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Tramadol, Weed, Hashish , 225, Are Among Drugs I Am Addicted To- Street Boy Confesses



The journey of life they say, comes with so much twist and turns; so complex for the less fortunate.

Benabi discovery chanced on young Ernest Ashatey, who became a street child at a tender age of nine years.

Ernest, a native of Dodowa, narrating his rather sad story, mentioned that, he left home as a result of ill treatment and abuse melted out to him by a supposed step mother.


Ernest eventually got hold of her working capital, a sum of thousand Ghana Cedis.

“This was what I came to the street with”, he said.

Having received training from Elijah, a senior colleague, Ernest Ashatey seem to know the streets better.

However, he is of the hope to vacate the streets in no time, but on condition that, a philanthropist or any humanitarian advocate comes his way.

Ernest was asked if he engages in drugs, and he responded in the affirmative.

“I take in Tramadol, weed, and 225, but I don’t take in alcohol”, he said.

But he doesn’t play around the ladies, only he’s done one or two before, he mentioned.

Ernest Ashatey,  just like any of his colleagues, seem to be  going through very challenging and risky times on the streets, having nowhere to put their heads even as the rain drops.

Ernest has a desire to be a great footballer, and perhaps join the National team, but that can only manifest, if a good samaritan reaches out to him.

These were his words, even as the interview came to a close.