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Top 5 products you really need in your make up bag



The make-up bag is every girl’s close thing which they don’t want to share with anyone. But when it is overflowing it becomes an annoying one for you. So just make your make-up bag simple with the most essential things. For creating a good makeup look doesn’t need many products, it only needs quite products.

Some may carry all the makeup products like hair dryer, cosmetics, eyeliner etc. which makes bag heavy and some of them they do not use. The basic product with good quality gives you a flawless light look for every day. A real make-up is the one which gives you a natural look without harming your skin and protects your face from chemicals. This article sorts out your make up bag with the most essential items for creating a decent look.

  • Moisturizer and primer:

   Moisturizer is an essential and primary step in your makeup. It helps you to keep your skin hydrated. When your skin is deeply moisturizer, it gives many benefits and your skin looks young always. Along with that there are some conditioners for Curley hair also make you look hair pretty. So it is essential to use a good branded moisturizer on a regular basis. Some moisturizer may also act as a primer to your make-up. Primer is base of your makeup which protects your skin from chemicals in your makeup products. It acts as a protecting layer for your skin, which does not allow any chemicals inside of your pores.

Some branded moisturizer are:

  • Lakme absolute radiance.
  • Nivea moisturizer.
  • Lacto calamine.
  • Color bar essential.
  • Vaseline body lotion.

Some times you can use an aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer. It is good natural moisturizer which make your skin most soft and result with cooling effect.

  • Foundation:

      Foundation is the second step in your makeup. It covers the scars, lighten marks and pimples and enhances your face brightness. But you have to choose the right one. The perfect shade is a very important thing to keep in mind before buying any foundations. If you use a wrong shade means it create a greyish look or some artificial look which is not good to see. The right shade will give you a perfect complex and great elegant look. The foundation is an updated level of daily creams or bb creams. So, whether you can replace it with any other day creams, BB creams or any other cc creams as per your preferences. Some foundations give you a light natural look which is commonly known as no-makeup look. You have a vast variety in foundations like liquid foundation, creamy foundation, compact foundation and matte foundation etc. The main thing to notice before buying is your foundation should contain SPF protection and waterproof. So it long lasts for a day.

Some best foundation brands are:

  • Maybelline fit me foundation.
  • Bobbi Brown foundation.
  • L’Oréal Paris Infallible.
  • NYX foundation
  • Lakme absolute.
  • Setting Powder:

        Setting powder is 3rs step which used to hold your foundation for a long time. It protects your base makeup and shines for long period without rubbing or transferring. There are various types of setting powder are available they are:

Loose powder: This is a common one which we regularly used as talc for the body. It is finely milled.

Mineral powder: This is specially used for oily skin which absorbs excess oil and makes a good glowing look.

Translucent powder: This is the best setting powder to create a foundation look without any base color effect.

Pressed powder: This is commonly called as a compact powder which set your foundation and absorbs excess oil.

From this, you have to choose as per your foundation and skin type.

  • Eye makeup kit:

       Experiment with your eye in makeup is the most essential thing. High bold eyes give a beautiful look to your face. This kit contains an eyebrow applied, kajal, liner and with some common colors of eye shadow pallets. You can create different eye looks with this shimmer and matte eye shadow pallets. And you can add mascara or fake lashes with this kit to get extra-long curly lashes which enhance your eye look.

Some people have dark circles and under-eye pigmentations. They are recommended to use concealer with foundation. That helps to cover those dark circles and gives you a flawless finish. So be sure, that your plate consists of all the above-listed things to get cute professional makeup eyes.

  • Lipstick palate:

     We can’t skip this step. This is the final touch of your makeup without this your makeup like an incomplete painting. Using good quality lipstick is always get you in a safe zone. Some unbranded lipstick damages your lips and also result in dark pigmentation. So always recommend to use the best-branded lipstick with natural things like aloe Vera and Aragon oils. And lip balm is also an essential one before applying any lip products. Lip pencil used to underline that create your lip look classy. And there are some other products also available for lips like lip gloss etc.

You can simply create a beautiful look with this uplisted products. You don’t need a huge collection to do beautiful makeup. As by the authors of trustedshop having a customized makeup bag is always great for travel. With this quite thing your makeup bag is easily portable, so need not worry about space maintenance.  And, if you interested you can add this bag with well-branded makeup brushes. Using a quality makeup brush provides you with the best finishing makeup.



GAFW ’21: Business of Fashion Seminar talks Sustainability in Fashion and Social Media



The Business of Fashion Seminar, a side event of the annual Glitz Africa Fashion Week took place on Saturday, October 23, 2021 at the Grand Arena, Accra International Conference Centre under the theme, ‘Creativity and Sustainability – Making Sustainability a Priority in the Fashion Space’.

BoFS is a platform thoughtfully organized to engage various stakeholders in the fashion industry for fashion students, enthusiasts, influencers, entrepreneurs and upcoming designers to interact and learn about relevant trends in the global fashion industry.

Moderated by TV host, Angela Bamford, two key panel discussions took place at the seminar.

The first discussion on Social Media Effect on Sales had designers Atto Tetteh, Selina Beb and Kwaku Bediako as panelists as they discussed on how they have integrated social media into running their business and making sales.

The second discussion deliberated on the theme aforementioned with Kwabi Adjei, (CEO & Partner of Ajabeng), Yvonne Ntiamoah (Creative Education Consultant, Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design) and Molly Keogh (Co-founder, Osei Duro) as speakers. They all emphasized the need for designers to think sustainability as they work as the future is inclined towards that path.

The Head of SME at Vodafone, Mr. Alfred Neizer made a presentation on their YBOL and 2 Moorch Business products and how they can catapult your business in this era.

There was a video featuring Masantewaa and Atto Tetteh on how they survived the COVID-19 lockdown and how they turned to digital solutions to sustain their businesses; powered by LetsGo.


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Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2021: Celebrating Creativity & Sustainability in Fashion



Glitz Africa Fashion Week, Ghana’s biggest fashion event had its ninth edition take place from October 21 – 24, 2021; with a fun-packed lineup of activities for the fashion community.

It kicked off with the Free Street – a runway show to showcase casual street fashion brands by budding designers. The featured designers included Afronative, Tribe of God, Dare Arrays, Blank Canvas, Rich Connect and OLK Studios. Free Street took place at Garage in East Legon, Accra.

Beauty Forum followed next which deliberated on beauty aesthetics and production with a lineup of speakers including Trudy Arnold, Jahara M. Osman, Siran Mahama, Akosua Poku, Ernest Ekuma amongst others with Gina Nipah as host. It took place at The Underbridge, also at East Legon, Accra.

The Business of Fashion Seminar took place at the Grand Arena, Accra International Conference Centre which discussed the theme of the GAFW21 – Creativity and Sustainability as well as Social Media Effect on Sales. TV host, Angela Bamford served as moderator of the panel discussions which featured Kwabi Adjei, Atto Tetteh, Molly Keogh, Yvonne Ntiamoah, Kwaku Bediako and Selina Beb.

A graduate fashion show took place afterwards which featured designs by fashion students from the Accra Technical University.

Designers who showcased their collections at the main GAFW show hailed from Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

Day 1 of the runways shows took place at the Grand Arena and showcased the designers – Clatural, On Point Clothing, Studio Madoch, Clemas, Boye Doe, Jants Collection, Simone et Elise, Telvin Nwafour, DZYN, Pillz & Poizn Atelier, JayRay Ghartey, Masantewaa Emporium, Ekii, and Midekor.

Day 2 took place at the Octagon rooftop which showcased designers  – Ibrahim Fernandez, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Adjabeng, House of Paon, Kamsi Tcharles, Tubo, Atto Tetth, Yeside Laguda and Studio 189.

Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2021 ended with a Fashion Night Out after party at Front Back.

Partners of GAFW ’21 included; Vodafone Business, Sunlight, LetsGo by Letshego, Verna, VW by Universal Motors, Mac Cosmetics.

Supporting Partners were: Papa’s Pizza, TSG Drive, Go Slo, Gladeco Accessories Ghana and San Marino Hotel Apartments.




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Designer Shopping Tips For The Black Friday Sales



Black Friday has really taken off over the past several years. The annual sale, which was originally initiated in the United States and takes place on Thanksgiving weekend, is now also a bigger shopping event on this side of the pond than Boxing Day Sales.


To prevent getting caught up in Black Friday excitement and ending up with a lot of unwanted objects in your wardrobe, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask yourself before making any designer Black Friday sales purchases.


Do you own similar items already?


Begin by acknowledging what you lack and require. Do you own anything similar in your wardrobe that performs the same task? Make a list of things you want to buy and stick to it before you go shopping so that you don’t make impulse purchases that you’ll later regret.


Take a good look at your wardrobe and put anything you haven’t worn in the last six months in storage; if something has remained unworn for more than six months, it’s unlikely to be worn again soon. Only then will you notice the holes in your collection.


What if it wasn’t on sale?


It’s easy to get carried away while purchasing on sale, but items that have been severely discounted aren’t a bargain if you won’t use them. It isn’t worth spending even half of what it costs if you wouldn’t buy it at full price.


To save money, remember that the greatest bargains only apply to clothing you’ll wear on a regular basis rather than clothing that will be stored in your closet.


Is it love?


Buying something should make you feel good. It’s pointless to buy anything unless it makes you feel awkward or gives you any cause for worry. Shopping should make you grin from ear to ear.


Does it work with other items you own?


If you must obtain additional goods to complete an item, don’t buy it. If a component is correct, it should work with your current pieces; otherwise, it will go unused in your closet.


Have you done enough research?


Do your homework ahead of time – most stores will tell you what they plan to do ahead of time, so make sure you know where to get the greatest bargains. If you’re looking for a certain designer item that is available at multiple shops, this is especially crucial. Looking around in advance might save you a lot of money.


Are you panicking?


The Black Friday sales are only the beginning of a lengthy line of sales, so if you don’t obtain what you want right away, relax and wait for the next chance. The January sales are fast approaching, and you may have better luck the next time around. When it comes to transportation, don’t just grab anything that’s on sale for the sake of it; wait for the best deals.


Is it on-trend?


Avoid trendy things and stick to long-lasting investments. While everyone on the front row may be wearing that exact thing this season, it’s likely to look outdated quickly, and if it’s already on sale, the moment may have passed. Pick capsules that are unlikely to get old.




Now that you have some questions to ask yourself regarding whether a Black Friday sale is worth it, let’s take a look at some other questions that might help with your journey. After all, the more information you have, the better a purchase will be!


What is the difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday?


Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t really that different; both provide massive discounts and take place either side of a weekend of sales shopping. It’s always worth keeping an eye out, however, since certain fashion labels may execute separate offers on the two days.


If you missed out on getting the product you desired on Black Friday, it may be available on Cyber Monday. It’s well worth a look.


Are the sales only available in store?

No, many of the same discounts and offers are also readily available over the internet. Today, there are more options for consumers than ever before, and some of the internet’s top retailers offer a wide range of goods. Shopping in the comfort of your own home may be a fantastic method to avoid the notoriously loud crowds and lengthy queues that exist at certain stores.

Why are the costs of goods so low at some shops?

Retailers provide goods at such low costs in order to increase their profit margins when the items are purchased in large quantities. It’s also a method of making space for new products by offering bargain-basement pricing on existing inventory.





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Urgent: Uplift your Fashion Sense this Holiday Season By Adding 10 Outfits to Your Closet



Men often get a bad rap for being less fashionable than women, and it is their fault since most men don’t even try to look stylish. You wouldn’t see a man reading about changing fashion trends like women do because men tend to be conservative in their clothes. This is the reason why we see more women in fashion shows than men.

However, it is equally important for men to look stylish and present their A-game in fashion just like women. Men need to understand the importance of style, men who strive to dress better bring out their best and encourage other men to look as classy as them.

The only situations in which we see most men being dressed well are either attending a formal occasion or going out on a date. They do this because not only do they want to impress other people, but they also want to strengthen their confidence. However, things have changed since the pandemic, the fashion world has completely changed, and men now understand the importance of looking good more than ever.

Holidays and Men’s Fashion

The pandemic taught us to live to its fullest and always present ourselves in the best way possible, and since the holiday season is just around the corner, there could be no better time to bring out our best style. This holiday season dressing well can become an essential aspect for men from all over the world, and if you are a man, you too will get a chance to look dapper holiday occasions such as Christmas, New Year, and thanksgiving.

Since you would have a packed schedule and so many essential commitments where you would want to look chic, we have prepared a guide that will help you add ten-holiday outfits that will make you look contemporary.

  1. A Weather-ready Parka with Slim Fit Bottoms

Since winters are almost here, most of our outfits would consist of excellent layering items that would keep us warm during this festive season and help achieve that voguish look. A Parka was initially made from seal skin and is still used for warm and safe hunting in Arctic temperatures, but many things have been trending no matter how non-conventional they were initially.

A Parka comes in numerous styles, but the ones that would look best on you this winter season are the minimalist ones and those with clean lines. The best thing about a parka is that you can stuff a pile of sweaters and scarves beneath a parka, and no one would notice.

A parka comes in different sizes, but the ones that are classier than the rest is the one that ends just above your waist. The most suitable clothes with a parka would be a turtleneck, a scarf, slim-fit jeans, and thick worker boots.

  1. Winter Coat and Fit Bottoms

This outfit is for people who want to look brighter and sharper than everyone else in the room. The outfit is straightforward to carry as all you need is a winter coat that is neither too big for you nor too short; the coat wouldn’t only provide a classy look and help you combat the cold. It would be best if the skin is waterproof as you would be facing wet conditions during this winter season.

Beneath the coat, you can wear a long-sleeve t-shirt for added protection and because the tee will stick to your body much better. Below those skin-fit jeans are vital because they make your legs more visible and provide a sharp look; in the end, you would be walking on snow and need something waterproof.

  1. Denim on Denim

Denim jackets look incredibly cool on men, but there could be no better combo than a denim jacket with denim jeans. Although a denim jacket would not suit sub-zero weather conditions but still in chilly weather, it can give you a sleek look.

A denim top with a denim bottom goes perfectly when the bottom is of a darker shade, and the top is of a lighter shade. A dark base helps make your body look slimmer, and a light top can help you draw attention to yourself.

  1. The Work from Home Outfit

During the pandemic, the virus forced the world to work from home, and during these work hours, everyone had to attend zoom meetings. These zoom meetings would only show our tops, and most people took advantage of this as they wore shorts and sweatpants with their dressy tops.

Wearing a WFH outfit this holiday would let you be relaxed yet comfortable; you can wear any shirt or sweater with a relaxed-fit chino instead of sweatpants. The chino would give you a relaxed look, whereas the top would define your style. The thing goes on with this outfit, but the outfit gets a little more polished as people would see us entirely from top to bottom.

Since you keep it relaxed at the bottom, you can wear sneakers and joggers for a simple style.

  1. The Winter Workout Outfit

During this holiday season, owning a winter workout outfit is a must for most men. The purpose of a workout outfit is to make you look fit and to be extremely lightweight. Since the holidays would be in the cold season, you wouldn’t have to wear shorts to replace them with leggings. The top would consist of an excellent graphic t-shirt and a stretchy and lightweight puffer jacket.

  1. The All-White Look

An all-white outfit is considered boring, but that is because most people don’t know how to carry it. It would be best to try to incorporate different textures since a monochromatic look can turn boring; you should also try to break it up with accessories such as scarves and add neutrals. The best combination in an all-white look includes a white coat, formal white trousers, and white shoes. White represents perfection and cleanliness, and there could be no better time to express such things than a holiday.

  1. The Christmas Party Outfit 

The Christmas party is one of the most significant events of every holiday season. What could be better than a classy Christmas outfit with a primary red sweater, blue jeans, and brown Chelsea boots? The red sweater is one of the main things you can wear this holiday and especially on Christmas; the sweater should also have some exciting designs and textures so you can attract people and stand out from other men.

  1. A Leather Jacket with Literally Anything

A leather jacket has been the oldest and most versatile piece of clothing ever to exist, this classy and timeless fashion staple can make anyone look good, and you can pair it with anything. Adding a leather jacket to your wardrobe this winter season would mean that you can have a rugged and manly style at every party and every occasion.

One fantastic thing about wearing a leather jacket is that you can also wear custom leather jackets with different styles and graphics. A tailored coat would define your style and separate you from everyone in a unique way.

  1. The Safari Park Look

This holiday season, you can do something different as the safari park look would help you achieve a quirky look. This outfit would look the best during the daytime, to achieve this look you can wear a double pocket shirt and it would be best if it’s green. Below that, you can wear a rolled-up beige chino and a pair of casual shoes. You can also enhance this outfit with dark-colored scarves and hats.

  1. The Athleisure Wear

This holiday outfit is a must for your wardrobe as it has been trending for a long time now; the word Athleisure comes from athletic and leisure, and the purpose of this outfit is to involve both aspects in an attire. This outfit has gained immense popularity because it allows you to look fantastic and feel comfortable at the same time.

Adding an Athleisure outfit to your wardrobe for holidays means that you will feel more active and healthy when you wear it. You can wear an overcoat with relaxed sweatpants and sweatshirts.

Final Note 

These were some of the best holiday outfits that you can add to your wardrobe. However, it is not mandatory that you strictly follow these outfits. All you need to do is to keep practicing and wear costumes that would represent your style.

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PlatAfrica and Africa Fashion International bring metamorphosis theme to life at 2021 Joburg Fashion Week



Joburg Fashion Week

PlatAfrica is again partnering with African Fashion International (AFI), as part of its ongoing strategy to build the platinum jewellery market, to showcase this year’s finalists’ pieces as part of 2021 Joburg Fashion Week.

The winners in the student/apprentice and professional categories, as well as the popular People’s Choice Award, will be announced during a virtual showcase event on 29 October.

Now in its 22nd year and hosted annually by Anglo American Platinum in partnership with Metal Concentrators and Platinum Guild International India (PGI India), PlatAfrica aims to promote innovation and technical expertise in platinum jewellery design and manufacturing in South Africa.
This year’s theme – Metamorphosis – was developed in consultation with PGI India and was inspired by the transformation phases that a caterpillar undergoes to morph into a butterfly.

Natascha Viljoen, CEO of Anglo American Platinum, said: “Platinum has been a highly sought after jewellery metal for consumers for decades and we are proud of the part we continue to play to promote platinum as a precious metal of choice for discerning jewellers and consumers. Building on the success of last year’s event, we are very excited to again partner with AFI who have continued to stand at the centre of the evolution of the fashion industry in South Africa. Our partnership with the Metal Concentrators and Platinum Guild International (PGI) continues to provide us with a platform to contribute towards developing consumer demand for platinum.

“PlatAfrica is a highlight on our calendar, and we have again been very impressed by the quality and creativity of the pieces. We trust that initiatives such as PlatAfrica will continue to inspire and introduce this versatile precious metal to a wider audience of jewellers and consumers, while also creating space for emerging creative talent.”

Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe, founder of AFI, said: “PlatAfrica has built a reputation for inspiring creativity and quality in platinum jewellery design in South Africa. What excites me about our partnership with PlatAfrica is the opportunity to showcase our local talent to an international audience, thus contributing to our creative capital.”

Pallavi Sharma, Head of Strategic Design and Development from PGI India, said: “PlatAfrica is a project that blows one’s mind away every year. Yet again, the finalists have exceeded all expectations in the delivery of jewellery pieces that will continue to cement them at the cutting edge of platinum design.”
All the one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces entered for PlatAfrica will be available from 29 October for sale online. The pieces will be hosted on the House of Nala AFI online store for a limited period and will go live after the show on 29 October. For an in person preview, the pieces will be available at the House of Nala Concept Store at The Leonardo Apartments in Sandton, Johannesburg only on 30 and 31 October 2021
This year’s finalists are,

Professional category:

Agose Jacob Mokoena from Pneuma Jewellers
Alva Brycke in collaboration with Jack Friedman and Aurum Manufacturing Busisiwe Sinini from The Platinum Incubator- MillowMakings (Pty) Ltd Chris & Jannie Janse van Rensburg from Studio C
Christina Toros from Prins & Prins Diamonds
Johann Claasens from Piccolo Fine Designer Jewellery
Lené Swartz from David Bolding
Reitumetse Choene & Lesedi Seabelo from The Platinum Incubator Phumlani Mngoma from Pneuma Jewellers
Sifiso Khumalo from Sivana Diamonds

Student/ apprentice category:

Asisipo Njemla from Cape Peninsula University of Technology Dumisani Mahlangu from The Platinum Incubator
Gaorelatlhe Mboweni from The Platinum Incubator
Godfrey Olebogeng Kobi from The Platinum Incubator

Jané Schoeman from Prins& Prins Diamonds
Lebogang Ledwaba from Limpopo Jewellery Business Incubator Patricia Ntombizodwa Tshabalala from J Hind Jewellers
Rudi Travis Campbell from Rare Earth Creations
Tokelo Mphomane from Pneuma Jewellers
Tor Kaplan from Stellenbosch University



Thursday, 28 October 2021
15h00 – 16h30AFI Masterclass:


African identities in the 21st century: What is the role for the creative sector?  

Friday, 29 October 2021
16h30 – 17h00K. Moraba & Collective / Lufi D / House of Stevolution
19h00 – 19h30PlatAfrica 2021

Metamorphosis Design and Manufacturing Competition 

19h30 – 20h00AFI Fastrack 2021 / Urban Zulu / Amen
Saturday, 30 October 2021
10h00 – 10h45Be Connected with SUCO Sessions
13h30 – 14h00Senegal Collective / Love Jane
16h30 – 17h00Imprint ZA / Fabro Sanz / Seditsi Collection
19h30 – 20h00TBC





Thursday, 28 October 2021 [THE CAPITAL ON THE PARK]
15h00 – 16h30AFI Masterclass:


African identities in the 21st century: What is the role for the creative sector?  

Friday, 29 October 2021 [ALTO234, THE LEONARDO]
15h00 – 17h45K. Moraba & Collective / Lufi D / House of Stevolution
18h00 – 20h45AFI Fastrack 2021 / Urban Zulu / Amen
Saturday, 30 October 2021
11h00 – 14h45Senegal Collective / Love Jane
15h00 – 17h45Imprint ZA / Fabro Sanz / Seditsi Collection
18h00 – 20h45TBC


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“We have Shatta Wale and three others in our custody,” – Police dispels bail rumours



The Ghana Police Service has revealed that dancehall artiste Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr, known popularly as Shatta Wale, and three others that were arrested have not been granted bail. (more…)

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