#Trending: Mugabe’s 70-year-old aide marries 23-year-old lover


One of the happy stories this Christmas holiday was surely one of President Mugabe’s aide and Governor of the Mathebeleland North Province, Cain Mathema getting married his 23 year-old lover, Bathabetsoe Nare at Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Mr Mathema reportedly left his first wife and got married to his 20 year-old maid in 2009 and later left her to marry Nare whom he met while she was on industrial attachment at their goverment complex in 2014.

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They got married on Thursday, December 22, 2016 after Nare graduated from the Midlands State University in November, 2016. Mr Cain Mathema seems to be following his boss, President Mugabe’s footsteps whom is married to Grace Marufu with an age difference of 42 years

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