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Unilever condemns use of fetish priestess the scare staff of Power Hydraulics Limited



Workers of Power Hydraulics Limited forced to swear a oath with spiritualist following a theft Workers of Power Hydraulics Limited forced to swear a oath with spiritualist following a theft[/caption] Unilever has issued a statement following the  post on how workers of Power Hydraulics Limited, a Unilever distributor located on the Kasoa Ofaakor new market road, were forced to take an oath with a spiritualist because a theft incident at the company.  Unilever Ghana, which produces some of the leading home and personal care products on the Ghanaian market has issued the following statement describing the actions of the management of  Power Hydraulics Limited as inappropriate.  The statement said: The attention of the Unilever Ghana Management has been drawn to some media reports, which show inappropriate and unacceptable acts of behavior by Power Hydraulics, a Unilever Ghana distributor. We wish to categorically state that Unilever Ghana is an ethical and responsible company. We do not condone such acts of behavior. While this incident involving a spiritualist at the facility of Power Hydraulics was not reported to Unilever Ghana, we have, however, since picking up the news, taken immediate and urgent steps to investigate the issues. The Management of Unilever Ghana has written to Power Hydraulics to register its displeasure.  The code of conduct that guides our operations in Unilever frowns upon such behavior and will be enforced to ensure that both our cherished customers and employees are treated fairly and with dignity.]]>

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