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Top 5 Movies About Casinos



Casinos, and gambling in general, have always been a great inspiration for movie directors and contrasting the new movie scene. Therefore, there is a long list of titles that show different sides of gambling. Some are more about gambling troubles, others are typical gangster movies but all of them have one thing in common – casino. Here are 5 movies about casinos. We are not saying these are the best movies of the genre, but you should definitely get your phone out, grab an online casino bonus and then watch them, you won’t regret it.

The Gambler

The first movie on the list is a real classic. It was released in 1974 and it is a quintessential casino movie. Instead of showing the world of casinos, this one focuses on the personal side of gambling and all the troubles that come with addiction. The story talks about an English professor and author. For his neighbors and students, he is a respected and inspiring man. Under the mask, he is an addicted gambler, which gets into more and more troubles. He borrows and eventually steals the money to gamble, and brings nothing but misery to his family and friends. The movie perfectly shows how far a gambling problem can go if stakes are too high.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Impressive roles of JohnnyDepp and Beniciodel Toro are more than enough reasons to watch this movie. Based on the popular novel, this movie is less about gambling but more about other things you may experience in Vegas. Covering a sports event is supposed to be the main reason for this trip, which quickly becomes psychedelic and includes all kinds of encounters with drugs, police, gamblers and other things.


An impressive crew, led by Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Sharron Stone and Joe Pesci, is the thing that makes this movie so amazing. The story is quite typical. Itshowsthedirtiest side ofthecasino, connectionsbetweenoperatorsandmafia, andhaseverything a gen           uine gangster movieneeds to have – murders, greed, deception and lots of money. Impressive work by some of the greatest names in Hollywood.

Ocean’s Eleven

Once again, an impressive list of actors, which consists of names like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia and Julia Roberts. Already sounds amazing? Check out the screenplay, as the story talks about a mastermind plan to rob three major casinos simultaneously. A group of talented individuals must work as a team, as there are 150 Million reasons for that. We would also add that Steven Soderbergh did a great job too. Most people see this one as the ultimate casino heist movie.

Casino Royale

Put poker game and 007 agent is the same movie and things simply can’t go bad. Arguably one of the best Bond movies is also a favorite of lovers of casino thematics. Daniel Craig did a great job, as well as the rest of the crew. The story is set in Montenegro, where 007 needs to beat a private banker in a poker game and prevent him from financing terrorists. A classic casino movie, full of action, excitement and other necessary spices to satisfy both casino and Bond lovers. Highly recommended!

Those would be our five picks. Of course, there are many more amazing titles around, so don’t forget to check them as well. Also, your suggestions for casino movies are more than welcome.