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Top Moroccan Athletes of All Time



There are some events that we can never attend in person no matter how hard we try. Suppose you stay in South Africa, and the Olympics take place in London, then there are the world championships or a football match that is taking place in Brazil. Can you always travel across the world to see your favorite athlete or player in the field? It is not humanly possible?

But does that mean you cannot see them, cheer for them or bet on the winnings of your favorite player or on the match in general? Absolutely not. If satellite images can show you the live event, online betting would allow you to bet in real time. Check out to find the best online sports betting sites. We all know that African countries are known for their athletes, especially in the Olympics. Their economy is also dependent on sports. So, let us take a quick look at some of the best Moroccan athletes of all time.

  • Said Aouita

Born in 1959, he is the most popular Moroccan athlete with an HPI of 63.06. He is a former track and field athlete and the only one in history to have won 2 medals in both 800 as well as 5000 m at the Olympic games. In 1984, he won the 5000m race at the Summer Olympics and also in the World Championship in Athletics in 1987. He won the 3000m race as well in the 1989 IAAF World Indoor Championships. He had set world records covering 1500m in 3:29:46, 2000m in 4:50.80, 3000m in 7:29.45, and twice at 5000m in 13:00.40 and 12:58.39. However, currently he lives in Orlando, Florida.

  • Nawal El Moutawake

Born in 1962, she is a former hurdler and the most popular female Moroccan athlete with an HPI of 60.50. In the 1984 Summer Olympics, she won the inaugural race of 400m for women. Therefore, she became the first Moroccan to win an Olympic gold. In 2007, in the cabinet that was getting formed in Morocco, she was named as the Minister of Sports.

  • Rhadi Ben Abdesselam

Born in 1929, the legendary Moroccan long-distance runner had an HPI of 60.44. In March 1960, he ran in the International Cross Country Championships and defeated  Gaston Roelants from Belgium by 40 yards. Therefore, he became the first African to win a gold in the said event. In the 1960 Olympics, he stood second to Soviet Union’s Pyotr Bolotnikov. Throughout his career he has set and broken records, and also missed a few chances. He passed away in 2000. 

  • Hicham El Guerrouj

Born in 1974, the former Moroccan middle-distance runner has an HPI of 59.70. He currently has a number of world records. These include outdoor 1500m, mile, and 200m games. His indoor records were broken by Paavo Nurmi in 2019. He has won the world championship in 1500, 6 times and is considered the best middle-distance runner ever. In 2014, he was inducted into the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Hall of Fame.


Morocco has so many shining stars in the world of sports, right? 



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