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‘Trials Of The Ghanaian’ hits the road from October 6



The revolutionary play that had Ghanaians reflecting on themselves whilst laughing all the way through goes on the road from October. KSM returns home after studying and working in the USA with a mission: to change Ghana. Follow KSM on this hilarious journey as he struggles to come to grips with a country and a system that accepts the unacceptable; a country where lights go on and off as if children are playing with the switches, a country where Coca Cola and Pepsi are regarded as the same thing and waiting forever for service raises no eyebrows. Will KSM end up like his buddy, Joojo, who has given up on Ghana and is returning to the USA, or will he survive and succeed? ‘Trials of the Ghanaian’ makes the statement that Ghana is so blessed, no Ghanaian has to live in poverty. ‘Trials of the Ghanaian’ is a comedy written and directed by James Ebo Whyte (popularly known as Uncle Ebo Whyte). The ‘Trial of the Ghanaian’ road show 2012 kicks off on  6th October in Koforidua,  Capital View Hotel, 20th October in  Takoradi, Akroma Plaza, 27th October in Ho, Ho Ploy auditorium and ends in Kumasi, 3rd  November at Georgia Hotel.]]>

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