of comments you can have using this option will be 10 000. The start time for the service is instant so you receive desirable outcomes immediately. However, SMO.Plus doesn’t provide an automatic refill guarantee if you choose this option.


The next SMM panel that is considered to be one of the most reliable resources to purchase promotion services is Tube.Biz. On this panel you get an opportunity to buy Youtube views, comments and likes. The maximum number of views that this panel offers equals 1 000 000, there will be 3 options and all of them with automatic refill. The biggest number of comments that this panel offers will be 1 000, here only 2 out of three available options are with a refill. Lastly, there will be only one option for buying likes, and you can get up to  80 000 likes.



Get.SMM also has offers that will definitely bring your Youtube channel to a whole new level. On this panel a user is able to buy youtube views and promote their channel. There will be 5 main options presented on the menu, three out of them will be with an automatic refill guarantee time. The biggest number of views you can obtain with Get.SMM equals 5 000 000 and the minimum is 100. The price ranges between $0.75 – $3.67 per 1000 views you get. The start time for the offers is within 24 hours or you get an instant result.


The next panel that is also included to the list of the best web pages for Youtube channel promotion is Socbooster. This panel offers you to buy Youtube views as well as on the previous panel. Here you’ll find 5 offers to boost your channel’s popularity on the platform. Only two out of 5 options presented are with an automatic refill guarantee. The maximum number of views a user will receive is 5 000 000 and the price varies between $1.70 – $5.10 per 1000 views you get. The start time for the options to process is instant, within 24 and 48 hours depending on the details of each service.



Stormviews is another SMM panel that helps Youtube users to promote their channel and enhance their popularity. On this panel a user will observe three main services provided. These are: buying Youtube views, Likes and Subscribers. To see more details about each service and understand whether you need it click on the option you need for more information. With Stormviews you get a chance to receive a quality service, get instant delivery of selected service and 24/7 customer care team. If you hesitate to buy some of the services, turn to their “Reviews” section to see relevant feedback and what other customers experienced.

Another reliable panel if a user is planning to promote their channel and buy such services is This panel offers promotions on 6 platforms. These platforms are: Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud. On this panel you’re able to buy likes, views, comments, mentions, plays and, of course, followers. If you scroll down you’ll see more information about the packages that they offer but you can also see all the information clicking on the service that you’d like to get. Also, they have a guaranteed time for their services. We advise you to visit their official web for more information.

The next panel to be examined is Jaynike. This SMM panel offers promotion services for 4 different social media platforms. They are: Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and even Apple Music. Once you scroll down you’ll see all the detailed information about packages per each platform. A user also will get to see such details as: the price for the service, how fast is the delivery of the picked service, customer feedback and more information that is important before picking up an option and paying for it. For all options you’ll get 100% confidentiality and the safety of the data that you introduce and real people activity.


Lenostube is another SMM panel that is considered to be one of the best sources to purchase Youtube promotion services from. On their web they have 7 different indicators that you can promote. These are: views, likes, SEO, subscribers, comments, monetization (including creating a channel that is monetised already and watch hours), and artist (including music plays and overall growth services). The activity that you receive after purchasing some of the services will be of real people and no bots will be involved so you’re not going to be banned from the platform. For more information you can always contact their support team and get more details about the offers.

Another trustworthy SMM panel that we’d like to elaborate on is Videos Grow. On this panel you’re able to get such services as: views, likes, subscribers and comments, also they provide such offers as dislikes and targeted indicators (for example, views). When you pick a necessary option you need, you should add a video link that you want to promote, introduce your data and make a payment (note that all the data that you introduce is secured and the payment process is safe). This panel also provides fast delivery of the services that you’ve chosen on the panel.


The next SMM panel where you can buy promotion services for your profiles and make it to the top is Zeru. It has 5 main services to enhance one’s popularity: Instagram services, Youtube, TikTok, facebook services and promotion on Twitter. Once you click on one of the services you’ll have all of the options available per each social media platform. What you should do is to select the package that suits you most, then introduce all the necessary information to get a service, make a purchase and receive desirable results. On their web page they also have the section “Key services” where you can find the most efficient and most popular ones.

Buzz Voice is another panel that offers users to buy effective promotion services and to become more recognizable on social media platforms. This SMM panel provides services for 6 different platforms such as: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, and Soundcloud. Here you can opt for purchasing likes, comments, subscribers, shares, IG TV promotion, downloads, play and reposts. If you choose an option already you’d have to enter the necessary details of the service you’ve picked and your data, then proceed and pay for the offer you’ve selected. You can pay with Debit and Credit cards, Bitcoin and Paypal.

The next SMM panel that provides services for profile promotions is RealSubscribers. This panel offers a user to purchase services for Youtube and Instagram. On Youtube you can buy: likes, video editing services, followers, comments, watch time and views. In comparison, for Instagram you can choose in between such services as: followers, likes and comments. As a panel they provide organic traffic, recognition within your niche, subscribers and other indicators that will be permanent on your profiles. This panel also has a blog where they upload information about Instagram and Youtube promotion and also some tips on how to do that.

Another panel that will help a user to promote their profiles on various social media platforms is the Retention panel. Once you’ve accessed their official webpage you’ll see that this panel offers promotion services for 4 platforms. These platforms are: Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. With this panel you’re able to gain more subscribers and improve an engagement rate, as well as to track and manage your campaigns. The services that this panel offers are for authors, professional service providers, entrepreneurs, music producers, small business owners, and internet marketers. Here the activity that a user will receive is also from real people.

SocialWick can be considered an SMM panel that offers the best and efficient services for an account promotion on various platforms. They offer more than 10 platforms to promote, some of these platforms are: Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Spotify, Pinterest, IG TV and many more. When you enter their official web page you’ll see below their best services. Such information as available discounts, platform name and which indicator will be improved are shown. What is more, we highly advise you to click on the section “Sale” and see what can be suitable for you.


The next panel we included in the list is called Yourcheapviews. Clearly this SMM panel deals with Youtube views and enhances the dynamics of a channel on the platforms improving the number of views. In general, the services on this panel are popular in the UK, the US and India. A user that needs their channel’s promotion is able to see more detailed information when clicking on the service they’d like to get. They’ll see the information about the offer’s start time, price and the number of views one can get. As well as other panels listed above they provide security and safety of data introduced to their web, fast delivery of the services and real people activity.

Another SMM panel that can be also considered to be a very trustworthy one where you can buy promotions is Ytpals. On their web page they have different offers related to Youtube promotion. They provide various packages and plans and they are: starter, enterprise, elite and celebrity. Moreover, they put all the necessary  information under each plan and also users can visit a blog to find new information on promotion processes and news about social media platforms. Panel has premium services as well, it includes services for TikTok, Twitter, Youtube , Instagram, Twitch and so on.

The last panel that we’d like to focus on in this article is BoostStorm. On this panel you can promote such indicators as: likes, comments, shares, mentions, views, followers  and many more. BoostStorm provides services for 4 social media platforms: Youtube, Instagram, Soundcloud and TikTok. They also have a section with “Boost Tips” and we highly advise you to visit it to find out more information on the account’s promotion. It is a very reliable resource, it was created in 2012 and since that time a lot of accounts and social media profiles have been promoted and became noticeable on the web.


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How Imyfone Magicmic is a real time voice changer



There have been numerous advancements in voice changer technology over the times. Real- time voice changer software allows druggies to make different sounds and make adaptations in real time with a variety of options handed. They come with several preset sound types and will enable you to change the sound by changing the pitch, frequence, tone, and other aspects of the sound. Making fun of musketeers, neighbors, classmates and cousins is one reason why people use voice- changing software. Gamers and pennants are more likely to change their voice as part of the fun. This can help them epitomize their characters and add further fun. Voice changer tools can also be useful when creating vids for a variety of purposes. If you want to get the voice changer for zoom then we have the best option right here as the iMyfone MagicMic.

There are numerous uses, but with so numerous options, it’s hard to choose the right real- time voice changer tool. MagicMic voice changer is one of the most used and trusted coffers moment. So in reviewing this MagicMic voice changer, I’ll look at what it offers and its advantages and disadvantages.


Is MagicMic the stylish free real time voice changer?


There are numerous voice changers on the request, but MagicMic voice changer is unique. Its one-click function allows druggies to snappily change their voices. All you need is a mouse click. This tool comes from iMyFone, which is a leading inventor of colorful useful tools like MagicMic, Filme Video Editor, MarkGo etc.


The stylish free real time voice changer for PC


MagicMic comes with several sound pollutants. Minion, Echo, Robot, and Monster are just a many of the options that can be used. It can be used for online converse, voiceover, or streaming. MagicMic voice changer can also act as Skype call voice changer and discarded voice changer.


MagicMic features


  • Real time voice pollutants.
  • You can choose from over 200 available sound goods.
  • Use voice Impersonator in games and other apps.
  • In real time, just one mouse click can change your voice.
  • Windows 7, 8,8.1, 10, and 11 are completely supported.


The software is incredibly intuitive. Anyone from freshman to expert position can start changing their voice incontinently. The one-click function helps it stand out from the competition. To use this voice changer you have to choose the affair and input. The input device must be your microphone. The affair device will be your headphones. You can always pierce this section under the Settings tab if you need to change anything. It will be the one as the best and right at the top so if you are interested in voice changer for zoom then visit here.


MagicMic settings


Still, choose a sludge and speak into the microphone, If you want to hear how your voice sounds. You can use the tool on Twitch, Skype, PUBG, Fortnite, Discord and other platforms. Then is what you need to do, Start your asked program. Also go to the Voice Settings menu, Elect “Microphone” (Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device, or WDM) as the input device. The sound in the named program can also be converted in real time. Your changes will be heard by other druggies.


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Jadarls Group Powers ‘Make A Wish!’ By Purple Angels Kids Foundation



Purple Angels Kids Foundation in its 3 years of existence has focused on the wholistic well-being of children, by gifting sick and or needy children beautiful memories to inspire hope and teach them that they can be anything they want in the future if they put their minds to it.

Babies in jail, Help! , Chalewote Giveaway, School Supply Drive by and the newly introduced Make A Wish are the projects we undertake all year round.

The maiden edition of Maame A Wish kicked off last Saturday the 21st of May. Make A Wish essentially is granting one wish of a child who is terminally ill. Three children had their wishes granted, and laptops and tablets were handed over to these children who are currently fighting cancer at the Korle-Bu pediatric oncology unit.

“Jadarls group of companies powered this edition of the Make A Wish project and we couldn’t be more grateful. One of the children Lucy had just had surgery the previous day, and to be able to give her the one thing she never thought she will have the privilege of having, was a blessing.We are in this with you and we hope to help you grant more wishes,” comments the Group CEO of Jadarls Group of companies.

Purple Angels Kids foundation wishes to thank the Jadarls Group and hope that a lot more individuals, institutions, and companies will come aboard this project.

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WATCH: 24-Year-Old Who Farms To Pay Fees In University



Perry Appoh a 24-year Geography student at the University of Ghana hails from Ziave in the Volta Region of Ghana and practices farming for survival.

He started farming at the age of fifteen when he and his siblings used to follow their father Mr.Francis Appoh who won the second-best farmer award in their district in the year 2017.

It got to a time he realized that his father don’t do any work apart from farming and with it, he was able to cater for the family of eight without any support from any source. He got the inspiration from there, and has since  been able to farm on large scale which has helped him to pay his fees in University  watch his story in the following interview with Multicdb

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New York City and Accra to host Global Citizen Festival this September



Today at the inaugural Global Citizen NOW thought leadership summit, Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, and Minister of Tourism for Ghana, Hon. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, announced Ghana as the sister location alongside New York City for the 2022 Global Citizen Festival, marking the advocacy organization’s ten years of impact to defend the planet and defeat poverty NOW.


The 10th Anniversary of the Global Citizen Festival on September 24 will highlight a decade of impact working with the world’s most popular artists, live from the iconic Global Citizen stage on the Great Lawn in Central Park, New York City, with a simultaneous show from Accra, Ghana. Featuring performances from high profile artists from across the globe, the 10th anniversary festivals will focus on driving commitments towards defeating extreme poverty NOW. More details, including artist lineups and special guests, will be announced in the coming months.


H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana said: “Ghana is honoured to host this year’s edition of the Global Citizen Festival. I look forward to welcoming each and everyone of you to Accra, capital of the country at the centre of the world. Together, let us join hands and help accelerate progress towards the realization of the SDGs. We owe it to the next generation to live in a world free from poverty, disease and the degradation of the environment.”


Michael Sheldrick, Co-Founder and Chief Policy, Impact and Government Affairs Officer of Global Citizen said:“We are thrilled to announce Ghana as a sister location for the 10th anniversary of the Global Citizen Festival. Ghana has long been a champion of the SDGs and has seen great success in reducing poverty, building institutions, providing healthcare and education. The country has galvanized the rest of the continent through its strong institutions and decisive leadership, highlighting what can be possible. The world looks towards Ghana as a beacon in what marks its 65th anniversary year of independence, encouraging others to follow suit to end extreme poverty NOW.”


Along with celebrating 10 years of Global Citizen Festivals, this year marks the 65th anniversary of Ghana’s independence, together with the 20th anniversary of the African Union, a powerful group of nations who will help set the trajectory of the continent for the coming decades. It will also amplify the “Beyond the Return: A decade of African Renaissance – 2020-2030” campaign – a follow-up to the successful “Year Of Return”, Ghana 2019’ campaign which commemorated the 400th Anniversary of the arrival of the first recorded enslaved Africans in Jamestown Virginia in 1619. The landmark campaign also celebrated the resilience of the African people over the past 400 years and welcomed all people of African origin to return to Africa, especially Ghana.


The Global Citizen Festival in Ghana builds upon the advocacy organization’s continued expansion of its pan-African movement, with recent festivals staged in South Africa and Nigeria. Since the Mandela 100 Festival, in 2018, more than $4.7 billion of the total $7.2 billion in funding announced during the monumental event has been disbursed by commitment makers to communities and organizations on the front lines of extreme poverty impacting the lives of over 117 million people in South Africa and across the world.

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Popular Online Casino Bonuses



Desc. Decoding a list of the most popular online casino bonuses to help you understand the ones that all players are after and the ones that casinos are frequently offering. 


Bonuses are a part of the online gaming experience. In fact, bonuses are one of the most important aspects of the game that needs to be explored and understood by everyone. Not only do they attract players to the online gaming experience but they also make the games a lot better. 


By bringing in different kinds of deals and discounts, bonuses go a long way in helping you explore the game with ease and promote you to make the most of the gaming experience. However, if you wish to make it all count, you need to understand more about these bonuses, especially the popular ones in the block. 

  • Welcome Bonus


It’s hard to think about a better way to convince someone to explore an online casino. Providing them with a welcome bonus not only helps them get started but also promotes them to learn more about certain games, especially when the bonus is attached to a game or two. 


So if there’s a welcome bonus on Blackjack, players will be able to play that game with ease and learn everything that revolves around it, especially if they can do it for free. Since this has made the bonus quite popular, Google searches for other games like ‘online Roulette free play’ are also common.

  • No-Deposit Bonus


Coming close to the welcome bonus, we have the no-deposit bonus, which has also done a fair bit of a job in recruiting players to the casino. These bonuses provide small bonus funds that don’t require a deposit and thus, you can look towards exploring these bonuses and the games in the right manner. 


Since there are also terms and conditions attached to these bonuses, it is quite important to read them before going all out to choose these bonuses and start playing.

  • Free Spins Bonus


The chance to spin the wheel, again and again, is a popular bonus that everyone keeps demanding from time to time. It brings about a lengthy gaming experience and highlights what online casinos want to provide. Be it slots or any other game, these bonuses can be used for different purposes and it all depends upon the casino that is offering. 


Regardless, there is no point in trying it out without going through the terms and conditions because those points tell you what these bonuses are about. So look towards exploring the free spins bonus and get it all going. 

  • Mobile Casino Bonus


If you choose to explore online casinos through your smartphone, you can get a mobile casino bonus based on the terms on which an online casino is offering the same. Mobile casinos bonuses are quite new to the gambling scene but are turning out to be popular by the day.


The different benefits that come with it are essential towards leading a good gaming experience and if used accurately, you can make the most of it.

  • Live Casino Bonus 


Considering the impact and popularity of live casinos, you can expect its bonuses to follow a similar path and that is why we have live casino bonuses on this list. As a bonus given out to new players trying out the live casino experience, it is an important one in helping players get started.


Moreover, it helps one get comfortable with the new platform of live gaming because it also comes with instructions and various other aspects. So being able to explore and learn more about this particular type of bonus can be seen as a boost for those interested in live gaming.  


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Must-Have Products When Embarking On Anti-Aging



Embarking on your wise ages shouldn’t be nightmarish; rather, it is embarking upon another beautiful journey of your life yet again.


However, many get scared to begin this journey, fearing what it will do to their skin. Needless to say, no matter who you are, the effects of old age will show up on your skin.


But, there are definitely some ways in which you can alter some of the anti-aging or delay them to get that healthy, youthful glow on the skin. This is why you need to change your daily night routine and incorporate some anti-aging products.


Do not worry!


You do not have to apply some nasty chemicals to the body in order to get that youth back to your skin. You can do it with the best anti aging products on the market. 


There is no shame attached to using anti-aging products because there is nothing wrong with caring for yourself.


You can even start using these products a little before aging commences!

When To Start Using?

This is a big question that we often hear people talk about. When to start using anti-aging products.


Of course, your teens are a little too early for anti-aging products. However, due to the stresses in your 20s, emerging wrinkles are not uncommon. Thus, you can start using an anti-aging product in your late twenties.


There are many anti-aging products and even anti aging skin practices which you can begin pretty soon. So, your mid-twenties would be a perfect time to start using anti aging products. 


If you have never used anti-aging because you are gifted with amazing skin, then right before menopause would be the correct time to start using these products.


With the hot flashes of menopause, you will need them!

Anti-Aging Products You Need!

Here are some of the anti-aging products which you absolutely need in your skincare routine.

1. A Collagen Product

Whether you are someone who is applying it in the form of cream or you are someone who is in taking it, collagen is an important ingredient that you will need when you are planning for your anti-aging skincare.


Collagen supplements can help you break down the collagen in your body and reform the glow on your skin. With age, your body’s properties to break collagen weaken, so these supplements will help you. 

2. A Night Cream

The cell turnover of your skin weakens with time. This is what wrinkles and dry skin are when you are aging. This is one of the reasons you need to incorporate a night cream immediately into your routine.


The night cream helps your skin to rejuvenate and repair all the skin cells overnight. So, when you wake, you are left with beautiful glowing skin. It also helps to repair the tissues, and some of the signs of aging, like wrinkles, can diminish from the daily application of night cream.

3. A Sunscreen

The sun is your enemy when you are planning to get rid of some of the anti-aging properties. Not that sunscreen is particularly for the purpose of anti-aging, but you should never leave your house without it if you wish to not get wrinkles early.


The UV rays of the sun are the worst for your skin. So, it is not just the aging; it is also skin cancer that sunscreen will protect you from.

4. A Refreshing Deodorant

When you get near your menopause years, hot flashes are something you have to intensively prepare for. This is when women get very hormonal, and this can increase the sweat in the sweat glands.


Sweating is just something that accompanies it. Thus, you should get yourself a good refreshing deodorant. This will not only keep you feeling fresh all day but also protect you from heavy sweating, which can be very difficult.

Fight Aging With Grace!

Fighting the early signs of anti-aging or the ones you get after menopause doesn’t have to be tiresome. With some products in the market, you will be able to fight them with grace.


Plus, there are some other practices which you can try like Yoga, drinking plenty of water, and changing your diet a little.


Accept your new phase with pleasure!

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