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Top smartphone Gadgets that Should Always be a part of your Tech Backpack



The increasing significance of smartphones in our day-to-day routine is undeniable. From the most straightforward procedure of checking the time to performing some complicated ventures such as editing videos, smartphones provide a one-stop solution. Every minor aspect of our daily activities revolves around the performance and efficiency of our smart digital companion.

The modern-day smartphones tend to lose their “smart” attributes quickly as soon as they run out of their suitable external assisting gadgets. This is precisely why you need to carry around a proper backpack that can take care of your daily smartphone needs and ensure your device is always ready to deliver without posing any considerable limitation on its optimum efficiency.

Tech gadget websites such as offer jaw-dropping deals on smartphone gadgets every day to ensure you get your hands on some of the best and cheapest electronic gadgets without having to shell out a huge chunk of your pocket money.

Here are some of the most vital and practical smartphone gadgets that you should always carry around on your backpack, especially if you like to travel around a lot.


  1. Powerbank

No amount of feature over-compensation on your smartphone can make up for a drained out battery, do they? After all, your smartphone’s crazy specs are only as effective as long as it has sufficient battery percentage to back it up. The moment you get notified of a low battery percentage, you are automatically forced to limit every practical aspect of your smart device, aka, put it on an airplane mode, which makes your smartphone utterly useless.

Having a reliable power bank that can juice up your device battery to the brim at least up to 2-3 times, is therefore of utmost importance. The best thing about power banks is that they are incredibly convenient and lightweight (at least the majority of the products) as well, making them an extremely easy job to carry around without posing any significant weight restrictions.

For people who do not rely heavily on the internet or taking pictures/ videos, a 10,000 mAh capacity power bank should be more than sufficient. However, for heavy-duty smartphone usage, a 20,000 mAh or above capacity is highly recommended.

  1. External Camera lens

One of the truly fascinating aspects of traveling around is witnessing the unique and mesmerizing landscapes. Traveling around without capturing those once-a-lifetime sceneries makes the entire trip almost useless. The camera set-up in a typical modern-day smartphone has gone through a massive upgrade over the last decade. However, the limitations posed by a phone camera still remain highly prevalent. One of those predominant limitations exists in the form of inferior zooming capability.

Most smartphone cameras only come with the support of up to 2X zooming feature, which is quite incapable, especially if you want to capture far-off images with minimal distortion. Carrying around a DSLR camera is also highly impractical due to its bulky nature, and this is where an external smartphone camera lens comes into play.

A phone camera lens can come in different forms with contradicting functionalities. There are phone camera lenses that allow you to zoom up to 8x magnification, a wide-angle lens, a telephoto lens, and so on. These lenses enhance the natural performance of your original smartphone camera unit and allow you to capture images with amazing dynamic range.

  1. Wireless car charger

The process of putting your smartphone to charge in your car does not come with the equivalent convenience of doing the same at the comfort of your house. You have to continually shift your attention between your device and the road ahead of you, which is the complete contradiction of driving safe. This is, especially, true if you depend on your smart device to guide your route, aka using it as your GPS tool.

Wireless car chargers come with the convenience of docking it up at an ideal eye-level that allows you to both charge your device and keep your stern eyes glued to it without compromising your vision on the road ahead. Since these are wireless, they are also tangle-free and allows you to perform any normal phone routine without any distance limitations as well. A must-have gadget if you like to take your car out on long weekend trips.

  1. Bluetooth headphones

Any tech backpack is incomplete without a set of old-fashioned headsets. After all, music is one of the essential elements that elevate the overall experience of any fun-filled trip or adventure. The conventional wired headsets, however, come with the limitation of annoying tangled cords and distance limitation as well.

Wireless/ Bluetooth headphones, on the other hand, allow you to enjoy the ultimate experience of listening to soothing music without having to deal with the clumsy tangled cords. In addition to listening to music tangle-free, wireless earphones also come with dynamic functionalities such as hands-free calls and connectivity options to other Bluetooth devices as well.