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TRANZFAR launches Freedom Bank Account



At the forefront of financial technology, TRANZFAR stands as a dynamic enterprise with vested interests in payments infrastructure, digital banking, and bolstering the foundations of global transactions.

Through its intuitive website and mobile app, TRANZFAR is on a quest to redefine user experiences by delivering swift, reliable, and user-friendly online services. With an ambitious goal to emerge as a worldwide leader in banking and payment provisions, TRANZFAR envisions a landscape where financial services transcend borders and boundaries.

The driving force behind TRANZFAR’s endeavors lies in its resolute mission to weave financial bridges that connect the world’s diaspora to the global economic fabric.

On Thursday, August 17th, 2023, TRANZFAR unveiled the innovative ‘Freedom Bank Account’. Tailored primarily for users hailing from Africa, this revolutionary offering provides an operational digital bank account endowed with the power to facilitate instant money transfers, establish standing orders, enable direct debits, and an array of other sophisticated banking features.


Leading the charge at TRANZFAR are two visionaries: Ryan Romeo, the Co-founder & CEO, and Dr. Olisiji Sanya, the Co-founder & CFO. In their insightful discourse, they shed light on how the ‘Freedom Bank Account’ holds significant potential to empower business proprietors and investors alike.

Their united mission resonates with a singular objective: to elevate the financial connectivity quotient between the global diaspora and the world at large. The unveiling of the ‘Freedom Bank Account’ not only underscores a monumental stride in digital banking but also serves as a testament to TRANZFAR’s unwavering commitment to shaping an inclusive financial landscape.


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