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Twisted Tale: John Dumelo opens up about secret marriage and alleged wife calls for divorce!!!


Twisted Tale: John Dumelo opens up about secret marriage and alleged wife calls for divorce!!!

john dumelo and wifeActor John Dumelo has granted an interview to peacefmonline  regarding his reported secret marriage to US based model, actress and nurse, Harrina Dembele, Harrina Dembele, vehemently denying the reports and describing it as ridiculous. John who is presently in the US said that he was not too surprised when he first saw the story online adding that this is not the first time a story about him getting married has been released. 

“Last two years they said I was getting married to one actress, last year they said I was married with two kids. I’m sure in two years they will say I’m the newest grandfather in town”.

Explaining the marriage certificate which was released on the internet as evidence of his secret marriage, John explained that there is indeed a marriage certificate to that effect but it was used as props for a marriage scene in a new documentary he is currently shooting at different locations in different countries all over the world.  John said has shot about 10 similar marriage scenes in 10 different countries and he used the marriage certificate to authenticate the documentary. Adding that similar marriage scenes were shot in different countries including US, UK, Turkey, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and other countries with different ladies playing the role of his wife.

Asked how come the ‘fake’ marriage certificate has detailed and accurate information about him and his family, John said the documentary is about him so he played himself that is how come he had to use correct information like his name, age and that of his parents on the certificate.

“I am not married, it’s all for my documentary movie I’m doing for my J.Melo Clothing line. The day will come when I will actually get married”

Asked if he has heard or read comments from his supposed wife Harrina Dembele who has admitted on social media that she is indeed married to him, John said “Yes I have. People always say bad things about me or false things just to be popular for a week or two”.

As to whether he has confronted the lady who is according him making false claim against his personality, this is what John had to say “I don’t have time for any confrontation. I’m busy working on my clothing line to go global as well as my other businesses”. Adding that all the ladies who played his wife in the documentary including the lady in question were all very much aware that it was a fake marriage and they knew the purpose.

According to John the said documentary movie will be released before the end of the year for everybody to see and understand this whole issue.

john dumelo divorce

Meanwhile, the alleged wife is already threatening divorce. She told me on facebook:

He needs to make up his mind. I am not one of those desperate girls.. I am his wife. So if he does not want me all he have to do is sign these papers

I have asked him to sign and he is ignoring me.

The guy is heartless

I am not gonna embarrass myself being married to someone that don’t wanna admit he my husband.

john dumelo wife

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