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True Or False? 5 Common Myths About CBD, Debunked



In the past few years, CBD has become one of the most popular products in the wellness industry, and for very good reasons. Studies have revealed a long list of health benefits CBD provides for its users, turning it into a common option for those who suffer from issues such as chronic pain, sleep disorders, appetite loss, anxiety, or depression. 

Numerous statements from individuals that have reaped the benefits of using CBD products have prompted experts to give more attention to this wonder-supplement, conducting more and more research that shows how useful CBD can be when coping with a range of conditions.

However, despite the abundance of knowledge on CBD that is available both offline and online, people are still hesitant to believe in these products. That’s because, similar to what happens when any new product enters a market, there is still a lot of misinformation going around, and it can get quite difficult to determine what’s right and what’s wrong. 

These misunderstandings do not necessarily occur as a result of someone trying to spread false information around. Since CBD research is still in its early stages and scientists are continuously finding new things about it, some of what we consider to be true can change as new data becomes available. This is why it is paramount that you only take your information from reliable sources that stay up to date with what happens in the CBD industry and provides you with actual, fact-based knowledge on the benefits of CBD. 

We want to help clear the air when it comes to this wondrous compound, so we have put together a list of myths people still believe to be true about CBD, and we are ready to debunk them one by one. 

There’s no difference between hemp and marijuana

Hemp and marijuana are both part of the same plant family, and they both contain CBD. Most of the CBD you will find on the market, however, is derived from the hemp plant. This happens so that consumers can enjoy its benefits without having to worry about the legality of the product; as we know marijuana is still illegal in many parts of the world. Still, even though they are part of the same plant family and can be used for similar purposes, marijuana and hemp are two different plants altogether. 

The amount of THC they contain is the primary distinction between marijuana and hemp. The hemp plant contains mainly CBD and has little or no THC, while the marijuana plant does contain high amounts of THC and lower amounts of CBD. This is why hemp is used to produce a significant portion of the CBD products on the market. To better understand this, it is worth taking a look at the main differences between THC and CBD


CBD products are completely illegal

Hemp cultivation became legal in the United States under the 2018 Farm Bill, and a big part of the world followed shortly after, rendering all hemp-derived products legal as long as they follow specific rules. This means that there’s no need to be worried as long as the CBD oil, pills, or topicals you use are made entirely from hemp, and provided that hemp is legal where you live.

Marijuana is still illegal on the federal level in many parts of the world, although more and more US starts and countries throughout the globe have started legalizing it for medicinal as well as recreational use. If you use CBD products that are extracted from the marijuana plant in a place where marijuana is illegal, there is a chance you may face some legal concerns, so make sure to review local laws and regulations to make sure you’re not breaking them.


CBD will get me high and confused

As we established, CBD is a chemical compound derived from either hemp or marijuana plants and does not cause intoxication. However, many people mistake it with THC, the chemical compound responsible for the high feeling you associate with smoking weed. Although the two compounds come from the same plant and complement each other very well, they are not the same thing and can function independently. 

Still, it is also wrong to say that CBD does not have psychoactive traits. CBD does have powerful anti-anxiety properties that affect the brain, but these properties, despite being psychoactive, are not intoxicating. You can find a variety of CBD joints for sale, but smoking them won’t make you high no matter how much you consume. Keep in mind that some CBD products can contain small traces of THC (usually under 0.3%), but this is too little to get you high. 


I can get addicted if I use CBD for too long

Despite popular belief, there is no scientific proof that CBD can lead to addiction, regardless of the form or quantity of products used. Furthermore, CBD is thought to be a better pain relief option than opioids, which have been shown to be extremely addictive to patients.

Several reports also claim that CBD can go as far as to help patients combat morphine and other painkiller addiction by reducing the comfort your body experiences while using them. Numerous patients have reported that after taking CBD, their need for opioids has decreased dramatically, preventing them from becoming addicted to medication.  


CBD shows up on drug tests

People are often reluctant to say they use CDB or want to hide this fact entirely because of the many misconceptions surrounding it. Some even go as far as to avoid using CBD, even though it would be beneficial for their condition because they are concerned it would be detected on a routine drug test done by their employers.

When employers perform drug tests on their employees, they normally don’t check for CBD but rather for THC, which is the main compound found in weed. This means using CBD oil to help with your insomnia or pain won’t affect the results. Since the amount used is too low to show on a drug test, even products containing trace levels of THC are safe to use.




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