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Uncle Ebo Whyte readies new play, 'Damaged Goods'



On 6th September 2008, Uncle Ebo Whyte stood in front of a record-breaking crowd at the National Theatre and promised to produce a new play every quarter. This good news received a spontaneous, loud applause. This announcement meant producing more exciting stage plays, each outshining the previous one, for the consumption of theatre lovers. The challenges of producing the amazing plays have always been surmounted each quarter. And nine years down the line, Ebo Whyte, the leading playwright in the country, has done a yeoman’s job and produced a new play every quarter. With over 30 great plays to his credit, he is set to do more. The resounding success of ‘BLACKMAIL’ meant a very big entry into 2017. Patrons who filled the National Theatre attested to the amazing experience they had – great storyline and all. They however left with the usual anthem, “Uncle Ebo can never exceed this level!” Another surprise awaits them. They will come back again and readily admit that he has exceeded it and set a new high. A careless whisperer has mentioned that Uncle Ebo Whyte is preparing the best of damaged goods for his next quarter’s production. Trust him to sway your mind with his interesting play titles. Damaged Goods tells a very hard-hitting story in the most side- splitting manner. It reveals to us humans what makes us damaged goods and how we can overcome our damaged state. The cast and crew have been tight-lipped about this play but their excitement about the script alone makes this play something to definitely look out for. Damaged Goods shows on the 24th and 25th June, and 1st and 2nd July 2017. According to Uncle Ebo, his best play is always his next play. Looking at what he did with Blackmail, can he beat that level? You have to be at the National Theatre to find out.]]>

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