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Ultimate Ministerial Academy Organizes Maiden Matriculation Ceremony



The Ultimate Charismatic Academy has on the 21st of November organized their maiden matriculation ceremony for students

Ultimate Ministerial Academy, sponsored by the Ultimate Charismatic Centre, exists as a charismatic institution of higher learning where the Bible is central in preparing men and women for the purpose of end-time Kingdom Ministry

According to the Rev. John B. Ghartey they combine both in-house and on-line methods of teaching.  This novelty and strategic format has enabled them to serve their local and international students simultaneously.

When enrollment started, 52 students were admitted.  However, the time of the lectures, especially for their oversees students, and a few other exigencies pushed some of the student to defer their admission.

Currently, they have 38 students comprising 11 international students and 27 local students.  Of the international students, we have 7 from USA, 2 from Togo, 1 from Tanzania, and 1 from Italy.
Of the number, 28 students are enrolled in the School of Prophets, and 10 in the School of Christian Ministry.  Plans are underway to soon include School of Minstrels, and School of Strategic Leadership & Management.

“I urge you to make the most out of your stay here.  For some of you, it will be one year; for others it will be six months; but know that what you gain here will depend on your Sense of Purpose, Sense of Pursuit, Sense of Perseverance, and Sense of Prudence.” The President: Prophet Akwasi Agyamen Prempeh said


On the official website of the Academy, the leadership of UMA has stated its aim to “promote Bible-based theological reasoning; provide training that is based on the specific calling of individuals; and polish the skills of those who preach, teach, evangelize, prophesy, and heal.”
The School of Christian Ministry ‘I’ is a preparatory program for candidates who will be entering the field of Ministry. After graduation, they are afforded the opportunity to return and get a diploma after an additional one-year of studies in The School of Ministry ‘II’ programme. The School of Ministry ‘II’ is a 2-year Diploma programme towards the holistic development of the servant of God, to enable them to rightly divide the Word of Truth. By the end of their study, the graduates will be able to identify their specific ministerial callings, and be able to operate in them accordingly.

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