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TV Buzz: More SuperSport channels on DStv + DStv program Highlights



From June 11th 2013, SuperSport Select 2 will launched on DStv. The Channel will be available to all DStv bouquets; Access, Family, Compact, Compact Plus and Premium. SuperSport Select 2 airs all the sporting events around the world plus news all day.   For more information on SuperSport Select 2, visit  SUPERSPORT 3 LAUNCHES ON DStv COMPACT PLUS  

Multichoice Africa announces the launch of Supersport 3 is on its DStv Compact Plus bouquet on Tuesday 14th May 2013. Also on the same day, Supersport 10 will be terminated on the DStv Compact Plus and Premium bouquets.   With MultiChoice Africa’s commitment to ensuring that all subscribers are satisfied with its total offering, Supersport 3 is being launched on DStv Compact Plus following requests from subscribers to Multichoice Africa to make available the best of sporting action from all the major leagues: EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and more on the DStv Compact Plus bouquet. The removal of Supersport 10 is because it runs the same content as Supersport 3, resulting in a duplicated channel.   Bunheads II: This witty and touching series follows Michelle Simms, a Las Vegas showgirl, who takes the biggest gamble of her life when she impulsively marries a man and moves with him to his town. Once there, she discovers that her new husband still lives with his mother who runs a local ballet school where she takes an uneasy role as a dance instructor teaching four local girls. Starting life in a new town and fitting in won’t be easy but Michelle will have to find her way one step at a time. Watch Bunheads II every Friday from 7 June at 19:30 CAT. Tune in to'Time to Say Goodbye' on True Movies 1 on DStv in June 2013 Time to Say Goodbye: The tragedy of Alzheimer’s Disease is at the core of this heart-tugging drama starring veteran actors Richard Kiley and Eva Marie Saint. Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the brilliant doctor Gerald Klooster would sooner die immediately than endure the agony of a progressively failing memory. He asks his loved ones to do him one final favour and assist him in committing suicide. Watch Time to Say Goodbye on Saturday 8 June at 18.45 CAT.   Tune in to'The Perfect Tribute' on True Movies 1 on DStv in June 2013 The Perfect Tribute:  Set in the American Civil War, the film intertwines two separate plot threads. In one, Lincoln, plagued by the war and the conduct of his generals, prepares to deliver a speech at Gettysburg. In the secondary story, 13-year-old Lukas Haas leaves his Atlanta home to find his brother Campbell Scott, who has been mortally wounded at Gettysburg.  The Perfect Tribute airs on Friday 14 June at 11:45 18:45 CAT.   Tune in to'Playing with Fire' on E!Entertainment on DStv in June 2013-P Playing With Fire: In a city where reservations at an elite eatery are as sought after as Broadway tickets, E! dishes out an exclusive look at the personal and professional lives of the driving personalities at the forefront of New York’s world-renowned culinary scene. The program has a fascinating cast ranging from pastry chefs, food entrepreneurs to cookbook authors and a former Top Chef competitor. It showcases the cut-throat competitiveness, vigorous pace and delectable cuisine of the chefs, stars and tastemakers who make up the glamorous restaurant industry in one of the most exciting places in the word. Don’t miss Playing With Fire every Sunday from 9 June at 21:30 CAT.   Food Glorious Food on BBC Lifestyle in June    

Food Glorious Food (Premiere): Food Glorious Food is a competition for budding cooks where the winner gets to see their dish on the shelves of Marks & Spencer stores as well as receiving a cash prize of £20,000. Host, Carol Vorderman tours the UK in search of the great and the good cooks plus she finds out what inspired them to enter. In the grand final two finalists will make their way to London, where they will receive the news that their dishes are going to be trailed in stores across the country, thousands of tasters, thousands of votes, but only one winner. Catch in every Thursday from at 20:00 CAT.  

Lenny Nangis on Rising Star in June on DStv

Rising Star: They are young, ambitious and already well on their way to becoming household names. Messi and Ronaldo have both cemented themselves as current world greats, but who can follow their footsteps and become the next superstars? On Friday June 7 at 21:00 CAT, DStv viewers will see how rising star follows the latest information and insight into football stars of tomorrow such as Juan Agudelo, Lenny Nangis and Neymar. ]]>

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