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Top 5 Weirdest Casino Locations: Gamble Like a Hipster




Although most casinos are fabulous, they often look the same. Luxurious halls, sparkling interior and fashionable designs can be found in gambling venues all over the world.

However, there are also different kinds of casinos. Set up in unexpected places, they offer a different kind of gambling experience.

Here are 5 weirdest casino locations that you can find in various places around the world today. These are the placed you need to go to if you’re tired of the same old.

Top 5 Weirdest Casino Locations

From moving casinos to the ones literally frozen to the spot, there are many venues you still need to discover. Some types of unique casinos can be found everywhere, while others are only one-of-a-kind examples.

Whatever appeals to you the most, checking it out is well worth the trip and effort.

Grosvenor Taxi Casino

In 2016, Grosvenor casinos launched an interesting campaign. They established a casino inside a taxiand sent it out into the streets of the major UK cities.

Anyone was able to catch the taxi and gamble while travelling. They could:

  • Play blackjack on the single casino table with a real dealer
  • Bet on sports and watch the sporting events in real time on TV
  • Play online games on a special device inside the taxi

This is actually the world’s smallest casino to date, so your gambling experience couldn’t get more hip than that.

Underground Casino: Desert Cave Hotel

Desert Cave Hotelis a famous hotel and casino resort in Coober Pedy, Australia. It’s the only casino in Southern Australia, but that’s not the only reason why locals and tourists come over.

It’s, in fact, a unique casino in the whole world because it’s situated underground. Established in a mine, Desert Cave offers 16 poker machines to its guests.

Cruise Casinos: Gamble On Water

Cruises have loads of entertainment facilities and casinos are one popular example of them. Cruise ship casinos vary in sizes, games and other features, but they’re quite different from the usual land casinos.

One of the most exciting unique features is windows! While land-based casinos don’t have them, cruise casinos do, so you can enjoy the sea view while you play.

Aside from that, gambling on a cruise can offer all the popular table games and slot machines. However, the payouts can be lower sometimes, so pay attention!

The Ice Casino in Sweden

Ice Casino is the only casino in the world where everything is made of ice. This literally includes everything – from the walls to casino chips.

This casino was established by Gala Casinos in 2015 and you can find it in Northern Sweden. It’s a chilly trip though and the temperature inside this casino is -5 degrees Celsius. So, be ready!

Casino in the Sky: Casino Jet Lounge

Long flights can be quite cumbersome and boring. So, AirJet Designs and Designescence have come up with an idea. Why not install a casino on a plane?

A plane design with Casino Jet Lounge was the result. It’s exactly what you think it is – a casino lounge you can play at while travelling on a plane.

Although it only has a few casino tables, it’s the highest possible location you can gamble at. Many first-class planes are expected to pick it up.