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Top Martial Arts Women Should Learn For Effective Self Defense



For the longest time, martial arts were considered testosterone-driven, brutal and violent games. As a result, women used to avoid martial arts and combat-based games in all forms. However, as the world proceeded to become a global village, experiences shaped us and it made us realize that safety is a basic human right that is linked with self-defense. Where in the last decade only a few women were thinking of taking self-defense classes, the global #metoo movement and the fifth wave of feminism changed this perspective and made it an urgent requirement. Women are now getting more involved in self-defense classes; they are choosing their desired combat games and they are also opting for combat as their career.

With the help of this article, we will dive into the world of self-defense. Some of the best combat options will also help in changing the combat horizon. We will also explore different martial arts forms that are recommended by experts for women.

Top Martial Arts for Effective Self Defense

While selecting a martial art for self-defense, think about the primary or secondary defense. If you just want to distract the person and do not want to stay and fight, then choose something that will offer you a simple primary defense. However, if you want this to go on so you can beat the opponent then choose something that can offer your primary as well as secondary self-defense.



BJJ is ideal for women, this combat game helps you acquire submission through various locks and holds. The best thing is that it favors the weaker opponent because you need to focus on improving your grip and thinking of a strategy.


Beautiful Japanese art that doesn’t focus on using force, instead the anger and frustration that is possessed by the opponent will be used against him. You just need to learn how you can make your opponent his own biggest enemy.

Krav Maga


Originally used and taught in Israel, this self-defense game is designed to cause serious injury to the opponent. Taking krav maga classes helps you use your own body as a weapon against your opponent.

Tae Kwon Do

It is a Korean self-defense art that is used as a sport, however it also has a few lethal moves that can help you beat your opponent on the spot. It offers good self-defense and it is mainly used by kids and women because of their ability to move faster.


A Japanese style of self-defense that relies on acquiring submission by throwing the opponent on the mat. It is lethal street art that requires less focus on the body and more on the technique.


Bottom Line

To sum it all up, self-defense classes are no longer a luxury. They are becoming a necessity for every woman in the world who is thinking of survival. Although, unfortunately, women have to go through it, yet it has offered women a nudge so they can explore and become stronger and better in all forms. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to selecting combat games, it all comes down to interest.