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TV Africa celebrates outstanding men on ‘Agya Pa’



TV Africa is celebrating men, both in the traditional and rural settings, who have had a positive impact on the Ghanaian society through its new programe, ‘Agya Pa’. This initiative has been adopted in order to bring awareness to their good works and to show appreciation to these men who have selflessly strived to achieve greatness amongst their fellow men. Their stories are expected to motivate others on how to achieve success in life and the result of perseverance and dedication, as well as to advice the youth on where to channel their energies to rather than engaging in deviant behavior. On Tuesdays  at 8.30pm, these men are going to be celebrated and exposed for the roles they have played excellently  in their various endeavours to the development of their communities and nation at large on the programme, Agya Pa and is hosted by Dzifa Gomashie]]>


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