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U.S.-Based Ghanaian Artist Qwamenewking Releases New Single “Adwoa Serwaa”




U.S.-based Ghanaian artist Eric Frimpong, better known as Qwamenewking, has just released his much-anticipated single titled “Adwoa Serwaa.” The song is now available on all major streaming platforms, capturing the hearts of fans with its vibrant rhythm and soulful lyrics.

“Adwoa Serwaa” is an excellent blend of Afrobeat and highlife, infused with Qwamenewking’s unique style that has consistently charmed Music lovers both in Ghana and abroad. This single tune shows how much he pays homage to his root ,beauty and grace of a Pure Ghanaian woman named Adwoa Serwaa.

In the track, Qwamenewking employs a rich fusion of traditional Ghanaian musical elements and modern production techniques, creating a sound that is both nostalgic and contemporary. The song’s instrumentation features vibrant percussion, melodic guitar riffs, and smooth vocal harmonies, showcasing Qwamenewking’s ability to blend the old with the new seamlessly.

Eric Frimpong, well known as Qwamenewking, has been a prominent buddy in the Afrobeat and highlife music scenes, particularly among the Ghanaian diaspora in the United States. His music is known for its Amazing storytelling and cultural resonance in his songs. With each release.


Stream “Adwoa Serwaa” Now via the links below ⬇️

Music lovers  can also stream “Adwoa Serwaa” on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube And Don’t Forget to follow him on all Social Media platforms.

Facebook- @Qwamenewking / @ Kingsmusic


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