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Top 5 Most Innovative Start-ups In South Africa

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Top 5 Most Innovative Start-ups In South Africa

South Africa has produced some of the most iconic businessmenwho have ventured into various areas. Some of them are popular around the world while others are well-known at home. The startups that have been launched in recent years have mostly been in the technology sphere. This is not to mean that there are no startups in others sectors though.

Most of the startups that have been founded in South Africa have often found use and acceptance in the rest of the African continent and in the world as well. Of the many startups that have been launched over the years, there are some that have been really innovative in their approach. Here are the 5 most innovative startups in South Africa.


This startup is one of the most remarkablein the area of technology and communication. The startup was launched to address a significant challenge that existed not just in South Africa but the continent as a whole. The low rates of internet access and poor speeds meant that the majority of the African population could not access videos online and watch them without major buffering issues. Tuluntulu was designed to specifically address this issue by coming up with an innovative method of slowing up the video bandwidth and matching it with the accompanying audio. This effectively meant that users could watch videos on their devices without experiencing any buffer even on 2G networks. The startup has grown to become widely used all over Africa.


Jobcrawler is another homegrown startupthat was designed to solve problems in South Africa. The startup is basically a job search engine which offers unique services that no other job search websites do. As its name suggests, the program is based on the web and it crawls through the many online job boardsand coalesces all the data it gathers. After that, it classifies the refined data into different categories for job users to search for their desired jobs with ease. The categories provided also include locations, various search filters and specific details of the job. Jobcrawler has been operational since it was founded a couple of years ago. It has helped many jobless South Africans to connect with prospective employers and thus improved the lives of many.


SnapScan is one of the most formidable financial startups to come out of South Africa.It was launched so that it would streamline and hasten the process of making payments. The South African market is in dire need of efficient payment systems that are in tune with modern standards. The startup has enteredinto many partnerships and it is one of the fastest-growing startups Cape Town and other cities. Nowadays, people can pay parking fees, utility bills, and other payments through the app. This startup definitely has a great potential especially in financial markets where traders can use it as a quick way of interacting with trading institutions. The forex marketis particularly gaining a lot of traction in South Africa and all manner of solutions are needed to make trade easier.

The Sun Exchange

This startup is one of those that will have profound benefits for a lot of people in South Africa. The Sun Exchange is a startup that focuses on providing solar electricity to those in remote areas. The great thing about the startup is that it is based on the web and its participants participate in crowdfunding efforts whose aim is to fund the solar projects in South Africa. The startup also relies on the bitcoin network and thus transparency and securityis a key feature of the startup. The startup raised over $1.5 million dollars and it is on its way to a huge global expansion.


Many people around the world know that South African-born Elon Musk founded SpaceX. In what seems like an attempt to follow in the footsteps of SpaceX, the University of Pretoria launched hearXto address South African healthcare needs. The startup has been around for about five years but it only started receiving attention recently. The startup started as an app for detecting hearing problems and then evolved into the wider healthcare market. As of now, hearX provides decentralized and affordable healthcare services to nearly 100,000 people. With the recent boost in funding, there is definitely a huge potential for the startup.

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