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TV Buzz: Maternal Health Channel explores medical emergencies and the ambulance service in Ghana



maternalNobody knows when or where a medical emergency would happen.  It could be someone suddenly falling sick, a road accident or a woman in a severe pregnancy related complication.  In all these instances, a quick dash to the hospital may be the only way to save a life. If you dialed 193 right now, would you get an answer? Would there be an ambulance ready to leave the station? Currently, there are only 121 ambulance stations across Ghana for 24 million people.  Assuming the ambulance leaves the station, how easy would it be to locate you since many streets in Ghana have no names? What about the traffic? How quickly would an ambulance reach you? Felix Apeamenyo lost his wife because he did not know the number 193. His wife delivered in a taxi and started bleeding. When they got to the nearest hospital, she was refused treatment. Felix’s wife died on their way to the next hospital.   This week we are calling 193 to better understand the workings of the ambulance service and discuss the challenges with Dr. Armed Zakaria, the hard working boss of the National Ambulance Service. Showing on GTV on Thursday 12 September at 8pm Showing on TV3 on Friday 13 September 8.30pm  ]]>

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