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TV Buzz: Benny Bonsu to host Guinness Raise Your Game on Viasat1



RYG Team 2(1)This and every Thursday 9pm, Ghana will see a new and exciting TV show on Viasat1 called “GUINNESS RAISE YOUR GAME”. Guinness Raise Your Game is a new weekly football entertainment show presented by stand-up comedian Eddie Kadi, the sexy multitalented Presenter Benny Bonsu and former Premier League Star Footballer Fabrice Muamba.

The show encapsulates the excitement of the English Premier League, the most prestigious football competition in the World and what fans will do in the name of love for the beautiful game.

Each week, from the UK, the show is filmed LIVE with Premier League players, celebrity football fans, thrilling challenges and great music acts to set the party mood.

As well as this, our adventurous presenters and guests will unveil unique, fun-filled, and extreme trips across Africa, as they unpack football stories and challenges with real fans across the continent.

Benny Bonsu (former Head of Own Productions at Viasat1 and now the new face of Nike UK) said, “It is exciting to be part of this show and bring something different to Africa. A big Thank you to Guinness and AuroraMultimedia Worldwide for making this possible.”


This show is set to go across the continent of Africa, Europe and beyond with an estimated 400million people to see this show. ]]>


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