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Top 5 odd moments at ‘Back in The Day’ concert



So like I wrote previously, the ‘Back in The Day’ concert last Friday was full of exciting flashbacks of hiplife hit songs of yesteryears, reunion of disbanded groups and more. There were several highlights for the patrons of the concert and here is my compilation of my top 5 odd moments of the night. I aint going nowhere! It was refreshing to see rapper Chicago doing back flips on stage to butt in on the performance of his ‘rival’, Ex Doe. The two had a hit song, ‘Daavi mede kuku’ together but it was short lived when the two started beefing. They later recorded diss songs against each other and it was refreshing for many to see them back on stage to perform ‘Daavi mede kuku’. After performing together, Ex-doe left the stage for Chicago to perform some of his solo songs. However Chicago exhausted his time on stage and tried to perform new materials but the DJ had to turn off the music to indicate that his time was up. The rapper didn’t want to leave and he was seen arguing with the DJ for over a minute before finally going off stage. The incident sent the audience into laughter, as they were in the woods with Chicago’s decision to perform unknown songs on the night. You aint going nowhere! Rapper turned pastor; Lord Kenya reunited with fans to do ‘secular’ music for one night only, since he has now found Christ and ministers the gospel to people. In the middle of his performance when he asked the crowd for which of his hit songs to perform for them, Amanda Jissih, host of E Talk on GH One was one of the voices that could be heard making demands. She screamed that Lord Kenya should go ahead and sing and rap because Jesus would understand. Lord Kenya asked if Amanda could do any of the rapper’s hit songs. She replied that she could rap but rather wants Lord Kenya to do his own songs.  Lord Kenya then challenged Amanda to rap for all to see. Amanda grabbed the mic to rap a few lines from Nonchalant’s hit song ‘5’Oclock’. She then did a freestyle telling Lord Kenya that he should forget about being a pastor for one night and give fans a great performance or else he won’t leave the stage. This stunned the crowd which clearly did not know of Amanda’s rap prowess. Even Lord Kenya was so impressed that he wanted Amanda to join him onstage to perform his songs. Lord Kenya had another moment when he tried to ‘preach’ for a bit before leaving the stage. He asked the audience to keep quiet several times and seemed irritated when the crowd didn’t calm down. He however shared the story about how God saved him from drug abuse and gave him a new reason to live. Why the hell am I here? It seems that was the question rapper Dogo asked himself when he got on stage to perform. He looked confused in the first few minutes of his performance, as he kept walking about and making strange sounds on the stage. Thank goodness he finally found himself and started with his performance. Got my ass back into VIP! Another reunion on the night came in the form of Friction, ex-member of hiplife group, VIP joining the group to perform on stage. An excited and energetic Friction hit the stage hard with his gold teeth and swag. However his over exuberance in slapping and interlocking his foot against that of Promzy almost disgraced him, as his already sagging jeans fell down further dragging along his underpants to show off some butt cheeks. He immediately pulled up his underpants and continued with his performance. Take my ass baby! Actress, Rosalyn Ngissah stunned the audience when she went on stage during Kontihene’s performance. In fact I was one of the people who gave the thick-boned actress a hand in climbing onto the stage, on one of my photography errands. She surprised Kontihene, who was performing to the crowd and had his back against the actress. Rosalyn wowed the crowd with some azonto moves before inviting Kontihene to dance with her. It wasn’t clear whether Kontihene didn’t know what to do with her on stage or it was part of his ‘pompous’ act to ignore Rosalyn. He would grind on Rosalyn occasionally and then turn away to perform to the crowd as though he was uncomfortable.  ]]>

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