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TV Buzz: Maternal Health Channel explores Sub-Standard Or Fake Drugs?



Excessive bleeding is the major cause of maternal deaths. In Ghana, the drug Ergometrine is widely used to stem bleeding during and after labour. In a recent report by Ghana Food and Drugs Authority and The Promoting the quality of medicines programme (PQM) however, 82.73% of the samples examined did not meet the required standards for quality. 65.50% of Oxytocin samples, also a critical drug in post delivery procedures was also found to be sub standard. This week’s programme features Dr Patrick Lukulay, Director of PQM, the project committed to ensuring the quality and safety of medicines globally. He talks about the critical findings of this alarming report which has serious implications for Ghana’s campaign to reduce maternal deaths.

Showing on GTV on Thursday 5 September at 8 pm
Showing on TV3 on Friday 6 September 8.30 pm


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