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Travel Apps That Can Save You Time and Money



Has there always been that one vacation that you always see advertised, that just looks incredibly exhilarating and exciting?  If you are like most, you always tell yourself, that is impossible, my schedule is insane, and that must cost an arm and a leg.  

Travel Apps That Can Save You Time and Money
Travel Apps That Can Save You Time and Money

Well, that may not be the case anymore.  Today’s technology makes it easy to accurately plan a budget friendly vacation to just about anywhere in the world.

Trail Wallet

On vacation, most people tend to forget about the fact that they still need to budget their money wisely. It’s hard to estimate after looking at all the fun things that places like the Bahamas all-inclusive resorts have to offer, but Trail Wallet can help with that.

It lets you set an allowance for yourself, which helps to remind you to stay within your limits. Also, it keeps a history of your spending and allows you to have an overview of your remaining budget. طيران رخيص


Hopper is a top-rated app that lets you see when flights are at their lowest prices. The app works by entering your date of travel and where you are going to.

With this information it tells you if prices are at the lowest, they are going to get, or if you should wait to purchase because they are still able to go down in price.

Gas buddy

Traveling somewhere in the car may seem fun, but we all know that gas can be extremely costly for traveling far distances.  Gas Buddy is amazingly efficient.

You just provide them with your location and the app will tell you where you can find the cheapest gas near you.  Even if it is only by a few cents, a few cents can add up and save money without you even noticing.

Packing Pro

The stress that packing for vacation causes for some people may make people not want to go on vacation just because of the packing.  Packing Pro relieves some of that stress and time consumption from the preparation for the holiday.

It breaks down what you need to pack and puts it into a checklist. All you have to do is say how long your trip is, where you’re going, and what the weather will be like where you are going. This app also reminds you of the critical things that need to be done before traveling for a great vacation.


One thing nobody mentions for vacations is, how people get around and how much that is going to cost. Turo is an app that helps to simplify the car renting situation.

It has over 350,000 vehicles in its system. And the renting price is almost 35% less than when you use a regular company. Also, it makes you not have to go through the mess of long lines and paperwork. Saving you time, which in the end gives you more opportunities during your vacation.


This app helps you to plan your entire trip and create an itinerary.  It also lets you be able to edit plans for trips with friends or family.

Also, you can use the app once traveling, offline to check details and plans for your vacation. You can add friends to your itinerary, they will get real-time updates, including flight delays and cancellations.

XE Currency

When visiting different countries, this app can be beneficial.  It helps with showing exchange rates, if you plan on using an exchange booth, it enables you to keep from getting scammed.

To get exchange rates as close to the app as possible without any markup, make sure you sign up for the best credit and debit cards for travel.

Tripadvisor’s City Guides

We all know getting around a new city can be very difficult. But, this app helps to make the process a lot easier.  It also can help you to avoid roaming fees.

This app lets you know facts and gives you maps to navigate you all around a new city, also did I mention, it doesn’t take any wifi. Also, it gives many lists of restaurants, hotels, shopping, nightlife, tours, and attractions.


When visiting maybe a foreign country, learning and being able to understand the natives’ language is extremely important. Jibbigo can translate around 20 languages! They try their best to serve their customers the best they can.

If you get Jibbigo Plus, you can download translators and use them anywhere, even offline. You can share your translation via text, email, or even social media.


This app allows you to view hotel pricing and find you the best deals on friendly hotels. It has a range of filters to sort your result in to.

It can give good ideas of lodging options within your price range. Also, Kayak can also help you find car rentals, alternative travel dates, and flight and airport information.


Traveling can be extremely time consuming and expensive if not done correctly. But, by using some of these apps, you may be able to save lots of money and save time while doing it.  So, go and enjoy that vacation that you always wanted to take, and don’t even think twice about it.