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Top 5 Bizarre Beard Styles and How to maintain them



Figure 1 bizarre beard styles

If you have had a beard long enough, you probably understand how much if a hassle it can be to come up with a great beard style to suit your personality, the occasion, and gel well with your career life. With the beauty industry taking root in society today, it is important to have a stylish look that can break the boredom and help you stand out amidst many people. If you are one such person looking for a new beard style, here are the top five weird beard styles you can try, with details on how to maintain them:

  1. Mustache

Even while a mustache is very common since back in the days, it is still a trendy beard style. The weird thing is that there are several types of mustaches you can try out, based on your preferences. Examples include horseshoe mustache, handlebar mustache, walrus mustache, and the Fu Manchu mustache.

You can keep it thin and short, or let it be more extensive and longer. Note, however, that the ‘stache works best for men with square faces because they feature wider jaws and larger foreheads. For the best results, ensure you regularly trim your mustache. Since this hair grows right beneath your nose and above your lip, you need to keep it clean and tidy.

  1. The Natural Full Beard

While you may or may not have tried this style, it is common amongst hipsters. The full natural beard is a full facial hair that has been let to grow. However, it is not to mean that it is unkempt, so do not put away your Andis Gtx trimmer just yet. This facial hairstyle calls for a lot of regular grooming and conditioning to maintain it. However, this can be made easy with a beard straightener, brush and even beard oil.

For one, you need to keep the hair moisturized adequately so you do not encourage any tangles that can be unsightly and difficult to manage. Other than that, you will need your clippers to trim off the excess and stray hairs so you can maintain a certain shape to the natural hairstyle.

  1. The Verdi Beard

How about the full natural beard together with the mustache? Well, the Verdi beard style is just the style for you. Technically, you let your beard grow a little, as does your mustache. For this one, the neckline stays clean, so that hair only grows just beyond the jawline. The mustache can be left a little longer on the sides, to take any shape you desire.

For maintenance, you need to employ the very techniques you do on the full natural beard and the mustache. Be particularly keen with your clippers to bring out the perfect cut on the neckline.

  1. The Goatee

The Goatee features facial hair that extends from the corners of your mouth down to your chin. This is a technical style that requires a very bold man to pull it off because it can either make you stand out in a room or be the weirdo rocking the 1990s look.

Maintenance also takes a lot of effort, because of the circular look around the mustache and the chin area. The sides of the beard towards the cheeks and the jawline also need to be cleanly trimmed to go along with the ‘circle beard’ and complement the shape of your face.

  1. The Shenandoah Beard

The Shenandoah Beard is one you can try out, even though you are not Amish. For this style, it entails that you grow your facial hair long and full from the jawline. However, it never comes paired with a mustache.

This hairstyle demands a lot of work with regular trimming and conditioning. Since you are growing out a lot of hair, you want it to look shiny, healthy and lustrous, not to mention, well kept. Consider always having your brush nearby to keep the tangles away.


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1xBet recommends: don’t miss 2023 CAF Women’s Champions League main intrigue




Who will challenge the favorite duo? Reliable bookmaker 1xBet is talking about the third CAF Women’s Champions League, which will occur from November 5 to 19 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Women’s football development

Women’s football is growing in popularity and winning new fans in Africa and worldwide. In the summer of 2022, the Women’s African Cup of Nations took place in Morocco which was broadcast by channels from more than 60 countries. The tournament attracted much attention, and the continent’s four best teams – South Africa (CAN winner), Morocco, Zambia and Nigeria – played in the 2023 World Cup.

At the World Cup, the only African team that failed to make it to the playoffs was Zambia. The South African national team lost 1/8 to the Netherlands (0-2), Morocco could not find arguments against France (0-4), and Nigeria only missed out on England, the future finalist of the tournament, in a penalty shootout.

The standard of women’s football on the continent grows yearly, and the prestigious CAF WCL tournament provides great opportunities for African footballers to progress and perform at the highest level.


Participants and format

Eight teams will take part in the CAF WCL finals. Athletico Abidjan received a quota as the tournament host, and Moroccan AS FAR – thanks to their victory in the last edition. SC Casablanca (Morocco), JKT Queens (Tanzania), Mamelodi Sundowns (South Africa), Ampem Darkoa (Ghana), Huracanes FC (Equatorial Guinea) and AS Mande (Mali) proved their strength in the qualifying round of the tournament, finishing top in their respective qualifying zones.

As a result of the draw, the participants were divided into two groups. Quartet A included Athletico Abidjan, SC Casablanca, JKT Queens and Mamelodi Sundowns, while Group B included AS FAR, Ampem Darkoa, Huracanes FC and AS Mande. In the group stage, each team will play one match with each of the opponents, and then the two best representatives of each quartet will play in the semi-finals. Africa’s top team will be crowned in the final match on November 19, with the losers battling it out for third place the day before.

CAF Women’s Champions League Favorites

AS FAR and Mamelodi Sundowns are considered the tournament favorites. Both teams have already won the CAF WCL and are the only ones among all participants playing in the final part of the tournament for the third time in a row.


Morocco has positioned itself as a leader in continental women’s football and is investing heavily in its development. AS FAR won its tenth domestic trophy in April and is now preparing to defend its African title.

Mamelodi Sundowns have reached the previous two tournament finals. In 2021, the team confidently beat Hasaacas Ladies 2-0 in the final, but last season, it lost to AS FAR 0-4 and is probably dreaming of revenge. South Africa’s women’s players easily qualified in their qualifying zone, scoring 21 goals in 5 matches and heading into the group stage in excellent form.

Will the main favorites be able to confirm their ambitions, or will new stars write a new page in Africa’s most prestigious club tournament? Follow the exciting women’s tournament and bet on your favorites with 1xBet!

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UBA Clinches Dual Honors at SSI Awards 2023 Accolades for Educational Support and Exceptional Partnerships



MG 1336 scaled

United Bank for Africa (Ghana) Ltd has proudly secured two prestigious accolades at the 2023 Sustainability and Social Investment Awards. The bank was honoured as the “Best in Educational Support” for the third consecutive year and received recognition for its outstanding “Partnerships and Collaborations”.

Accepting the awards on behalf of UBA, Henry Nii Dottey, the Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, expressed the bank’s deep-rooted commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goals 4 and 17. Henry underscored UBA’s strategic partnerships with key entities such as the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Secretariat and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), emphasizing their collective efforts to empower Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), thereby fostering growth and development in Ghana and the wider African continent.

Under the theme “Sustainability and the Economy: Creating a Sustainable Future,” the SSI Awards 2023 recognized individuals and organizations making impactful contributions to sustainable development and social investment in Ghana.

Professor Douglas Boateng, Chairman of the Award Board, praised the significance of acknowledging initiatives that bring tangible and lasting change to communities. He emphasized the awards ceremony as a powerful platform to showcase innovative efforts that make a real difference in the areas where organizations operate.

The SSI Awards 2023 serve as a catalyst for transformative change, inspiring individuals, organizations, and policymakers to prioritize sustainability and social investment. Professor Boateng highlighted the crucial role of recognizing and celebrating those who contribute significantly to these areas, creating a ripple effect that motivates others to make meaningful contributions, irrespective of scale, in preparation for the betterment of society for generations to come.


UBA’s dual triumph at the SSI Awards underscores the bank’s commitment to making a positive impact on both a local and global scale, setting a standard for excellence in the realm of sustainability and social investment.

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Sweet Dreams in Style: Finding the Perfect Pajamas for You



Screenshot 2023 11 30 at 11.23.15

1. Introduction to Pajama Fashion

Once a mere necessity for a good night’s sleep, pajamas have transcended their traditional role, morphing into a significant fashion statement. The evolution of pajama fashion mirrors changes in societal norms and cultural tastes. From simple nightgowns to chic loungewear sets, pajamas now play a pivotal role in our wardrobe, offering both comfort and style. The journey of pajamas from mere sleepwear to trendy outfits showcases the dynamic nature of fashion and its ability to adapt to our evolving lifestyle needs.

2. The Role of Fabrics in Comfort and Style

In the world of sleepwear, the fabric is a silent comforter, whispering ease into our nighttime attire. Pajamas crafted from cotton breathe life into summer nights, offering a cool embrace. Meanwhile, silk slides over the skin with a promise of luxury, perfect for those seeking a touch of elegance in their slumber. Every material, from the snug warmth of flannel to the gentle caress of satin, serves a dual purpose: ensuring our utmost comfort and enhancing the visual appeal of our bedtime ensemble. The right fabric doesn’t just dress us for sleep; it sets the stage for a night of peaceful dreams and stylish repose.

3. Exploring Pajama Styles and Cuts


The world of pajamas is a kaleidoscope of styles and cuts, each uniquely suited to different tastes and body shapes. Consider the jacquard cotton pajama set, a harmonious blend of style and comfort. Its intricate patterns speak to those who admire detail and texture in their sleepwear. For a touch of sleek sophistication, the v-neck ice silk pajama stands out. Its smooth fabric glides over the skin, offering a cool, luxurious feel that’s perfect for warmer nights or those who prefer a featherlight touch.
Then, there’s the charm of the retro or vintage cotton gauze pajama set. This style is a nod to the past, where comfort met simplicity in a lightweight, breathable fabric, ideal for those who treasure a classic, airy feel in their night attire.
Each style serves more than the purpose of comfort; it’s a reflection of personal aesthetics and a celebration of individuality. Finding the right pajamas becomes not just about a good night’s sleep but an expression of personal style, making every night a journey into comfort and fashion.