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Unfair treatment of People with albinism in Ghana – Richard Narteh Kabu speaks



People with albinism and physically challege has been worried and sad due to the discrimination, stigmatization and abuse that they have gone through in this country

But being disable or albino does not take your talent and capabilities away from you

There are a couplen of albino who have made a great impact in our country and others too who are facing death threats, abuse, and stigmatized in the area where they found themselves.

Richard Narteh Kabu is a person with albinism known as ‘ofri djato’, who hails from Ningo Prampram and resides in Ashiaman and Lashibi
Hestays with his senior brother and his wife.


He is a twin of Nine siblings but is he and his brother are albinos His mother told him that one of their relatives was albino so maybe he inherited it from the family.

Richard realized he is different from other people when they came to Ashaiman at the age of seven. He got to know he is different from others
He has been teased him because of his hair and skin colour.

Richard Kabu Narteh started his basic and secondary education in Ashaiman and furthered at the Multimedia Institue of Ghana (MIG) where he studied Film and Television production.

Since graduating, he has been searching for work but due to his physical feature, employees keep on denying him work do because they have a perception that people with albinism lack ability and strength to work in certain areas.


Even if two people are going for an employment opportunity and one is albino they will offer the one who is not albino a work and leave the albino just because he is albino.

With all discrimination ,he became confused and started doing research about people with albinism. And he got to know that being a person with albinism is not a crime

Even in the Bible, King David was having certain features of albinism
Thereare lot of people with albinism in Ghana notable them are Professor Joshua Alabi (politician) and Lawyer Mooses Amoaning(human right lawyer) who are making a great impact to promote the development of the motherland which they havee to build their confidence and overlooked what others are saying about them.

Kabu Narteh has been attacked both physically and verbally but he didnt question or pooled himself down despite his skin colour.


Sometimes on the street of Ashiaman, people threatened to kill him for money rituals and even people wanted to hit him with motorbikes just because he looks different.

Another worse experience he has encountered was in senior High school, after a worship service and a colleague approached him and asked him “is it that people with albinism don’t die?”

He wanted to hit the boy down but they caught them and the teacher told them to kneel down Richard explained to the teacher and he allowed them to stand up.

Not knowing the colleague was a science student so he wanted to verify if what they taught that albinos don’t die.


Richard Kabu Narteh wishes is stigmatization and attacks on people with disability, in general, should be a thing of the past.

In his with Multicdb, he advises his fellow albinos that “in this world, there is one thing we have to know and believe it is the appearance and no matter how your work you need to look nice because nice attract good things ”

Lets stop the discrimination and stigmatization of persons with albinism and disability.

Watch Full Interview here
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