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Top 7 Salon Marketing Ideas



Table of Contents

  • SalonLife is the best salon software
  • Gift Cards for your beauty salon
  • Utilize Facebook Ads
  • Use Instagram Ads
  • Add Birthday Promotions
  • Make Great Video Content
  • Host Pamper Parties


In a world that’s obsessed with looking good to feel good, it makes sense to open up a salon. Now, while hair salon advertising is one great way to draw people into your new business, it isn’t enough to make sure it grows. 

That’s because the evolution of technology has allowed for the use of innovative salon marketing strategies that are both effective and cost-efficient. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you need to think outside the box to do so.

We take a look at the very best things that you can apply to grab the attention of your customers and keep on coming back. From leveraging effective scheduling software all the way to offering promotions and leveraging social media, here are some fantastic hair salon marketing ideas you need to use to truly shine and succeed.

Use the best salon software

In a highly digital world, is it really surprising that there’s such a thing as salon software? SalonLife is the leading beauty salon software and stands above the rest. 


What they offer is a convenient means to manage your clients’ schedules as well as the other tasks you need to get done around the salon. 

More than that, however, a salon booking software or an appointment reminder app also sends out notifications and reminders to your clientele to ensure that no appointment is missed, and everything flows smoothly operations-wise.

Apart from the reminders, what makes this excellent hair salon software is that you offer a portal within which your clients can book. This saves them a lot of time as they don’t need to take more than a few minutes to tap away at their most convenient salon date. When your salon can offer the convenience of essentially automated spa software, you appeal to the hectic pace of today’s world. 

After all, gone are the days when people do things away from their smartphones.

Provide Gift Cards

Everyone everywhere is always after a good deal. That’s why it makes sense to include the distribution of gift cards as part of your hair salon marketing plan. There are many ways to go about this. For one, you can offer loyalty cards that provide for free or highly discounted service after several trips back your salon. If this is something you are thinking about buying and offering in your salon, it is advisable to buy bulk gift cards, as they offer more flexibility and some gift card companies even allow you to track when recipients have received their cards and see whether they have spent them yet.


For another, you can give out free trials or even just bonus services for one other service taken. This kind of generosity is widely remembered in a world that always seems out to get your money, and it certainly gives you a positive impression in customer minds.

Utilize Facebook Ads

Any salon marketing strategy that isn’t using Facebook is one that is doomed to fail. Over half the population of the United States is using Facebook multiple times a day. When you leverage Facebook’s easy to use and affordable advertising platform, that means that you potentially reach 169.5 million people throughout the day. 

Because these ads are placed in users’ news feeds, they’re easy to see. Provided you specify the right target audience, you increase your chances of improving your visibility–and converting paying customers. Creating profitable pay per click advertising campaigns yourself might prove difficult. This is why partnering with a digital marketing agency such as Marketing1776 might be the best choice as they provide an exceptional ppc management service.

Use Instagram Ads

While not as widely used as Facebook, it’s in the top new salon marketing ideas to utilize Instagram for your salon. Given that it’s a highly image dependent platform, it certainly makes sense for salons to use it. One of the best ways to do so is to showcase your top work on Instagram. Be it in the form of still images or short videos, you can readily show potential customers just what you can offer them. Make sure you incorporate the more popular hairstyles and salon services when you do. Keep an eye out for what’s popular and follow along.


Add Birthday Promotions

One of the most widely used tanning salon marketing ideas today is the birthday promotions. It’s simple, really. When it’s a repeat client’s birthday, offer them something awesome as a gift. Seeing as this is but one day in a year, it’s ok to go all out. One fantastic thing you can offer is their favorite service or services for free. 

Sure, you could go for “just” a discount, but the idea here is to offer something that is truly special and unique. If you’re doing the gift card idea we mentioned, a discount isn’t going to cut it as a gift. Remember that the best hair salon marketing is you treating your customers well.

Make Great Video Content

Another popular platform for beauty salon marketing, and marketing in general, is YouTube. The platform has millions upon millions of videos in every conceivable niche, and beauty is one of the most popular among these. 

There are many things you can do here: create beauty tutorials, showcase you best stylists in action, create compilations of their best work, and even offer daily beauty tips. The key to great video content is to make enough that’s of great quality and relevance that people keep coming back for more. 


This kind of mindshare makes this one of the best salon advertising ideas you can dive into.

Host Pamper Parties

One of the muses underutilized among beauty salon advertising ideas is the pamper party. The idea is simple. Take any occasion–or make one up for your salon–and invite people to enjoy their beauty procedures in a fun and lively environment. 

Better yet, offer the reservation of your salon for a day’s event or two throughout the year. It’s a unique idea and service that any salons don’t get into, which is a waste. These works because they make your salon a venue for celebration by large groups of people who might even return as customers later on.

Owning a salon makes sense because people are always looking for ways to stay beautiful. It’s lucrative because even more people associate salons with relaxation and transformation. It isn’t just enough to have a salon, however. 


You need to make the right effort to ensure that yours stand high and above the competition. Just apply these tips and you’re sure to find a lot of success in your venture today.

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